The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 1

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

By: Vickie Dora ?


Chapter 1

(The Perfect Girl)

Megan�s POV
�Make up kit, checked. Jewelries, nighties, waist band, guitar string�

�Checked, checked, and checked. Come on Meg, ain�t all these too much� Violet, my friend and let�s say partner in crime whined. No doubt, I have been on their neck since the breaking of the day, as they assist me in packing. Yea, when I mean them; I was talking about Violet and Martha.

Martha used to be my childhood friend before I met violet, but trust me; our friendship is still clinging due to old time sake. Else, I would have kicked her out a long time. Don�t blame me; I don�t like girls that are too churchy.

�I�m done�.everything you need is in the bag� Martha breathed out, dropping the bag beside me on the bed, while I go through some news headlines on my phone.

�Hey, stop breathing like a pig� Violet yelled at Martha who glared at her
�Do I look like I�m breathing like one� Martha resorted
�Yea�.and I hate that, gosh�

�What do you expect, I have been putting all these accessories in one place, so it�s enough for me to breathe that way� Martha slammed

�Whatever�.just gets outta my sight� Violet barked. I watched in amusement as they argue, well, this isn�t the first time they will be getting on each other�s neck, and I find it funny. I don�t care if they eventually hurt each other.

�I�m out of here� Marta fumed, going out as she bangs the door. Humm, Violet might have screwed the nut and won.

�Don�t be a cry baby Martha�.come in here and face your mama�haahaahhaa� Violet mocked, laughing hard, as I laugh along.

Wait a sec, I forgot to introduce myself, I�m Megan Johnson, but my friends call me Meg or MJ, cute right? Well, I am a very pretty 19 years old lady with killer curves; the best rapper artist in the whole United Kingdom. My Net worth is a banger, not to talk about the countless awards I have received in a period of five years. Yep.. I started singing at age fourteen, and this music journey hasn�t been easy, but trusts me, it is worth taking a risk.

My dad is a multi-billionaire, owning tons of oil companies across the globe while my mum is the daughter of a rich Arabian prince; a fashion enthusiastic to be precise. You can as well call me an Arabian princess, due to my family trait. One thing about me is that I believe I�m perfect, you can call me a proud chick. I don�t care. I hate the poor with passion and dislike sh*t, especially ugly people. The only people I�m nice to, are my parents, friends, my boyfriend and fans, if they don�t cross their boundaries.

�So how long are you gonna stay over there� Violet asked, taking a sip from her drink

�The program will last for five days, but I will likely stay for three days; that will be after the awards has been given. I ain�t got the time for the remaining sh*t� I flapped, she chuckled

�Anyways, I believe the show is for you baby, it won�t be a surprise if you get all the awards. You are the best�..a perfect being� She praised. I beamed, well, I love praises

�I will miss you so much�
�It�s just three days dummy, I�m not going away forever� I rolled my eyes, she pouted.

�Yea�.but we are more like sisters you know� She pouted

�We are sisters already�.okay� I corrected, standing up to check my wardrobe.

I need to get ready, let me change my clothes� I muttered, ransacking the wardrobe

�Megan�.I was beginning to think about what Martha said� Violet stated
�And what did she say�

�She said something about some weird creatures rampaging Floxin, and that�s kinda scary�

�Creature like what� I asked still not interested in the topic, but had to ask�

�Witches, vampires, beast�you know, all sort of creatures from the mystic world. And the worst part is that, they live among humans, one can never differentiate them except they show their true self� I frown

�Do you believe in vampires� I asked. She squinted

�Nope, this is actually Martha�s saying by the way� She snickered

�Then why are you getting bothered, you know Martha well enough. She is an old school and lives in superstition. So whatever she says about them are mere fantasies, they ain�t real� I stated. She shrugs, dropping her drink. A knock came on the door as I muttered a �come in�

Oscar, my boyfriend came in, looking handsome as ever. A brief introduction, Oscar is one of the numerous guys I met a year ago. Well, he managed to pass the test of being my taste, unlike some of the other guys I have met.

He is a 20 years old; cute guy who captured my heart as first sight. His swags are killers, and trust me, every girl will wanna get a taste of him, but too bad, he belongs to the only perfect girl in the world, Megan Johnson.

