Soulmate Episode – 23

SOULMATE´┐Ż Episode 23

when I got there ,they were busy giggling .
the twins are getting so big” Miguel mum said
yes” Miguel said
hey guys ” I said holding Nelly’s hand
hey you too ” jenny said
chama got up
where are you going ” Miguel asked
I forgot that I needed to pick up something from town but I promise to be back ” chama said
I thought you said you want to spend time with the twins ” Jenny said
I wish everybody knew why she was leaving .
I promise to be back “she said
she didn’t even look at me .
when are you guys joining us ” Jenny asked
soon ” Nelly said
James you are getting old “Miguel teased
while I will have one when ,Jordan and Jonathan are big boys” I said
that’s not soon than ” Jenny laughed
we played with the twins my heart was with chama ,I just wanted to talk to her
where are you going ” nelly asked after we left the Brown’s house
I need to get something at the mall ,do you want anything ” I said
pizza ” she said
OK but I will be long cause I need to go get some files ,we have a meeting on Monday” I said
you will find me here ” she said
I pecked her lips and left ..I drove to chama’s house ..
I knocked and she opened she wrapped her naked body in a towel
what do you want ” she asked
you can tell from her eyes that she was crying
can we talk ” I asked
about what ” she asked
us ” I said
James there is no us ” she said blocking the door
just let me in “I said
she let me in
start talking” she said
I can’t stop thinking about you ” I said
is that all ,you can leave ” she said sarcastically
I moved closer to her and her breathing changed ,I was this woman’s weakness ,I can get away with anything from her .
I kissed her
James leave ” she said between kisses
I won’t ” I said
I played with her b**bs and she moaned
ja..Jam..James ” she screamed
I went down on her nunu and had some fun with it with my tongue ,she was screaming my name like crazy ,I made love to her in the kitchen
I have to go its getting late ” I said
you can’t spend a night ” she asked
I have a meeting on Monday so I need to prepare myself ” I said
okay than ” she said
she kissed me
I went to the mall and got Nelly’s pizza
you are back ,I thought you won’t come ” she said
sorry ,you know these guys ,I didn’t find them I had to wait for them ” I said
okay ” she said
let me bring you a plate ” I said
I got her a plate
I was thinking about what Miguel said ,I want a family ” she said
how soon” I asked
anytime ” she said
I smiled
we spent the all Sunday indoors I switched off my phones ,I knew chama would call ..
“for the next two months I made sure I ignored chama as much as I can ,I didn’t want her drama .
sir there is a Lady looking for you ” my secretary said
OK let her in ” I said
chama walked in shortly after my secretary left
I was expecting you miss” I said without looking at the person
who were you expecting your other victim ” she said
hey ” I said
don’t hey me ,why have you been avoiding me ” she asked
I was busy ” I said
but coming to my house and impregnating me you were not busy right ” she asked
impre what ” I asked getting up from my sit
am one month and some weeks pregnant ” she said
you can’t be ” I said
last time you slept with me ,we didn’t use a condom” she said
how can you be this careless ,a grown woman like you letting yourself get pregnant ” I yelled
why did you cum inside me ” she asked
look your friends use morning after pills ,and here you want to trap me by marrying your sorry a$$ ” I said
James really ” she said crying
I got some money and gave her .
get an abortion ” I said
over my dead body ” she said
she got the money.
rubbish ” I said
if you think I will get an abortion, than continue dreaming lover boy ” she said
she walked out ..
Miguel walked in
I saw chama coming from your office crying ” he said
yeah ” I said
what’s going between you two ” he asked
nothing ” I said
it can’t be nothing ” he said
she is pregnant ” I said
pregnant ,you are the father ” he asked
no I mean yes ” I said
no or yes which one ” he asked
yes but I don’t want to have a child now ” I said
you are 29 and you don’t want to have a child ” he asked
am not ready ” I said
nobody is ready ” he said
you don’t understand ” I said
make me understand ” he said
your wife is perfect ,I want a woman like her,I don’t see that in Nelly or chama ” I said
my wife is not perfect ,where are you around when she was pregnant or what ” he asked
am not ready ” I said
you will regret ” he said leaving my office
have you have been mad at yourself because you let someone take advantage of you? that was me ,I didn’t know where I was going ,I ended up going to see jenny she was the only person I trusted and I knew she will give me good advise
aunty is here ” she said holding one of the twins
I broke down
babe what is it” she asked putting the baby in his crib
I can’t do this” I said
do what babe” she asked
he wants me to have an abortion ” I said
he who and you are pregnant ” she asked sitting next to me on the couch in the children’s room.
I took a deep breath
chama who what’s you to have an abortion “she asked
James” I said
James! which James ” she asked
James,Miguel’s best friend ” I said
you and James ? No mama” she asked
yes ” I said
how ,when ,where ” she asked
we dated for six months ,when you gave birth I wanted to start a family that’s when I found out he was dating someone ” I said
why didn’t you tell me ” she asked
he said we shouldn’t tell anyone ” I said
you love him ” she asked
more than love itself ” I said
but why does he want you to abort ” she asked
he isn’t ready ” I said
what are you going to do ” she asked holding my hand
I will keep the baby ” I said
that’s the right thing ,you have a good job and you can take care of this child by yourself ” she said
thank you ” I said
she hugged me .I knew she will make me feel better .jenny suggested that I spent the night at her place and I couldn’t refuse .
chama can I talk to you ” Miguel said
I got up and followed him to the study
you can take a seat ” he said
I took a seat
James told me everything ” I said
oh OK ” I said
I have a proposal for you ,chama you are like my young sister and I want you to be happy,here ” he handed me a ticket
flight ticket to Dubai” I said
yes ,I want you to go to Dubai for a while , I know how James is he will do everything possible to make sure you get that baby terminated ” he said
how about my job” I asked
don’t worry about it ,I have connections ,I will get you a better job or you can work in my company ” he said
why are you doing this ” I asked
that baby deserves to be born ” he said
thank you” I said
I will escort you to get your clothes and take you to the airport ” he said
I nodded
Jenny suggested we go together since her wound was better now
we went to my place packed my clothes..early in the morning Miguel took me to the airport .
don’t worry ,someone will be waiting for you there in Dubai,she will help you ” he said
thank you ” I said
come here” he said giving me a tight hug
take care of my friend” I said
you know she is my world” he said
we took off ,I slept Till we landed .
a lady smiled
you must be Mariana ” I said
you are chama” she said
we went to her house .it was a big house I couldn’t believe my eyes but I had to play it cool .
come it Darling ” she said
a tall man came out of I don’t know where ,he was so hot .
Mariana was black American ,she had long hair .
this is my son Jackson ” she said
hello ” he said
we shook hands and the minute our eyes met ,there was a spark
I let go
how do you know Miguel ” I asked
Miguel helped me out some years ago,he got me this house ” she said
I smiled
he told me you are pregnant ” she asked
yes ” I said
the father is around ” she asked fixing my room
yes but he doesn’t want anything to do with me and the baby ” I said
he is a fool ” she said
only God knows ” I said
yeah ” she said
we had our supper and we retired to bed
as I walked to my room ,Jackson’s room door was open ,he was doing some push up but I couldn’t help it but stare.
his body was oh my gosh .
I kept on starring till he saw me ,I ran off to my room .
I felt so embarrassed.




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