The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 12

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 12
(Monster Skin)

�Oh no�.it hurts so much..arghh� Megan cried as she was being driven home. Her driver was behind the wheels, while Violet was in the passenger seat, petting her and also pressing an ice on her face.

After leaving the club, they had stopped by at an ice shop where they got lots of ice. Megan has been crying non-stop despite the effect the ice is having; she claims that her face is still burning hot.

Violet became frustrated and doesn�t know what else to do. What did those guys do to her? She thought

�Hey�stop the shout�I didn�t ask you to go confront them in the first place, I will just change my mind and take you to the hospital�� Violet yelled

�Nooo�.don�t, just take me home�arghh� Megan resorted. Violet rolled her eyes
�Whatever�.go faster George� She yelled at the driver.

�Yes ma�am� he replied
They arrived home in no time as Megan hurried into her room. She had called her personal doctor earlier and she met her waiting in the visitor�s room. She sat on the couch in tears and tried explaining things to the doctor.

The doctor decided to conduct some experiment on her face, but they choose her room since it has a convenient space.

The doctor gave her some tablet to take and an ointment to rub on her face. The pain reduced a bit and with time it started to relief her.

�What did you say happened�I mean, did you come in contact with anything hot� the doctor asked

�No�I just don�t know what happened, perhaps the drinks I took did it..i can�t say� Megan stated, cleaning the stains of tears on her face. Her parents are not around; they went on a visit to one of their friends and will be back the next day.

�Hmm, ok..if you say so�but please mind what you take into your body. The drink might have been drugged or something, or perhaps your body is allergic to such a drink and that�s why it reacted� The doctor advice

�Thanks Doc�.i will try� She noted, not wanting to believe that Violet will drug her drink, she will just have to believe the later; perhaps she is allergic to the new drink Violet suggested.

�I will take my leave now� The doctor stated, going out of the room.
Megan immediately called for Lottie, her personal maid, when she noticed she has started feeling dizzy.
�Ma�am, how are you feeling now� Lottie asked

�I�m good, but I wanna sleep now. I don�t want any disturbance, I won�t be attending to anyone until tomorrow, whereas it�s getting late� She yawned. Lottie nodded, and bow before leaving

Megan puts off her phone, she knew the scene that she created at the club will have gone viral, some people might have recorded it and her company might start calling her soon.

She doesn�t give a damn about it; she will just have to answer them the following day; right now she wants to sleep.

She knew Violet would have gone home so she didn�t bother asking after her. She delves into the blanket on the bed, covering it over her head.
Waking up the next morning, Megan�s eyes went to the large clock set on the wall, as she let out a gasp. She freaking overslept and right now, it�s almost afternoon. She heard someone humming a song and titled her neck to have a look. It was one of the maids in charge of cleaning her room. She seems oblivious of the fact that she is already awake else she won�t make that annoying hum.

Megan stood up from the bed, yawning loudly. The maid heard her yawn and turned to greet her with a smile like she always do, but her smile was replaced with a frightened look. Her hands shook viciously as the mop she was holing fell to the ground.

Megan squinted at her, perplexed as at how she was reacting. What�s she scared of, has she done anything wrong, she thought. Before she could process anything in her mind, the maid screamed loudly and ran towards the exit, banging the door

�What�s wrong�� Megan shouted after her, getting off the bed fully. She turned round, scrutinizing the room to see if she can find anything scary that will make the maid run that way, but she found none. She became angry and scoffs. Is the maid playing a prank on her, she thought. She decided to ignore it and go freshen up; she will deal with the maid later.

Just after she pulled off her nightwear, she wrapped a towel round her body before entering the bathroom. She went towards where her toothbrush is and picked it, looking into the mirror; her breathed ceased on seeing her face. She couldn�t scream at first, she turned to look behind her to see if it was someone else�s face she was seeing, but it was not. She is the only one in the bathroom.

