Soulmate Episode – 15

SOULMATE Episode 15

A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being.
I couldn’t get her off my mind ,yes I have never felt like this for anybody ,she was just different ,she wasn’t someone I just wanted to have sex with and leave but she was one who I wanted to be with now and forever .
wait a minute ” James said
James was my best friend and he was the manager at my company..this guy has sacrificed alot for our friendship ,all I have done is disappoint him with my drinking and clubbing ..
what ” I said facing the ceiling
its Friday you know ” he said
I know ” I said
really you do ” he asked laughing
say what you want to say ” I said
why ain’t you going out today ” he asked joining me on the bed
I don’t feel like going out ” I said
he touched my forehead to feel my temperature
stop it you idiot ” I laughed
am surprised you know ,you not going out today ,God is good ” he said
its not that ,I have find a girl ” he said
a girl ” he asked
yes ,this girl man she is so different from the rest ” I said
that’s what you said about Jacqueline ” he said
a man says all sort of things when a woman gives him some pu$$y” I said
while that’s what you will say about this one ” he said
no man ,OK let me get dressed you go see her by your self ” I said
okay ” he said
I got dressed and we went to Jessy’s house to see if she could help me ..
I knocked and a lady opened the door
she smiled
excuse me, is Jessy around ” I asked
yes she is ,Jessy someone is here to see you ” she said
who is he ” Jessy yelled from inside
a white guy” she said
Jessy came
hey love ” Jessy said
hey cupcake ” I said
because of the party and the girl I became friends with Jessy.we got in
I need to know where she stays ” I said
you are really into this girl huh” Jessy asked
yes ,I want to see her ” I said
that’s her housemate ” she said looking at the girl who opened the door
hey ummmm..Jessy helped me with the name
chama” Jessy said
chama I need to see your housemate ” I said
Jenny ” she said
yes please ” I begged
how much ” she said smiling
how much do you want” I asked
nothing am joking” she said
she took us to her place
just say I found you at the doorstep ” she said
you have a deal” I said
we entered the house it wasn’t that bad anyway ,simple but incredible .
Jenny ” she screamed
no answer
Jenny ” she called
Jenny came out looking amazing ,she had a black short on and a white vest ..
yes ” Jenny answered
you have visitors ” she said
and who brought them here ” Jenny asked
chama shrugged her shoulders
yes how may I help you ” jenny asked
you can’t even offer them where to seat ” chama asked
why ” Jenny asked
they are you visitors ,don’t be rude ” chama said
oh my gosh am rude ” Jenny laughed
we took our seats
this is my boss James and sir this is the girl I was talking about ” I said
James was shocked cause he didn’t know what I was talking about
you talked about me ” Jenny asked
yes and my boss offered to see you ” I said
oh ” she said
we didn’t stay for long cause she seemed not to be interested in our visit .
chama can I talk to you outside ” I said
sure” chama said following we us
I need a favour ” I said
what’s the favour ” she asked
do you know who I am ,as in my personal background ” I asked
she shock her head no
OK its okay than ” I said
we got into the car and started driving.
me your boss” he asked
yes ,I want to win this girl’s heart not with money ,I want you to pretend to be my boss for a while “I said
now if it doesn’t work ” he asked
will find something else to use to win her heart ” I said
you are serious ” he asked
yes am serious ” I said
I went to get a cheap phone ,cheap clothes and looked for a one roomed house
you are really serious with this nonsense ” he asked
yes,for once I just want someone to love me for me ,not my money ” I said
now if she finds out that you are not poor but one of the riches man in Zambia ,” he asked
she won’t find out ” I said
a week ,I tried to adopt this kind of life before I could go and approach Jennifer …
what is this ” mum asked
what is what ” I asked
this ” she said
its all for a girl ” I said
Jacqueline ” she asked
hell no ” I said
who is this girl ” she asked
you will meet her very soon ” I said
you have gone mad” she said
let me go mad,ain’t you the one who gave birth to me ” I laughed
how I wish I had a different son ” she said
when are you leaving, cause you keep on changing the days for your trip ” I asked
we are leaving tomorrow ” she said
travel well mummy ” I said with a smile .
take care of your self Sonny” she said
I will ,see you soon ” I said
she walked ,it was even great that my mum was leaving town ,my mum likes poking her nose in my business ..
I got on a bus and went to see Jenny ,I have never been on the bus before ..I got to her place ..
I knocked and she opened the door
what do you want ” she asked
can I come in please ” I said
fine ” she said
I got inside and she offered me a seat
what can I offer you ” she asked
am fine thank you ” I said
I saw some drawing on the table and I got interested, I moved to were she was sitting..
you are a designer or are you are in designing school “I asked
am a designer ” she said
really when did you start school “I asked laughing
she hit me playfully
am serious when ” I said
when I was 18″ she said
woow okay “I said
she started explaining about her designs ,for the first time ,I was able to listen to a woman ..
The weeks that passed I was spending most of my time with Jenny and I was falling for her so hard ,that I couldn’t understand ..
I found you ” Jacqueline asked
so ” I said
babe I missed you ” she said trying to touch me
don’t you dare touch me ” I said
why are you jumpy ” she asked
last time I remembered we broke up ” I said
we didn’t ” she said
look I have somewhere to be “I said
looking like that ” she said
she changed her face ,like she was going to throw up l need to go ” I said
where is your car” she asked
I don’t have a car ,do you mind giving me a lift ” I asked
no mean okay ” she said being hesitant
its fine ,I will use the bus ” I said
bus? ” she asked surprised
I got bankrupt ,my company has lost alot of money because we got a loan that we couldn’t pay , Jacqueline you just don’t know what we are going through ” I said
I need to go ” she said rushing to her car
Jacqueline where are you going ” I said
I need to go ” she said driving off..
I went to the office and people were busy looking at me,like they have seen a ghost than later on I went to see her by her place ..
you are here” she asked smiling
yes ” I said
we spent the all day indoors ,I wanted to kiss her but I didn’t want to ruin this perfect moment.




  1. I know Jacqueline of a thing will go and abort her pregnancy due to what she hard, she's only doing it for money not for love. Jennifer you deserve to be happy with good man

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