Soulmate Episode – 22

SOULMATE Episode 22

I wonder if you know how I truly feel and how happy my heart is when we are together? I would count the ways, but I would run out of time because I am sure one lifetime wouldn�t be enough.
I knew God had someone special for me, and there�s no need to search for him, for he has found me, and I have found him. I have loved Miguel since the day we kissed lol..
I know Iam in love with him, because my reality is finally better than my dreams.No one can see into the future. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. So trust me when I say, tomorrow and well into the future, it will still be you and me together.
I never could have accomplished what I have today without the love I feel from him!
why you blushing boss” mutinta asked
am in love ” I said
with your husband ” she asked
no my maid” I answered
you are funny ,no wonder you are having boys” she laughed
boys ” I asked
yes ” she said
how do you know ” I asked
boys are the one who makes they mother ugly ” she said
I guess you are right ” I said
so here are the new designs we came up with ,we want you to approve, then we can start for the show” she said
these are the drawings I came up with right ” I asked
yes and we added some more ” she said
than its okay ” I said
we can go ahead ” she asked
yes ” I said .
thank you boss ” she said
you are welcome ” I smiled
my feet were killing me ..I just wanted a foot massage ..I knocked off around 19 since we were having a fashion show in the next 3months and I wanted everything to be perfect .
mummy ” I said giving her a hug
when did you come ” I asked
today ,I tried calling but your phone was off” she said
I left my charger home ” I said
awe these babies have done you bad ” mum said
I feel like crying ” I said
only a month to go and you will be a mother ” she said
I can’t wait mum’,how is dad and my siblings ” I asked
they are fine ,jack was asking when you will visit ” she said
I will as soon as I give birth to this Bambinos ” I said
I was glad mum was here at least I have someone to help me out with my babies when they arrive..
where is your husband ” mum asked
he traveled ,he will be back next week ” I said
this big house by yourself ” she asked
yes mum ,at first I used to cry him leaving me and you know ,I can’t go with him ” I said
yeah ” she said
bathing was a strangle ,I couldn’t bend ,Miguel was the one bathing me ,now since mum is around she is the one who has taken his place .
your belly is really big ohh” she said
what are you insinuating ” I asked
as if you are carrying triplets ” she teased
am carry quadruplets ” I said
as if you can survive ,you are failing to walk properly with twins what more ” she asked
I can’t wait to give birth am already tired ” I said
hello anybody home ” chama shouted from mum’s bedroom
we are in here” mum said
you are bathing the big baby” she said
get out ” I laughed
mum how are you and how is my husband back home ” chama asked.
which one ” mum asked
ba jack ” chama said
he is fine ,since you decided to leave he got married to another person” mum said
its okay I will be a second wife ” chama said
I laughed
I got dressed and chama drove me to the office ,did a little work and went back home ..I started feeling really sick ,chama took me to the doctor ,I was told I needed bed rest .
call Miguel ” she said
mum I will disturb him ” I said
he is suppose to know what’s going on ” she said
mum he will be back very soon ” I said
OK ,if you say so ” she said
I didn’t want to worry him ,moreover he was very far ,..
my beautiful wife ” he said entering the room
babe ” I said all excited
he kissed me so passionately, wooow everything moved and it wasn’t the twins
I missed you ” he said pulling out of the kiss
don’t stop ” I begged
babe no” he said
why are you so stingy with your lips ” I asked
my lips will get someone high ” he said
am already high” I said
you need to rest ” he said getting up
why are you like this ” I asked
rest that’s what the doctor said right ” he asked
who told you ,is this why you are back so early ” I asked
nobody told me ,and am done with want I went to do there ” he said
he told you ” I asked
the doctor called me that I should take care of you ” he said
I groaned
let me take a shower I cuddle with my babies ” he said
he showered and joined me in bed ..
he ordered pizza and we had it in bed ..
the rest of the days was amazing ,just a week and I was ready to be a mum ..
mummy am not well today ” I said holding my back