�Hey babe, you are looking gorgeous, what�s the secret� he muttered, coming to give me a brief hug
�You wanna know?� I grinned, biting my lips
�Sure sweetie�

�Awwnn�ok�your k**ses makes me glow� I beamed. He chuckled

�Then I won�t hesitate to give you more� he smirk, giving me a brief k**s, which I deepened. My eyes flickered a bit and caught the sight of Violet frowning at us, but replaced it with a smile just as my eyes caught hers. Why was she frowning? I thought but got rid of the thought.

Violet is my best friend and will also support whatever I do, so there is no cause for alarm.

�You are just so sweet as ever�.hey Violet� he greeted. Violet rolled her eyes

�Thought you were never gonna notice me, you barge in here only to notice her lips� She feign anger
�Oh�.my bad�.I�m so sorry� Oscar pouted, I chuckled. Our laughter was followed by a knock, as Lottie, my personal maid entered.

�Good day everyone� She greeted with a slight bow, before facing me
�Ma�am, your dad seeks your presence in the sitting room� She muttered, bowing again and left after my response

�I need to go guys, I think he has something important to tell me before my trip. I�ll be back soon, don�t leave until I�m back� I warned, leaving the room afterward.

�Good afternoon dad� I greeted, while coming down the stairs. Dad was sitting at the dinning table, sipping form a cup of tea; a pair of laptop was placed on the table as he types softly into it. Dad rarely works in the dinning room; he prefers his study, but perhaps he has something important to tell me.

�Afternoon sweetie� he muttered dropping the cup on the table after taking a sip

�The maid said you called for me, how is my handsome dad doing?� I stated, going closer for hug. He pecked my cheek, caressing it a little
�Your handsome dad is fine, how about my perfect baby?�

�Awwnnn�always perfect dad..� I beamed. He chuckled

�Ok, what I have to say is not much. It�s about the company at Floxin. I heard that you will be leaving for an award giving program which will be taking place over there�

�Yes, I�m taking the evening flight�
�Ok�there will be a board meeting held in the company which I won�t be opportune to attend. So being that I have a smart and perfect daughter like you, I will want you to stand in for me.�

�Ohhh�.� I exclaimed
�Look dear, it won�t affect your schedules, I have everything set in place, just do it for daddy� he pouted
�Sure dad, why won�t I, the company is ours anyways� I mouthed. He hummed

�That�s better, thanks�
�You are always welcome dad. I will like to return to my room now, or is there anything you wanna te–�

�Oh no no�that�s all� he cuts in, giving me a side hug
�Phew�. I think it�s time to go on my journey. Floxin, await your goddess, queen of Raps� I yelled inwardly, taking gentle strides up the stairs.

An Unknown World
A total number of seven men could be seen, sitting in a spacious room, round an ancient table. The look on their faces wasn�t pleasant. They all stayed silent as they await their leader to speak. They looked at the frail man in the middle who had a sad look on; he coughed lightly, clearing his throat before speaking.

�Good day elders of Vampic Fall� he muttered in a croaky voice, breathing softly in intervals

�Good day, your highness� the men chorus, waiting patiently for him to speak up again.

�We all know the state of my health and how it has affected the kingdom so far. Our economy is deteriorating, the other kingdoms are not happy with the fact that I haven�t been responding to king�s meetings and so on. My health won�t allow me and that is bringing us lower than expected� he paused and waited to see their reactions before proceeding.

�The Kingdom needs a strong leader, not a one with frail heart. I might die anytime soon, and my son will need to take over� King Orpheus muttered
�My king, we can�t give up yet, there will be a cure to your sickness which we will soon find out. Don�t lose faith, the kingdom needs you, we all need you� The oldest elder stated as others nodded in agreement.

�What more is there to live for; I have lived a thousand years, I have seen countless generations, I have ruled for more than 600 years. I have nothing to lose if I leave now. A kingdom with a living dead king is as well as dead. I need to move on to the afterlife to join my ancestors� he purred, as the others stared at him. Silence took in for a while before someone spoke up
�Then, there will be need for another disciple which will serve the next king� Emmett, the youngest elder chipped in.

�You are right, Elder Emmett, another elder stated
�Egues�� King Orpheus called
�Yes, my king� Egeus, the oldest elder replied

�I need you to make arrangement for that, the disciple should be chosen alongside the coronation.

Seven human virgins will be needed for the rituals. The priestess will tell you the other necessary things.
�Yes your highness� Egeus replied
�Set up a notice for recruitment of new disciples across the kingdom. We have come to the end of this meeting, good day everyone, I will be in my chambers� the king noted, standing on his feet as they all bow in reverence.




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