The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 13

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

( Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 13
(Leopard Queen)

�We have limited time in getting that book, if the other vampires get a hold of it then you will lose the game� Logan scoffs, sipping from a cup of tea.

�We will need a human to carry out the job for us, since only humans are allowed in the library� Lazarus resorted, flipping through the pages of a paper. He held a pipe in his mouth as he takes drags from it

�Huhf�.I don�t have a human friend, well except some b!tches I make my way with� Logan smirked

�Then get one of them to do the job�
�Hell no, those girls are slut, they are dumb and know nothing about that book. We need someone who is experience or let�s say educated, smart and very good at stealing.�

�Why good at stealing�

�Because the book is far hidden in a restricted place where even the humans can�t ever imagine getting there; they know nothing about it. The keeper of their library alone knows about it, so it has to be stolen� He stated. Lazarus sigh

�I think I will look for one myself�

�Who do you have in mind, because as a matter of fact, this is your first time in London, you would probably know no one.�

�I have someone in mind� Lazarus gruff. Logan squinted as he drew closer to sit beside him

�The lady at the club�� he muttered. Logan scoffs

�Seriously, wait�.you mean Megan�as in..Megan the rapper, or are you talking about another lady at the club, perhaps I wasn�t paying attention to her�

Lazarus didn�t reply him; he only puffs out more smokes

�You are crazy you know, thinking that girl will wanna help. I mean, what makes you even thought of a celebrity becoming your errand girl. It isn�t possible, not in this life. Megan will never succumb to anybody�s wish; she is a damn proud freak.�

�She will have no choice than to succumb to my wish� Lazarus muttered, dropping the paper, as he picks up his phone.

�What are you talking about; do you have a plan on getting her here?�

�If she is as proud as you said, I believe she will also value her beauty so much�

�Yes�she always claims to be perfect�.a perfect chick� Logan grimaced, Lazarus chuckled

�Wow�.I never knew you smile�I mean you look like someone who doesn�t love to, but it suits you though. Being a cold freak makes you look ugly� Logan uttered, as Lazarus smirked

�If she loves herself that much, then it won�t be long before she comes running to my feet� He stated

�Seriously, how do you wanna bring her here�did you do something to her face that night. You didn�t wanna talk about it when I asked�

�Just wait and see�
�So are we bringing her to the hotel here�or��

�We will need an apartment�.�
�Leave that to me�well you will have to pay for it. I can even search for a quick one right now, online� Logan stated, picking up his phone as he clicks on a site
Megan could be seen crying profusely into her pillow as her mum tried to comfort her. They are just coming back from the fifth hospital, as the doctors report has always been the same.

She could clearly remember what the last doctor said to her dad while she was eavesdropping on their conversation

�Mr. Johnson, I�m really sorry to say this, but I believe that what happened to your daughter isn�t something that has to be treated following medications and it doesn�t necessarily need surgery.

�What are talking about� Her father has asked, frustrated

�This is not the work of any allegory of any sort. This looks like a spell casted on her face. I have had a certain case like this a very long time ago when I just started my work as a doctor.

But the case of that girl then was that her witch grandmother casted a spell on her; making some dark spots come on her face.

It couldn�t be treated until the spell was broken, and that was because she had to do what her grandmother wanted of her, before she could be free.

Her father scoffs

�Do I look like a kid who is interested in hearing some fairytales story from you�I can�t believe you also believe in those, doc, I�m disappointed. I�m taking my daughter out of the country, perhaps we will meet specialist with sense and not those with mystic beliefs� he cursed, standing on his feet�

�You have to belief me Mr. Johnson, there is nothing anyone will be able to do about your daughter�s skin; they will only make it worse if they decide to carry out a surgery.

It won�t leave her body only for the curse is broken� the doctor tried to make him see some sense in what is was saying, but he only got more angry.

�If I am not in a good mood today I would have gotten you arrested for saying such words against my daughter, just keep that filthy mouth of yours shut if you don�t know your job.

You should have just told me that you can�t treat her instead of spitting out rubbish, I�m out of here� her father snapped and left the doctor�s office.

He met her outside the office, already in tears.

