Soulmate Episode – 21

SOULMATE´┐Ż Episode 21

it feels good being in love with the right person..
we found out that we were expecting twins and Jenny became scared because one lady scared her that she will never have a normal sleep ever ,crazy right?
I was woken up by people arguing ,when I looked at Jenny’s side she wasn’t there and I was now worried ,I got my robe and wore it .I got downstairs and jenny was busy yelling at someone outside .
babe what’s going on ” I asked
tell your ex girlfriend to stay away from us ” wifey said
it was Jacqueline
hey Miguel ” she said
jac what do you want ” I asked
Miguel my mum is sick and I need your help ” jac said
does this look like a hospital and is Miguel a doctor ” wifey said
babe relax ,its not good for the babies ” I said
are you a doctor ” wifey asked
am not but babe let’s hear her out ” I said
you are unbelievable ” wifey said
please Miguel ,I need some money to mum to the hospital ” she said
is this a bank or a charitable organization ” Jenny asked
I didn’t want to argue with jenny she was already 4months pregnant and her pregnancy was that of someone who was 6month old
you wanted to give her ” she asked
okay I don’t know why pregnant women act like that ,these things you people call hormones ,I was really getting tired of them .
I asked you a question ” she said
babe let me get ready I have a meeting at 10 ” I said
she started crying ..
what now ” I asked
you have started going out with her ” she asked
babe please ,I have you ” I said
am scared of loosing you ” she said
I gave her a long kiss ..
she giggled .
stop acting crazy ” I said getting my files
crazy!!!! now am crazy ” she shouted
okay I don’t have time for this ” I said leaving
leave ” she shouted
I couldn’t wait for her to give birth cause ,I think I will go mad .
after our meeting ,I was informed that someone was looking for me .
Miguel brown ” she said
Katie ” I said
no hug ” she said
I hugged her
Katie was the love of my life,she was my first love this woman was like a drug,I was so addicted to this woman ,and seeing her brought so many great memories , we never really broke up ,she went to India for her studies and I remained here .we lost communication and now we are here.Katie was light in complexion one could think she is coloured .
so what has been happening in your life ” she asked
nothing much ” I said
you can’t tell me that ” she said
what are you doing here in Zambia ” I asked
am working here as an a medical doctor” she said
you finally achieved your dreams ” I said
you also achieved yours ” she said
naaahhh” I said
she laughed was still beautiful as before ,I sat on top of the table as we talked ,jenny walked in with chama
hey people ” chama said
hello” Katie said
Jenny no hello ” chama said
Jenny gave me an evil stare .
there was an awkward silence .
chama cleared her throat
Jenny you are not taking a seat ” I said
am fine Miguel ” she said
when Jenny calls me by my name just know that hell go break .
Katie meet my wife jenny ” I said
nice to meet you ” Katie said
babe meet Katie an old friend of mine ” I said
hey ” jenny said
she looks different from the pics” Katie said
that was a mistake Katie made ,jenny had gained a lot of weight ,she looked different ,totally different .
excuse me ” Jenny said
you look different from the pics ” Katie said
Jenny we need to go ” chama said
jenny got up and they left ,I thanked God she did cause a scene.
we went out for lunch with Katie ,later in the evening I went home .
hey babe ” jenny said
hey ” I said
she pecked my lips and continued setting the table
babe food is ready ” she said
babe am not hungry ” I said
where did you eat ” she asked
I had a late lunch ” I said
with who ” she asked
James ” I said
James was here in the afternoon looking for you ,so which james ” she said
I meant..she interrupted me
you meant Katie right ” she asked
I hesitated answering
am I too ugly for you ” she asked
ugly ” I asked surprised
yes ,I have become too chubby ,look at me ” she said tearing up
I made you chubby ,I made you look like this ” I said
I know you admire those skinny girls ” she said
babe come here ” I said
she came close to me
you are the best thing that ever happened to me ,yes this pregnancy has made you go insane ,that you shout the way you want but that doesn’t mean I love you less ,jenny we said for better or worse ,I will tolerate all these crazy tantrums you throw at me ,Mrs brown ,my Mrs brown ,why don’t we go out on a vacation before the babies are born ” I said
I never knew you were this romantic ” she teased
I kissed her forehead
are we going or not ” I asked
yes we are my king ” she said
I can’t wait to have fun on that a$$ ” I said
am pregnant ” she frowned
I thought you were told never to refuse what your husband wants ” I said
she clicked her tongue
we slept and woke up early to prepare .
babe let me sleep ” she said
babe we are going somewhere very far wake up ” I said
she got up showered and we went to Livingstone
I have always wanted to be here ” she said dancing
you can still shake that a$$ ” I asked
these your kids don’t take away my sexy moves” she said
I held her from her waist
every time you touch me ,I still have butterflies in my stomach ,you make the twins kick,I have never felt this safe being around any man” she said
its because we are soulmates ” I said
I kissed her ,she kissed me back and the next minute we were catching our breath
that was awesome ” she said
I knew you will like it ” I said
I want again ” she said
babe let’s rest ” I said
my phone rung and it was Katie ,I got up from bed and went to the bathroom to pick up the phone ..
when did you start picking your phone from the bathroom ” she asked
I wanted to use the bathroom ” I said
really ,can I see who you were talking to ” she asked
babe for what ” I asked
your phone Miguel ” she said
I handed her my phone ,she checked my call logs
Katie ummmm” she said giving me back my phone
she just called n to say hi” I said
am carrying your children and you are busy entertaining this woman ” she said
its not what you think ” I said
who is Katie ” she asked
she is a friend ” I said
bring your phone I see your conversation ” she said
fine ,she was my first love ” I said
you are full of rubbish ” she said
she went to take a shower and I followed her ,when I got into the shower she came out .
babe am not sleeping with her I swear ” I said
you know what ,I want to go home ” she said
babe please ” I begged
she crawled in bed and covered herself ..
give birth fast so I can have my wife back ” I said.



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