The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 14

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 14
(The Strange Message)

Megan�s POV

I just finished having my bath; well it�s time to sleep. I will be leaving the country in the next two days; dad has made it compulsory that we leave. I have no choice than to agree. I slum on my bed heaving a loud sigh. I had spoken with Gracie earlier today telling her to cover up for me in any meeting I will need to attend in the few days that I will be away.

The doctor�s word kept coming to my mind. I am beginning to believe him even though I don�t believe in such stories. The guys at the club might not be normal human, they might have done this to me. But how can I reach out to them..what if this journey to the united states doesn�t bring forth good result. What if the doctors over there say the same, I thought, picking up my phone to read the latest news on line.

Surprisingly, what had happened at the club wasn�t part of the headlines. I could clearly remember some of them videoing the scene. I know my fans well, they would have put it up on various sites; but I can�t find any. Just as I was about dropping the phone, a message popped up on the notification bar. I wanted to ignore it, but decided to change my mind after seeing a strange number.

I rarely give out this number to people, so it seems strange seeing a message from a stranger. I clicked on it and the message popped out, it reads;

~I know that by now, you will be wondering how that scar got on your face. Too bad you don�t know who did it to you. But I will be giving you a chance to get it off, and that�s if you love your face so much. Meet me at this address tomorrow. No 3, Dion Street. Come alone; bringing a maid or guard will put you in more danger. I can see your every move.~~THE GUY AT THE CLUB

I gasp after reading the message; I had to read it again to confirm my curiosity. They are really behind it, but going without a guard, isn�t that risky. I thought, thinking of the possible way to go with one without them knowing, but he said that he knows my every move. If he could get my number, he would also know where I live and so much more.

�I will just have to take the risk; I pray he takes it off my face before the concert. I won�t afford to miss it; I have been planning for it for a long time now. I pray they agree to collect money, no matter how much they ask, I will gladly give it to them, or what more will they need aside that.

�I have sent it�are you sure she will come, and that�s if she even get to read the message� Logan said, yawning
�She will; she has no choice��
�Oh�so fast��Logan smiled looking into his phone

�She just read the message; it shows that it has been delivered�
�Oh�ok..let�s see if she comes tomorrow�
The Next Day
Megan�s POV

I just finished having breakfast in my room as I ordered a maid to clear the table leaving me alone with Lottie in the room. She was busy picking out a suitable dress for me that at least cover my whole body and a veil that I can use to cover part of my face.

�This one is perfect�isn�t it� Lottie smiled, raising up a beautiful floral gown with lots of embroidery on it. She also brought out a scarf that I got from the Arabian kingdom during last visit. I rolled my eyes and scoff. I�m not the type that love dresses like this, they are clothes for pregnant women; but I have no choice, this is the only type of clothing that can cover my body.

�Are you gonna go with this, it�s a perfect combination� she smiled
�It�s not like I have a choice�

I slipped into the dress and sigh. It isn�t my taste one bit, but my curves were still visible. That�s why I love myself; no matter the type of dressing I will still look perfect in it.

I gently wrapped the scarf around my neck after placing it to cover part of my face, especially the place where the scar is.

I haven�t told Lottie where I�m heading to, but I think I will leave her with a clue. I can�t afford falling into the trap of kidnappers without anyone knowing where I am heading to.

�Hunhum..� I cleared my throat, while she was still grinning. I scoff

�You look good in this dress�
�Are you saying that I don�t look good in other dresses�as a matter of fact, I look like a pregnant woman in this huge gown?�

�No you don�t, you have always been looking good Megan, but trust me, this dress suit you more. You should be wearing more of this� she smiled, showing her 32 teeth

�I will take that as an insult�.anyways�I�m going out..but I want this to be a secret between the both of us. You are the only one I trust to keep secret with in this house, so don�t fail me.