She stared back at her face reflecting in the mirror with her mouth agape. Part of her face is already covered with a scale like leopard skin. It looks hideous; it was at that time she noticed the little spots spread across her whole body, starting from her neck. It looks like leopard spots, disfiguring her beauty. No wonder the maid ran away, she now look like a monster.

The memories of last night started rushing into her mind. She remembered shouting at a guy, the demi-gods, are they really gods, she thought. She remembered the way the one she spilled drink on was staring furiously at her; his eyes was filled with fire like look.

What has he done to her? She thought. Just as she remembered all that had happened, she let out a shrilling scream, running with full speed out of the bathroom.

She picked up a hand towel using it to scrub her face, perhaps it will peel off, but it only got worse stinging her. Those who heard the maid scream and hers ran into her room. Her parents were already back from their journey, they were also present in the room as they watch her struggle with the towel, crying in front of the mirror.

�Baby�what�s wrong� Dinah, her mother, ran to hold her as her father stood behind trying to calm her down, but she kept on screaming, bending her face to the ground.

�What is it..darling, speak to us� Her father stated, already getting worried. Some servants and maids including Lottie were in the room, they were whispering to one another, except Lottie who was confused as at what is happening.

�My face�my face!!! Megan shouted
�What happened to your face�are you hurt somewhere� Dinah inquired, already panicking. Megan stopped crying, only her sobs could be heard.

�Chase everyone out, except Lottie� She stated. Her face was still bent to the ground, she feels ashamed letting the servants see how hideous she now look. The once pretty and spotless Megan is now having lots of leopard spots looking like a monster.

� heard that�out everyone..except Lottie, she is fine now, we will take it from here, thanks� Mr. Johnson ordered as they all went away.

�They are gone now baby..please raised your head up� Dinah pleaded. Megan let out a weary sigh and raised her head up, but the towel was still covering her face.

�What�s wrong with�.hargggh� Dinah gasp, as she sees the spots on her body, but was yet to see the face

�Megan?� Mr. Johnson called with his mouth wide open as she let down the towel. They could clearly see her face as part of it is having a leopard skin.

�What�..w-ha-t�oh my�baby..what happened to you..your face�.� Dinah whimpered, as Megan start sobbing again

�Speak Megan�is this some kind of painting or what�.what happened while we are away, I mean, you were ok when we left� Mr. Johnson chipped in. They helped her up, as her mother tied the almost loosing towel round her chest firmly. Lottie was shocked beyond words as she watched he mistress in dismay.

Megan narrated all that had happened the previous night, but skipped the part where the stranger looked at her with a fire eyes.

She doesn�t want to believe that she was enchanted, all those are just fantasies, she thought. But she told them about the new alcohol Violet got for her, and the doctor said something about her being allergic to it. She believes that it has reacted and caused the spots to appear on her body and face.

�This is serious, I need to take you to the hospital right now, and they should find a way to get this thing out of your face. Go freshen up and let�s go� her father said, sternly as he walks out of the room. He is really worried about his daughter�s health and is angry at the fact that she decided to go clubbing and take a drink she knows nothing about.

�Mom�.I don�t wanna remain like this�I…I look hideous� Megan cried, as her mother pats her back

�Your dad will find solution to this okay, perhaps it�s some kind of reaction from the drink, trust me, you will be fine..okay� she stated, and looked at Lottie

�I will leave you to take care of her� She muttered to Lottie who nodded in response

�Yes ma� She stated. Dinah gave her daughter one last look, sighing shortly before leaving the room

�I look like a monster� Megan muttered softly, as Lottie scurried towards her
�No you don�t my mistress, you look like a princess that you are, your beauty still stands firm� Lottie praised. Megan scoffs

�Is that some kind of insult or what�we both know that my beauty is gone..hff� She scoffs, going to face the mirror

�I have a feeling that this is not caused by the drink, but I can�t just place my hands on what caused it� She muttered, but Lottie didn�t utter a word, she only sighed and stare at her.




One word for Megan

Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. I agree with you @GLORIOUS, since Megan is special in the vampire's world i think lottie might be her guidian or more

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