are you having any pains ” she asked
no ,I just feel like throwing up ” I said
those are signs of labour” she said
labour but I still have a week ” I said
your babies have decided to come early ” she said
Miguel walked in from his morning run
morning mum” he said
morning ” mum said
he pecked my cheek
what is it ” he asked
she is in labour ” mum said so soon” he asked
yes ,just get everything ready ” mum said
Miguel went to shower and came back with the hospital back ,I felt better mum helped me shower and got ready
we started watching TV and I screamed
what is it ” Miguel asked
no no no no ,haaah ” I screamed
mum” Miguel yelled
mum came from her room .
I don’t want you ” I said telling Miguel
mum moved closer
babe why are you running away ” I asked
you told me you didn’t want me ” he said
you believe me ” I asked
the pain increased
mum I want to use the toilet ” I said
no ” mum said
Miguel called his parents ,and chama as well
I got to the hospital ..
the pain kept on increasing ,I felt like I was in another planet .
jenny was in labour for 18hours everybody started to get worried now
Mr brown ” the doctor said
yes doctor ” Miguel said
your wife is becoming weak ,and the only way to save her is by c-section” the doctor said
if that’s the only way to save her than go ahead ” Miguel said
you need to sign ,some papers ” the doctor said
Miguel followed the doctor and he came back later ,James joined us
me and James have been having an affair or relationship ,we haven’t told any one yet because we don’t know how they will react .
hey man ” James said
hey ” Miguel said
you can tell that Miguel was really worried ,if you find a man like Miguel than you are really lucky
James gave me a hug .
I miss you ” he whispered
I smiled
he greeted everyone
the doctor walked out looking worried,and I prayed it was good news
Miguel got up ..
doctor ” Miguel said
congratulations you are now a father of two baby boys ” the doctor said
oh my God and how is my wife ” Miguel asked
she is fine ,she will be in her room soon ” the doctor said
Miguel was so happy .
we went to see her after everyone left
hey mummy ” I said
hey aunty ” she said with a hoarse voice
the twins were brought in the room
I held one and Miguel got the other one
this one looked like Miguel ” I said
they just have to look like me am they daddy” he said
jenny looked for tired ,I left I needed to rest ..
I will be back tomorrow morning ” I said
you need to rest ” he said
i didn’t want to wake jenny up ..
I found James outside
I thought you left ” I said
I was waiting for you ” he said
let’s go ” I said
we went to his house
I thought you are taking me home ” I asked
I will take you in the morning ” he said
we got inside
you know holding Jenny and Miguel’s twins got me thinking ” I said
about ” he asked
starting a family ” I said
family ” he said
yes babe don’t you think we need a baby ” I asked
we have been dating for 6months and you are talking about starting a family ” he asked
I just want a baby ” I said
am dating someone ” he said
I beg your pardon ” I asked
I am in a 2year relationship with someone ” he said
so me I was a side chick” I asked
chama I love you ” he said
but” I asked
I can’t leave her for you ” he said
woow dude you know how to break hearts huh” I said
look I thought it was just fun at first but …I interrupted him
I need to go ” I said
its late ” he said
now you know its late ,James you told me I was the best thing that ever happened to you ,was it the sex or it was from your heart ” I asked
he became quite
you are the reason why women are killing their men ,have a nice life ” I said
I couldn’t control my tears as I was in he taxi ,I cried myself to sleep ,I was so stupid to have fallen for him ..I got up showered and went to the hospital
hey “I said
hey why are your eyes swollen” she asked
I got a mirror in my purse and pretended like I didn’t know they are swollen .
chama talk to me ” she said
its nothing babe ,where are the twins ” i asked
gone for check ups ” she said
and Miguel ” i asked
he has gone to change ” she said
oh OK ” I said
talk to me ” she said
its better we talk when you are better “I said
her mum and inlaws walked in the room.and I left ,I wanted some me time.




  1. Congratulations Jennifer and Miguel, and Chama you're a very good person and you deserve some best,if James is not the best you'll find your just be focused God will mend your broken heart with a very good man like Miguel. It's a matter of time.

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