Soulmate Episode – 9


I didn’t know how things were going to be for me and Jenny but ,I wanted to make a better future for both of us .
hey ” I said with a smile on my face
hi ” she said sounding low
I have been so mean to her ,I have forgotten what she has sacrificed for me ..
cheer up ” I said
how am I going to survive without my family ” she sobbed
I am you family ” I said
I know but its different ” she said
my love ,things are going to be okay ” I said
she gave me a faint smile .
I wanted her to be comfortable again .
are you going to take that girl to school ” my brother asked
yes ,no wonder I brought her here ” I said
that’s being a man ” he said
I love her and I want all her dreams to come true ” I said
you have grown my brother ” he said
following your footsteps ” I said
Jenny served us our food and we ate ..though she refused to eat ,I tried to force but to no avail she was really missing her family ..
what do you think of going to designing school ” I asked
design me ” she asked
yes my love ,nursing I can’t afford atleast you can go to designing school than later when you are working you can go to nursing school ” I said
its okay ” she said
I will start working tomorrow ,so you will be home alone ” I said
she smiled and nodded wife had lost a lot of weight and it really worrying me a lot ,I wanted to find something that can cheer her up but nothing ..
every month as I worked ,I only thought about her .
Philip madam is looking for you ” my co-worker said
where is she ” I asked putting the products down
in her office ” he said
we worked for a company that produced ,snacks ,Washing products etc ..
madam you sent for me ” I said removing my gloves
yes you can take a seat ” she said ..
I took a seat
Philip you have worked for me ,for 2months and am impressed with your work ,you are so hardworking ” she said in a flirty kind of way
thank you madam” I said
I will promote you ,to be my assistant ” she said
oh my gosh thank you madam ” I said
one condition ” she said
what condition is that ” I asked
you sleep with me ” she said
I got up
what ” she said
madam am married ,I love my wife so much ” I said
so ,I know you are working hard to take your wife to school ” she said .
madam I can’t sleep with you ” I said
its okay than ” she said
you will choose ,your job or your wife ” she said
madam…she interrupted me
shhhiii go home and think about it ,when you sleep with me ,I will pay you 12 thousand kwacha” she said
I was quite, that’s a lot of money ,I can take Jenny to a better school than that community school I wanted to take her …
I found someone I trusted at work ,his name was mwale ,he was a very good person and he advised me most of the time .
what do you think ” he asked
mwale I can take my wife to school and give her a better life that she deserved ” I said
but sleeping with the boss” he whispered
I know mwale ” I said
I can tell you not too,but at the end of it all ,you have the final answer” he said getting up ..
we went back to work ,an hour later we knocked off ..
welcome my love ” she said with a smile
she wore a torn T-shirt and a chitenge
my love you don’t have better clothes ” I asked
all my clothes are worn out ” she said
I took a deep breath
have you eaten anything ” I asked
there is no food in the house ,my love let me atleast look for a job ” she said
no my love ” I said
why not ” she asked
I have been promoted ” I said
really ” she said smiling
yes ,so I will be getting a lot of money ” I said
my love ” she pecked my lips
I just got tempted with that kiss,I removed her shirt my wife had lost weight ,you can even touch her ribs ..
are you okay ” she asked
yes am ” I said
we made love the all night .
#2months later
you got accepted ,you start school next month ,I have already paid everything for you ” I said
oh my gosh thanks my love ” she said giving me a hug
I slept with my boss and I was given the money as she promised ,we shifted to a better place ,I took my wife shopping ,I had to spoil her ..
I love the short ,you are getting johnny down there tempted ” I said
come get some ” she said
I don’t want to get you pregnant ” I said
I would love that ” she said
really ,” I said pining her to the wall
yes” she giggled
you are beautiful ” I said
you are handsome ” she said
removing my T-shirt
we made love in the kitchen ..
if people who come here know what happens here ,I doubt if they would eat here again ” she teased
get dressed ,we are going to be late for the party ” I said
we showered and got ready for the party ,my beautiful wife wore a black short dress and red heels ..
the funny part was she practiced how to walk in heels for a week ..
I wore a black trouser and white shirt ..
my beautiful 18 year old soon to be 19″ I teased
when someone asks you at the party ,just say am 24″ she said
no one would refuse cause you look.24″ I said
she laughed ..
we went to the party and all eyes were on us ..who wouldn’t stare at us my wife was beautiful …
your wife is beautiful ” my boss said
thank you madam ,my
love this is my boss” I said
nice to meet you ” madam said
my pleasure ” she said with a smile
can I talk to you ” madam said
sure ,my love make yourself comfortable ” I said pecking her cheek
we went behind the building ..
here ” she said giving me a condom
madam here” I asked
yes ” she said
what if people find us ” I said
no If you hurry up ” she said
I put on the condom and started having sex ..
harder ” she said
my love I… Jenny showed up
my love ” I said
she ran off
continue ” my boss ordered
no ” I said zipping up my trouser ..
mwale held my hand
have you seen my wife ” I asked
yes ,she is over there drinking with my girlfriend ” he said
she just saw me having sex with madam ” I said
what ” he said
I went to where Jenny was ,the look in her eyes explained everything ..
my love ” I said
behave ,or I will cause a scene” she said
let’s talk ” I said
leave me alone ” she said .
she continued drinking ,I was starring at her , everywhere she went I followed her ..I didn’t see my boss after what happened ..when the party was over ,I carried my wife to the taxi ..the good part about her,she never misbehaved ,I was worried about embarrassing me ..I got her into bed .
I prayed she won’t leave me ..
she woke up and I made her some strong tea.
she refused it ..
my love am sorry ” I said
that’s where the all money came from right ” she asked
sweetheart ” I said
that’s where it all came from right? the promotion ” she yelled
yes ” I said
what don’t I give you ,that you had to sleep with another woman ” she said
I want a better life for you ” I said
a better life ,if I wanted a better life don’t you think I would have been with the Prince by now ” she said
you deserve to be treated like a Queen ” I said
why didn’t you tell me ,I would have chosen the prince ” she said sarcastically
I don’t know what happened but I slapped her for no reason .
huh” she screamed
my love am sorry ” I said
she covered herself up..
my love am sorry ” I begged
she was just crying .
I hurt her ,and I didn’t know what I was going to do ..



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