Soulmate Episode – 19

SOULMATE� Episode 19

Have you ever loved someone that it hurts ,I didn’t know being in love can be this great and could also hurt ..
you didn’t break up her with her ” Jacqueline asked
who let you in ” I asked
I have my ways ” she said
I want you out of this house ” I said
why babe its me ” she said trying to touch
don’t you dare put you dirty hands on me ” I said
what happened to us ” she asked
why did you abort ” I asked
abort what ” she asked
don’t act like you don’t understand what am talking about ” she asked
someone saw you going to a certain health center ,the person followed you ” I said
that’s a lie ” I said
should I call the girl at the reception “I asked getting my phone
no no its fine ” she said looking defeated
who was the father to that baby” I asked
she faced down
you are not deaf are you know ?” I said
you were the father of that baby ,Miguel you said you were broke did you want me to be a poor wife ,I couldn’t take it ” she said
so it was all for the money right ” I asked
yes but I also loved you ” she said
you are sick ” I said
Miguel I love you ” she said
I went to my room and got my cheque book ,I wrote a cheque for k20,000 ,I went back and she was about to leave .
here you go ” I said
she got the cheque all excited
oh my gosh Miguel this is wooow” she said
I want you to stay away from me ,I know you need this money ” I said
she got her handbag and left ,I just wanted to find a way to get Jenny to talk to me .I got my car keys and I was about to go out when I saw jenny walk in the house .
I started trembling ,this girl made me feel really weird .
hey ” she said
hey ” I said
you are not letting me in ” she asked
yeah I mean yes “I said
we went inside
why did you lie ,when I told you about my past ” she asked
Jenny I wanted to have a simple relationship ,I get so tempted in spoiling people am dating, yes I should have told you and am sorry ” I said
you know that I love you ,it wasn’t about the money it was what I felt ” she said
okay am sorry ” I said
she moved closed and we kissed
Does that mean that you are my fianc� again ” I asked
I never stopped being your fiance” she said
but you threw the ring at my face ” I said
when you pay for someone’s bride price ,even if you argue or break up ,the bride price still shows you guys are still together ” she said
I think I love your tradition” I said
let me make you some thing to eat ” I said
I will cook ” she said
really ” I asked
don’t question me dude” she said
she prepared some food and I went to take a shower ,as i was bathing I felt like someone was watching me but Jenny was in the kitchen busy ..
did you by any chance come upstairs ” I asked
to do what ” she asked
anyway never mind ” I said
you have ghosts in the house ” she teased
you wish I had one” I laughed
we went out atleast I needed to spoil my princess ,since she knows am rich now …
so this is how it feels to date a rich guy ” she asked
am not yet done with you ” I said
ummmm dude ” she giggled
my woman deserved the best in life ,I would do anything to see her lovely smile everyday ..
Jenny ” someone called her from behind as we were heading to my car
Timmy “she yelled
hey ” the guy said
oh my gosh dude what happened to your phone ” she asked
I was out of the country I just came back ” he said
oh my how rude ,Tim meet my future husband Miguel ” she said
hey man ” he said with a smile
hey ” I said
you look beautiful ,and you are glowing ” he said
its because of this man here ” she said holding my hand
what happened to him ” he asked
its a long story ,give me your line so that we get talking ” she said
they exchanged number and I took her home .
that guy used to encourage me to leave Philip am glad ,I met him ” she said
I Just smiled
we don’t know what we have till its gone ,my life has just been worse that we moved back to the village ,imagine I was the talk of the village ,that I came back with a different woman .
Charles ” I said
I heard you are back and you know as a good and loyal friend I need to see you ” he said
that’s nice of you my prince ” I said
what happened between you and Jenny ” he asked
man I don’t know what happened ,I just changed when I went to Lusaka ,I just want to leave this thing I call my wife and get her back ” I said
get who back ” he asked
Jenny of course ” I said
you haven’t heard?”he asked
heard what ” I asked
Jenny is getting married to one rich guy ,he came to pay for her bride price a month ago ” he said
which Jenny ” I asked
the same one ,” he said
she can’t ,she is my love ” I said
while you are late ” he said
I got up upset ,why could she forget me so soon if I was nothing ..
where are you going ” he asked
no where ” I said
look you hurt that poor girl and let her be ” he said
I think you need to leave ,I have better things am suppose to do ” I said
take heart it happens remember you took her away from me ,karma is a b***h ” he said
just go ” I said
I went inside and cried
hey hey ” she said
bana joy what ” I said wiping my tears
I need money for my hair ” she said
where am I going to get money ” I asked
I don’t know but I need money ” she said
you are the reason I lost a good woman and my job ” I said
that’s your business, just give me money ” she said
I will beat you ” I said
try it ” she said
I slaped her
you think am Jenny you used to beat up huh ” she said
I started beating her ,she was screaming ,I stopped
she went to the kitchen and broke a bottle .
you want me to finish you up huh” I asked
she got the broken bottle and stab me on my hand ..
she got her phone and ran ..
I tried following her but I lost a lot of blood than next thing it was lights out ..
when I woke up I was in the hospital.
what am I doing here ” I asked
I found you on the floor bleeding ” my brother said
where is my wife ” I asked
we didn’t find her ,when we got there your house of empty everything was gone ” he said
heeeeey this woman has killed me oohh” I yelled
see your life ” he said.



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