The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 16

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora?

Chapter 16
(What�s the plan?)

Lazarus� POV

�Damn..guy, you need to control that anger of yours, you almost killed her� Logan�s voice ring into my ears, while I pay no attention to him. I picked up a pipe and lit it, taking drags of it, as I puff out the smoke into the air
�She shouldn�t have interrupted me; do you know what it took me to stop hurting her?� I asked, still pissed.

�But still�that was much, damn, just take a look at her neck� he whispered, sitting beside the lady who was place on the bed. She is still unconscious, and that alone is making me go mad. My time is running up, and this girl might not be a good choice. That�s one thing I hate about humans; weakness.
�Huhn� I groan, taking more drags

�When is she gonna wake up, she have been sleeping for the past thirty minutes�
�She will be up soon, you hurt her really bad. It might have affected her mental mind too. Just be patient; remember that she is human, so we shouldn�t go the hard way�
�I don�t have time..try to wake her up� I scoff
�Fine� he surrendered

�But wait a sec, what were you doing earlier in that room, by the way�
�It�s none of your business� I seethed, while he rolled his eyes, tapping the lady a little. She stiffen in her sleeping, letting out silent groans.

Her eyes fluttered open after blinking it for a little while. She didn�t notice our presence at first, not until Logan spoke up.

�Welcome back� He stated while I watched on. She gasp, suddenly sitting up, as her hands went towards her neck. She whined a bit, dropping it to its formal position. A glint of fear erupts in her eyes as she stared at me. She began shifting backward, as her hands slightly drag off the bed sheet

�Please don�t ki*ll me�.please..� came a tiny voice from her mouth, as she wears the funny, but sorry look. I was forced to chuckle quietly at her expression. At last, the proud chick is forced to say sorry, but it doesn�t seem to come from her heart. She is only this way due to fear.

�We are not gonna hurt you, well..that�s if you do what we required of you� Logan chipped in

�Yes�yes�I will�do you want money..or anything, I will give it to you�but just get this thing away from my face and let me go, my parents will be worried about me now.� She pleaded

�Fine�we will just go straight to the point, and let you go�erm�� Logan paused to look at me, for approval. I gave him a slight nod, asking him to continue.
�We don�t need your money�damn we have all we need..all we want you to do is..�

�Just go straight to the point, and explain everything in details to her� I cut in

�I�m out of here� I mouthed, giving her a last glance before heading out.
�Huh� I heard him scoff, but who cares. He wanted to be with me, he should learn to do what I want
Megan�s POV
�I�m out of here� I heard the weird guy say, before leaving the room. These two are not humans I think, and if they are, they seem to possess some supernatural powers which are dangerous. First, it was this crazy one in front of me, sending dogs at me back at Floxin, now, the weird mask guy tried to ki*ll me. Damn, what have I gotten myself into? I thought, silently praying in my heart to get out of this place safely, cause I don�t wanna risk this any longer. I�m tired and scared.

The other guy turned to face me. He cleared his throat as I turned to look at him. I have been lost staring at the weird guy whose aura is intimidating.

�So here is the plan, I will just go straight to the plan like he suggested. But first, I will like to warn you, if you really love your life, and not just your face, try to stay at your lane and don�t do things that are beyond your boundaries. You almost got killed today, because of your stubbornness. There are no guards here to save you, and even if there are, the guy over there, will squeeze them like they were dust.

I don�t want what happened today to repeat itself, so for your own good, stay in your path� he muttered sternly, as I could only nod.

�Fine�we need you to run an errand for us� he stated, as I frown.
What errand does he mean; do I look like a maid to them, or what�s this for? I thought, but remembering the earlier incident made me kept quiet, I won�t afford losing my head this time. All I could do was nod.

�Ok�the thing is, we want you to get us a sacred book from an old library in town. People rarely visit it these days, though, some still do. But the thing is that, books rarely get stolen in that library, why because there are cameras, right? Yea, but that�s not all, there are mysteries in that library which people don�t know about. And the keeper of the library is also�gosh, I think I have spoken too much, you don�t look like someone who can keep a secret.�

�I still don�t get your point� I stated my fears. He rolled his eyes
�My point is that, you are gonna steal a particular book from the library, but try hard not to get caught�

�What!! Steal!!� I yelled unconsciously
These guys should just ki*ll me, instead of making me tarnish my image and reputation
Standing on balcony somewhere in the house is the two vampires, watching Megan as she walks out of the compound. Her car was parked at the front of the gate, and her expression shows how confuse she is. How did the car get to the place? She thought in her mind, but shrugs the thought off. All she needs now is to get out of that environment.

�Did she accept the deal� Lazarus asked in a gruesome voice, as Logan joined him at the balcony

�It�s not like she have a choice� He scoffs.
�She loves her face so much, and whereas she won�t be able to get out of the deal, since she is already caught in the web.

They both watch her bring the vehicle to life, zooming out of the street.

�She won�t try to do anything contrary to our wish, trust me. The fear you planted in her brought down her pride, let�s see how it comes out� Logan smirked, tucking his two hands into his side pockets.

And just immediately, the ring on Lazarus� finger beamed a red light. He sighed staring at it, before looking straight at the moon before him, up in the sky
Megan�s POV

Driving roughly into the compound, I parked the car in the garage, staggering out of it. The moon was already yup, but it wasn�t that late though. My parents shouldn�t be worried about me; this is not the first time I will be staying out, late. But surprisingly, I saw my mum and dad standing at the entrance of the house, looking worried, as Lottie tried explaining things to them.

They all watch me as I got closer to them
�Baby�we have been worried, where have you been�.� Mum�s voice came up first
�You didn�t tell any of us where you were going to, and go make it all worse, you didn�t go with any guard, not even your maid. What�s going on darling?� Dad stated, rather infuriated.
I only glance at Lottie, trying to get the situation at here.

My mind is pretty preoccupied with all that was expected of me to carry out the next day. How the hell am I gonna do it, without my parents getting a clue. For damn sake, this is complicated.

�I�m sorry mum�dad�.i ermm��
�And don�t try to lie to us, I personally called your boyfriend and friend to ask of your where about, but they all gave a negative reply. For goodness sake Meg, we are leaving the country tomorrow; we need to fix your face�..�

�And I said I�m sorry�.you all won�t just get it�damn� I yelled, walking past them into the house. I knew they will be shock at my outburst, I rarely yell at my parents, but this night seems different. I�m trying to fight the fear of failing their mission and ending up like this; I won�t be able to bare it.

But the thing is, how am I gonna leave the house without alerting anyone.



How will she leave the house then?


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora?


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