Soulmate Episode – 4

SOULMATE Episode 4

whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself of how far you�ve come from a place you never thought you�d get out of. even tho you might not be where you want to be yet, still acknowledge & be proud of the growth you�ve achieved so far. you made it this far, don�t give up now .I kept on wiping my lips ,I didn’t want my father to know that someone kissed mother traveled to the city to see her elder brother .I was home with the boys .
where are you coming from ” ba mutale asked
I went to see chama off ” I said
are you sure ” he asked
I nodded
did jack give you the money for school fees ” he asked
yes ba mutale ” I said
keep it well cause next term ,I won’t be around nowonder I have given you that money in advance ” he said
I paid already ” I said
OK that good then ” he said
my brother looked troubled like he was having a lot of problems ..
ba alfred ( second brother) ” I said sitting next to him
yes mwaice (young one)” he said
what’s wrong with ba mutale aaii ” I asked
what do you mean ” he asked .
he looked disturbed ” I said
oh that ” he said
what’s wrong ” I asked
he impregnated someone ” he said
what ” I asked shocked
so he removed someone’s pants and have sex with them ” I asked
who told you that ” he asked surprised
nobody ” I said
Jenny I hope you are not practicing that ” he said
no ba Alfred am not ” I said
good cause if you become pregnant ,you know dad won’t spare you ” he said
I didn’t even know what sex was
but why is he confused about it ,is sex that bad?” I asked
Jenny you ask too much questions ” he said
ba Alfred tell me” I said
he was charged alot of money for impregnating the girl “he said
but why” I asked
that’s tradition, when you impregnate someone you are suppose to pay a lot of money ” he said
was he having sex alone or was the girl raped for him to be charged ” I asked
Jenny go and eat ” he said
ba Alfred ” I said stamping my leg on the ground , I really wanted to hear more about this sex thing .
Jenny go ” he said
I went to the kitchen ate my supper and I retired to bed ,all my siblings ended in 12grade and couldn’t further they education ..reason only them and their parents know ..
chama came to pick me up and we went to school .. I narrated the story how it all happened
so how was it ” she asked
the same kiss” I asked
she nodded
I didn’t like it ” I said
really ,I enjoy being kissed” she said
chama when were you kissed ” I asked shocked
remember bwalya that guy from our class ” she said
yes ” I said
he is my boyfriend ” she said
chama you didn’t even tell me some” I said
I wanted to but I know you become judgmental and moreover you don’t like bwalya ” she said
but still you could have told me you are my friend ” I said
am sorry madam ” she said
I tell you everything ” I said
am sorry back to your kiss ‘ she said
I didn’t like it ” I said
let him kiss you again but don’t let him touch you anywhere ” she said
don’t know when I will see him again “I said
you can come pick me up at my place I want an excuse to go see bwalya today ” she said
but I didn’t tell him that I was coming “I said
oh but come to my place and be my passport” she said
fine I will come ” I said
we had our classes and knocked off
in the afternoon did my house chores and went to chama’s place
when is your mother coming ” chama’s mother asked
I don’t know aunty ” I said
when she comes tell her I have nakonde rice and wrappers ” she said
okay aunty ” I said
let’s go ” chama said
mummy have stolen her ” I said
its fine ” she said
thanks love” chama said all happy
sure Mrs bwalya ” I said
shout up ” chama said
I escorted her and decided to wait for her by the river ..
why are you here alone ” a deep voice asked
I looked behind and it was the prince
my prince ” I said
how are you ” he said
am fine ” I said
can I join you ” he asked
sure my prince ” I said
call me Charles” he said
I smiled
we started chatting ,he was a comedian ,I laughed my lungs out ..
you have pretty eyes ” he said
thank you” I said
am inviting you to the palace tomorrow ” he said
I wish I can my prince but I can’t ” I said
come on ” he begged
next time my prince ” I said
chama showed up with Philip ,the prince was holding my hand ,philip’s face changed ..
hey man ” the prince said
hey ” Philip said
I have to go now ” the prince said pecking my hand
I smiled ,I could smell smoke coming out of Philip’s nose
my girl will talk tomorrow ” chama said
okay bye ” I said
there was an awkward silence between us ,I cleared my throat
I wanted to come see you ” I said
and you ended up with the prince instead ” he said
are you upset with me ” I asked
how would you feel when you find me with another woman ” he asked
Philip ,I like you not the prince ” I said
I doubt ” he said
he was upset ,you can even tell by the lines popping on his forehead
look prince ,I mean Philip ..he interrupted me
see you later Jenny ” he said
I grabbed his hand
please don’t be upset with me ” I said
he moved closer
kiss me if you don’t want me to be upset with u
here ” I said
yes ,there is no one ” he said
OK ,you kiss me ” I said
he leaned over and kissed me
just follow the flow ” he said
I didn’t even know what he meant by that ,I just opened my mouth like ,I was letting bees in ..
jenny relax okay ” he said
I nodded
he showed me how to kiss
I wasn’t comfortable with it even one bit …the minute we were done I wiped my lips like no mans business.



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