The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 15

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 15
(Fire and Ice)

Logan�s POV

We both arrived the apartment located in a quiet region; it�s more like countryside. Stepping into the building, Megan breathed out a loud sigh, slumping on the couch as she gave me a hard glare.

�What?� I asked, smirking. Well, I already know the reason behind that glare; she is just getting started, I thought.

�You shouldn�t be asking me that awful question you know. Damn, we have been on the road for the past one hour, and all you have to say is �What�� She mimicked my word, as I couldn�t help but chuckle. She is currently breathing like a pregnant goat, damn.

I shrug, tucking my hands into the side pockets on my pants
�So?� She asked

�So what?� I resorted

�Damn�look here guy..i�m not here for some plays or whatsoever, I need to get off this thing on my face and it should happen with immediate effect. So why are you acting like I came here for a one night stand. Jeez, just get me a cup of water, I�m thirsty� She yelled

I didn�t move an inch, as my face turned into an annoying smirk

�The kitchen is down there, just take the left turn, and get yourself the water�

�Are you seriously asking me to go get it myself, when you can as well be a gentleman? This is outrageous; first, you made me walk miles down here without allowing me use my car, now you are sending me to do what the maids do?

�And do I look like a servant to you? Huff, I don�t think you are ready to get off that beast on your face, just wait and see how it�s gonna take away the whole of your beauty� I scoff, as she boils with rage; but who cares, I think I�m done being friendly.

This lady here is a b!tch and nothing more

�I will pay you anything, just take it off and let me go�

�I didn�t put it on your face, the same way, I can�t take it off�
�Then, where is the other dude� She exasperated

�Shh�just be quiet..and wait here� I muttered with the tone of authority; it made her calm a little seeing my pissed look.

�I can just bring the dogs back, remember what happened at Floxin� I winked and walked into the inner room, leaving her to those weird thoughts running in her mind
I was taking my time to study her then at the living room; she might be good for the job, well, that�s if she doesn�t let her running mouth get into her head.

I paused at the door leading to Lazarus� room. The cold aura coming out of it is enough to make a human panic.

This is the first time I will be feeling such strong wave of magic, oozing in the air. I could smell something fishy going on in that room, but my legs won�t betray me by taking a step.

My body system shook to the sound of inaudible voices, ringing past my ears. They seem to be voices coming from the vampire world. I could feel the warmth of fire mixed with a freezing ice, oozing out of the room as it whips in the air.

I couldn�t think of any other thing, than the fact that he is doing something magnificent in there. Perhaps, invoking a spell, but how? I thought as my mind drifts back to Megan, whose footstep distracted me from my world of thought

�I thought I asked you to stay back� I snorted at her, as she gave me that squinting look

Megan�s POV

�Just who does he think he is� I scoff, watching his exiting figure, as he made his way into the inner room. I exhale softly, taking off the veil I had on, while stretching my body in process.

That dude made me walk down here, instead of giving me a lift, or perhaps allow me come with my car. He is such a dimwit bas***d; gosh, are these supernatural guys this weird and wicked? I scoff.

I took the direction he told me about and it led to the kitchen. I examined it for a while before nodding in approval. T

Though it doesn�t suit my taste, but, one thing I love about it is its neatness. But how the hell do they manage to clean the whole surrounding, when they are just two and no maids around. Or are they more, leaving in this house.

�, I don�t think so� I replied my inner man

I picked out a sealed bottle water, uncorking it as I gulp down a large content. I returned it immediately, quietly closing the fridge.

The weird guy was not yet back when I got back to the living room. Is he playing some prank on me or what; who are these guys any way. Damn, what have I gotten myself into, I panicked.

I will just have to go look for him, he might have forgotten about me being here, while he whirl away his time doing useless things. Gosh, why am I thinking this way?

I followed the direction he took, coming face to face with a dark passage way, the bulbs light, flickered, like they have been tampered with. Why the hell is this place dark? I asked no one in particular; but the horrific scene didn�t stop my legs from going further.

The passage way is chilling and at the same time, has a brimming heat coming out of its ice. Isn�t that a strange atmosphere?

Just as I was about taking another step, I heard his voice.
�I thought I asked you to stay back� He snorted

�Huhn�.I didn�t see you when I step into this passage� I muttered, perplexed. When did he get here?
He rolled his eyes

�Come on, let�s leave� He stated

�What�s going on..why are the light flickering� I asked, but he ignored me, trying to force me out, but the stubborn Megan won�t hear of that. I�m tired of being fooled around

�What the hell is going on?� I yelled on top of my voice, yanking my hand off his grip, but the unexpected happened.

The whole lights went off in a sec, and the next thing I will feel is a cold hand pressed across my neck, as I choke on my words.

�Lazarus�� I heard the other guy�s voice, calling the strange name, but I couldn�t see a thing, as the cold feeling is changing to a hot brim stone, burning across my neck. I popped my eyes open gasping for breath as the inaudible words coming out of my mouth made no sense to me.

Right in the darkness, I saw two little red light, burning like a flame as it beams in the dark. It became clearer when it came nearer, showing its real features. It was the eyes of someone; the person holding my neck, pressing my back to the wall. He breathed out a hot breath across my face as I shiver down my spine.

�Don�t you ever disrupt my quiet moment� He stated; his aura sending sparks into my bones, causing panic to erupt from my marrow.

�Lazarus, stop�you are hurting her�� the other guy yelled, and that was all I could hear before passing out.




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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