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SOULMATEĀ  Episode 18

It is easy to understand why someone who doesn’t love another person might break the heart of this person-when we do not love those who love us, we are likely to hurt them. However, the above song refers to hurting the one we do love. How can one both love and hurt the same person?
Lovers can easily hurt the beloved without intending to do so. Because the lovers are so significant to each other, any innocent remark or action can be interpreted in a manner that the other person did not intend and hence be hurtful. For instance, someone might devote a lot of time to her work, thereby neglecting, and inadvertently hurting, her partner. The more time two people spend together, the greater the likelihood that this will occur. Our beloveds hold great significance for us and this makes these people a source of both great happiness and deep sadness; they can bring us great joy, but they can also hurt us deeply.
I was so hurt when that girl came and approached me .
ask him ” chama said
he will deny it ” I said
how sure are you ” she asked
look chama men are just the same ” I said
how many men have you dated again ” she asked
look just drop it ” I said
why don’t you want to hear his side ,all you think is that all guys are the same ,you are blessed you have a guy who loves you ,look at me ,I keep jumping from on guy to another just in the name of finding love ” she said
she had tears in her eyes ,my friend indeed has passed through a lot in the name of love .
I heard a knock at the door
are you not going to get it ” she asked
I will” I said
I opened the door and there he was on one knee holding a ring in his fingers ..
I started shaking ,I didn’t know what I was feeling is it excitement or hurt ..
Jennifer mbulo would you do me the honour of being my wife ” he said
chama stood behind me busy whispering
say yes ” she said
I was in shock ,last time I got a proposal it was in my dreams ..
Jennifer my leg is becoming numb ” he said
what about her ” I asked
she is my ex and you are my everything ,if I was with her would I be on one knee here proposing to you? Jennifer we have been together for 5months now and its enough for me to know you are the one ” he said
I will marry you ” I said
its a yes ” he said
chama was busy making a video of the all thing..
he slide the ring on my finger and it looked expensive ,but hey am engaged .
I can’t wait to meet your parents ” he said
you know you are suppose to come with your family right ” I asked
why ” he asked
while when you propose to a lady you are suppose to pay for her ,the one we call lobola ” I said
what’s lobalo” he asked
lobola honey ” I said
what’s that ” he asked
lobola is bride price ” I said
why didn’t you say that,than saying all that lalobo ” he said
I busted into laughter
you know this your language its complicated ” he said laughing
you what me to teach you ” I said sitting on his laps
no” he said
why was that jac something girl saying I should stay away from you, what’s the story ” I asked
I dated that girl for a year,the problem with her she loved a good life ,and I just wanted some who loved me for me not my money ” he said
you are broke like me and I should trouble you as well naah it doesn’t work like that ” I said
am glad I met you ” he said
mum relax” I said
how can I be relaxed my daughter will be officially engaged today ” she said
I was once married you know ” I said
you called that marriage” she asked
I won’t argue” I said
we cleaned the all house in preparation for the Brown’s to arrive ,my brother built a bigger house for my parents ..
all my brothers were present ,and some of my uncles from dad’s side..chama will be the one escorting the Brown’s since there didn’t know my place .
the browns arrived and to my surprise there was a lot of cars that parked in our compound .
I thought he was an average man ” ba jack asked
he is ” I said
Jenny have you seen the cars outside ,big big big expensive cars ” he said
they entered the house ,I was in my room.I waited till my mother came to pick me up ..I knelt before the elders .
Jennifer do you know why these people are here ” uncle asked
yes yama(uncle)”I said
do you know this man ” he showed me Miguel
I nodded
okay you can now go ” uncle said
I went to my room.,I continued pecking through the window ,my brother was right ,there were big vehicles outside, but what was going on “?
I just heard laughter and clapping ..i was called by my brother that ,the Brown’s wanted to leave ..
I had no idea where chama was ,I needed someone to talk to .
I will see you ” Miguel said
who are these people ” I asked
babe not here, when you are back in Lusaka I will explain” he said
I greeted his parents and they left ..
those people are not stingy huh “ba Alfred said
why ” I asked
they paid your lobola in full ” ba Alfred said
OK” I said
what’s with the long face ” mum asked
nothing ” I said
okay princess” dad said
after two days we went back to Lusaka ..he came to pick us up at the station ..
we got in the car and he drove off ,he was busy talking to chama he knew I was upset with him,we reached a big house ..I didn’t say anything
sir how are you ” a girl /lady in uniform said
am OK how are you Cindy ” he said
am well sir ” she said
where are we and why is she calling you sir and why is that photo of me doing here ,what’s going on Miguel ” I asked
I have been pretending to be someone am not for the past few months we have been together ,this is my life ,the company I said its for my friend its my company” he said
why have you been lying ” I asked
I wanted to find true love and I found it in you ” he said
by pretending who does that ” I asked
I was sick and tired of all these girls who wanted to be with me for my money ” he said
you can be with those stupid girls and your stupid money ” I said
Jenny come on ,it hasn’t gotten to that ” he said
I removed the ring and threw it at him .
Jenny come on ” he said
let’s go chama ” I said
she wanted to say something but I stopped her.

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