Soulmate Episode – 17

SOULMATE Episode 17

Imagining a life without you is something that is impossible, you make me complete and I want you to know you mean everything to me.When you smile at me you brighten up my day more than the sun ever could.
everything about her was just perfect her body ,her smile ,her face everything was just amazing. I couldn’t stop thinking about her ..
sir we asked you a question ” Mr mweemba said
sorry repeat the question ” I said
I forgot that I was in the meeting,my mind was somewhere else .
after the meeting I stormed out, James followed me ,I went to the office
where was your mind ” he asked banging in my office
I don’t know” I said
is everything okay” he asked
man I can’t stop thinking about her ,she is all I think about ” I said
I have never seen you act like this about a lady before ” he said
I also don’t know why she has affected me like this , she is like a virus that has no cure ” I said
you need to be strong ,when you are at work leave your personal life home ” he said
I wish I can ” I said
he just shook his head ,wondering what was wrong with his friend ..
I went home ,I just wanted to sleep ..mum called and she was so excited about meeting Jenny ..
your boss gave you his car ” she asked
yes ,he isn’t around ” I said
so you stole his car ” she asked
no ,he has a lot of cars ” I said
anyway you look sexy ” she teased
you are teasing me ” I asked
you look good in that short ” she said
I kissed her
we kissed for a while in the car ,she starting moaning softly ,I knew we were not safe .
babe let’s go ” I said pulling out
huhhh” she groaned
what ” I asked
I want more kisses ” she said
let’s go ,am hungry ” I said
will eat later ,we are already at the mall” she said
you will find me ” I said
she followed me with a sad face ..
put on a smile or am going back ” I said
she folded her arms
Jennifer am serious ” I said
she smiled (a fake one )
I saw one of my workers and he wanted to come greet me ,I just gave him signs not to come …
its a weekend so am about to meet almost everyone and I prayed I didn’t meet others that didn’t know anything .
why are you busy wandering around ” she asked
nothing ” I said
I bumped into someone
sorry Sir ” I said
its okay ” he said
when Jenny saw the man her facial expression..
Jenny hey ” he said
hi” she said
there was some silence
honey can we go ” she said
why ” I asked
you will find me in the car ” she said walking away ..
you could hear from the tone of her voice that she wasn’t okay ,I followed her ,I got in the car and she was in tears ,I tried touching her but she stopped me ..
I took her to my place and she cried her lungs out ,I didn’t know what to do ,cause I didn’t know what was wrong with her.she cried till she fail asleep ,I took the car to my home ..
sir when are you coming ” Cindy asked
soon ” I said
okay sir ” she said
I left ,I got some food for us ,since our lunch date was ruined.. when I got home she was awake .
hey ” I said putting the food on a table
hey ” she said
brought some food ” I said
she smiled
you feel better now ” I asked
yes ” she said
I got some plates and dished out the food ..
we ate in silence ,I didn’t one to ask ..
he is my ex husband ” she said
who ” I asked
the guy we meet at the mall” she said
you were once married ” I asked
yes ” she said
I was quite
I got pregnant at the age of 18 ,my parents ,I mean the family chased me out to go be with the man who impregnated me ,we were so in love ,when we moved here things changed ,I had a miscarriage and he was so devastated ,he started beating me ,telling me it was my fault ,he was my whole world ,I felt like my world was trembling down ,he started sleeping around ,the good part was that he took me to school ,two years later I found out he impregnated a lady ” she said this time she didn’t cry ..I pulled her in for a hug ,I hugged her tight ..
I love you ” I said
she looked at me
I love you ,I will never hurt you ” I said
why don’t you want to sleep with me ” she asked
I laughed
am not a virgin ” she said
I want our wedding night to be special ” I said
now if we won’t get married ” she asked
we will ” I said
she smiled and slept on my chest
you never know what you have till you lose it.
because he didn’t have money ,you have to act like that ” mum asked
mummy please ” I said
you know sometimes you act so dumb ” she said
I don’t want to be a poor ” I said
that man has done so much for you ” she said
mum just leave ” I ordered
before getting home ,I passed through an health to get an abortion ,I will not be a wife to a broke dude ..
you have been sleeping the all day what’s wrong ” mum asked
nothing ” I said
get up ” mum ordered
mum not now ” I said
my stomach was really paining ,I got up and my beddings were messed up .
you have started your periods ” she asked
I looked at my beddings
yes I have started ” I said
get yourself cleaned up ” she said
I tried getting up but failed
she helped me get in the bathroom ,when we reached the bathroom ,clot of blood came out ,a little thing which looked like a lizard was covered in the blood ..
did you have an abortion ” mum asked
no ” I said
Jacqueline ” mum said
hey leave me alone ” I yelled
she left the bathroom ,I managed to clean it up ..though was still in pain
I saw Miguel with a beautiful Lady ” Nancy said
lady ” I asked
yes ” she said
how did she look like ” I asked
I can take you to her place ,I know where she stays “she said
I got my handbag and drove to this ladies house ..they were about to go out .
hey hey ” I yelled
I realized that I loved Miguel and I was willing to fight for him and moreover I found out he was never bankrupt,so this meant I was fighting for him .
yes ” one of them answered
who is Jennifer ” I asked
am Jennifer ” the light one said
so you are the one you is scrolling my man ” I said
who is your man” she asked
so you have a lot of men ” I asked
no ” she said
stay away from him ” I said
him who ,” she said
Miguel ” I said
she laughed
am serious or else you will know who Jacqueline is in this town ” I said
dare me and you will know who Jennifer is ” she said
I walked away ,we drove to Miguel’s office..
where is Miguel ” I asked his personal assistant
in his office ” she said
I went to his office
what do you want ” he asked
I missed you babe ” I said
leave am busy ” he said
so you chose her over me ” I said
what are you talking about ” he asked now paying attention
Jennifer ” I said
how did you know her ,and to come think of if you didn’t want me ” he said
I changed my mind ” I said
he gave me a side smile
am willing to change for you ” I said
just go ” he said
am not going anywhere ” I said
suit yourself”he said getting up
Miguel get back here ” I yelled
he walked out .
i won’t let you leave me for that girl ” I said to myself.



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