�Ok� She shrugged

�My parent doesn�t want me to go out due to my predicament, but i will tell them about going out with Oscar since I will be leaving for the states tomorrow. But that�s not where I�m going to�

�Erm�where are you going to?� She asked with concern

�I need to see someone, it�s really important. It has to do with getting off this scar from my face. I don�t think those doctors will be able to solve this problem. I need to meet the real cause of this…�
�Ok�but I still don�t understand�

�You don�t need to, all you need to know is that I will be going to this address, and I need to go there alone� I explained, giving her the address. I had written it in a piece of paper.

�If I�m not back by the end of today, then tell my parent the real truth�
�Ok�ok�I will� She stated collecting the piece of paper from me

�Good girl��
I picked up my car keys, dipping it into my purse and headed out.

On getting to the visitor�s room, I notice my parent weren�t there. Where could they have gone to? I thought and called one of the maids to confirm

�Hey you�come here� I ordered and as usual, she trembled in fear as she walks closer

�Walk with your legs idiot and stop being a snail�
�Yes ma�am�� She replied and came closer. I scoff, glaring at her with disgust
�Where are my parents..I checked their rooms but they aren�t there?�

�Erm�she�I mean�they went out not quite long. They took the black car in the garage..� She shuttered

�Huff�I wasn�t asking about the car they took, buffalo..get out� I yelled as she scurried away. A small smile crept up my lips; it feels good when people fear you.

Now this is my best opportunity to leave without them questioning me. I walked into the garage only to be followed by my personal guard.

�Hey..leave..I will go alone..�

�But ma�am, boss asked me to always be on your guard�

�Do you just dare speak back at me�huhn�seems like you don�t love your job� I snarled
�I�m sorry miss�.�

�Get the f**k out of here, I�m going alone..and when they get back tell them I said so�.bas***d�
�Ok ma�am� he bowed and left

�F**k, these guards and maids are just getting on my nerves lately�huhn�
I drove to the location I was to meet him. I had texted the number earlier that I will be coming there, but this place looks like a slum. The street was filled with dirt that I had to park my car at a far distance. I stepped down, checking the numbers of the houses around so as to know the exact place I�m heading.

But to my surprise, the house with the No 3 is an uncompleted building. I squinted, checking it properly if I was making a mistake, but I was not. This is No 3 written on it, and I�m hundred percent sure that I am in Dion street.
�This is bullshit� I cursed

�What is bullshit� A voice muttered from behind. I turned swiftly to see a guy standing beside me. How did he get here..I mean..he wasn�t here a while ago. This is crazy
�Erm��I�m looking for this house�� I gave him the address, covering my face well with the veil. He smirked and shoves it away, making me flare up
�What was that for� I yelled. He smirked, and that was when I recognize his face. He was the get that sent dogs on me
�You again..�

�Yes�I sent you the address, come on, let�s leave..I believe this place isn�t suitable for someone like you to stay for a long time.�
�Where are you taking me to�I thought we agreed to meet here�
�This is where we agreed to meet, yes�but this isn�t where we will carry out the job, come on. Or do you wanna go in there?� He pointed to the ruin building

�Hell no..�
� let�s go to my apartment. You will meet the boss there�
�Boss?� I frown
�Yes�the other guy from the club. He was the one that got you this way and not me, so only him can undo the spell. He doesn�t like to be kept waiting, we need to be fast�

�I brought my car�let�s go in it� I proposed. He frowns
�I told you not to come with one in the message this morning, why are you so stubborn. Well, we won�t need it because we are gonna walk to the house.�
�You can�t expect me to take a public transport, that�s below my level�

�Perhaps walking will be above your level�
�Hell no��
�The house is not�s just down the other street�
�Other street, that�s miles away from here, why didn�t you just tell me to come over there instead of bringing me here�

�And why didn�t you try to keep your mouth shut, you told someone that you are coming here� he gruff
�No I�di�didn�t� I lied, remembering Lottie

�You see�it�s clearly written on your face that you are lying. Perhaps you told the police too�
�No I didn�t, I swear, I didn�t tell anyone�

�Fine..let�s go, but you have to walk..come on�
�Hargh�gosh..what�s all this� I whine. He smirked
�You will have to get use to it princess, because we will be doing a whole lot of walking�

�What is �we�?�

�You will know when we get there�



Hmm…Megan is in for a lot…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?

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