�Why ain�t you in your ward darling�what�s wrong�

�I wanna go home dad, I�m tired of going from one hospital to another, I�m freakily sick of this dad�take me home� She snapped, sniffing in. he nodded

�Ok..let�s go home�
After getting home, she slum on her bed crying her eyes out as she remembers the words of the doctor, while her mum pats her hair, begging her to stop the tears

�Baby�please stop all this tears and be happy for once. Your dad is planning on taking you to the USA, we might get to meet qualified doctor over there who will��

�I don�t wanna go anywhere..just leave me alone�� She cuts in

�But baby, you have a live concert to perform in a week time, how are you gonna do it if you don�t get this thing off your face. No amount of makeup will cover this scar. And even if it does, what about the spots on your body� she asked with concern.

�I want to be alone mum�please leave� She mumbled. Dinah sighed, as Lottie walks in

�Good morning ma�am� She greeted

�How are you Lottie� Dinah replied
�I�m fine ma�erm..Oscar is here to see Megan, ma� She stated as Megan jerk off from her pillow, as she looked at Lottie with fear clearly written on her face

�Erm�tell him I�m not around�or just say that I�m asleep��

�Megan�.he is your boyfriend, why do you want her to lie to him� Dinah questioned with contortion

�I just�don�t want him to see me this way�i..� Megan shuttered

�He is your boyfriend, he need to know about what is going on in your life. He won�t be happy if you turn him out, and whereas he had called me earlier asking about you and I told him you will be back soon from the hospital with your dad.

He mentioned something about you not picking his calls and he is damn worried. You need to cheer up kid, if he loves you so much, he would stand by you through this hard time� She assured as Megan nodded.

�I will take my leave now so that you both with have enough space together� She winked as Megan rolled her eyes. It�s not like Oscar will wanna do anything with her with this huge scar on her face

�Bring him in Lottie� She ordered her before leaving the room.

Oscar walked in after few minutes, closing the door behind him as he paused to stare at her. Her face was bent downward, so he couldn�t see her properly until he called her name. She raised her head up, her face soaked with tears.

Oscar�s POV

I entered her room and met her on the bed, her head bent downward. She seems shy to look at me in the face, nit until I called her name. I was shocked beyond words and struggled not to laugh on seeing her face. She looks exactly just the way Violet had spoken about.

Yea, Violet was here yesterday, she came to check on her and she told me about how hideous Megan now look

�She look like a monster� Violet had laughed about it yesterday

�Baby� I called walking closer to the bed, taking gentle strides and keeping my laughter in cheek so as not let it out

�Oscar�� she mumbled softly, holding and handkerchief to her face as she cries in it
�What happened to you�.what�s wrong�� I feign ignorance

�I don�t know Oscar..I don�t know�� She stated and drew closer to hug me, but I stopped her on seeing the hideous spots on her body

�What�� she asked; her arms still stretch forward for the hug
�Erm�I�m scared�is it not contagious� I asked. She sighs bringing her hands down

�I�m not sure; no one has gotten it from me. But it�s ok if you don�t wanna touch� She muttered with sadness all over her face. Her eyes held heavy bags as a result of too much crying.

�I�m sorry� I stated.
�Did you get to see her� Violet asked immediately I got into my apartment. I was expecting her to be there though, she called me earlier saying she will be there waiting for me

�Erm..yes� I muttered dropping my car keys.

�So�how was she�� She asked walking to stand in front of me with a glass of wine in her hand. She was already changed into one of my shirts which stopped just few inches after covering her butts. I licked my lips staring at her lustfully as she bits her lips, placing her other hand on my chest

�You haven�t replied me�or do you like what you see� She asked referring to her butts. I smirk

�Megan can�t be differentiated from a leopard, she looked like their queen� I spurted as she laughed her lungs out.

� were right when you told me about it yesterday, I mean.. I couldn�t even let her touch me..the spots are hideous, I had to stop myself from laughing�

�I actually laughed though, but changed it to a cough instead, so as not to piss her off�

�Whatever, that�s her problem, all I want now is to satisfy my little man down here� I started, removing the glass from her hand as I tug my hand underneath her, feeling her bubble butts. She smiled wrapping her hands behind my neck as I flip her up, placing a kiss on her neck.

�Let�s just get into the room and get over with this�I�m dripping wet right now� she moans

�Gosh you just turned me on with that moan�come on..� I muttered and the next moment, we found ourselves on the bed, enjoying the rhythm our lips made.




Oscar is such a…..

Complete it.


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. dats wher hs heart belongs;cos evn when he's dating d almighty megan of d perfect kingdom,he had to cheat on her wit her bestie,so his heart belongs to violet nd dats dat…

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