Soulmate Episode – 14

SOULMATE Episode 14

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.
Philip denied signing the divorce papers ,the judge tried talking to him but he refused ..
what are we going to do ” I asked
there is nothing we are going to do ” the lawyer said
so the idiot has refused ” chama asked
imagine ,the judge even had to threaten him but nothing
” he said
give me the divorce papers ,I know what to do ” I said
where are you going ” chama asked following me
Philip’s work place ” I said
am.going with you ,I don’t know what he will do to you ” she said
I will be fine ” I said
no mama ,I don’t trust that guy ” she said
we went in the lawyer’s car ..
am looking for Philip ” I asked the gateman
who are you ” he asked
am his wife ” I said
okay ,you can go in ” he said
we drove in ,I have never been to this place ,so I had no idea
excuse am looking for Philip ” I said
come with me ” she said
we followed her ,like puppies who haven’t eaten for a week .
they were having a tea break in the cafeteria ..
Philip someone is looking for you ” the lady yelled
I guess she didn’t know where he was ..Philip got up and came where we were standing ..
what do you want ” he asked
I knelt down before him ,everyone in the cafeteria focused on us ..
what are you doing ” he asked
Philip am begging you in the name of God ,please sign the papers ” I said
you know am not ” he said
why ” I asked with tears forming in my eyes
am not just signing ” he said
Philip you have children with another woman ,let me also form a family with someone else ” I said
no ” he yelled
I deserve to be happy too” I said
I don’t want to let you go ,you are the best thing that ever happened to me ” he said with tears flowing down his cheeks ..
you will be my first love Philip ,I love you and I will never stop loving you but I also want to hold my babies ” I said
I can’t risk seeing you with another man” he said
and how do I feel ” I asked
he punched through the wall..mwale held his hand .
set her free man ,she has suffered enough ” mwale said
Philip took a seat ,he cried like a baby ,I wanted to hug him but the minute I tried ,chama stopped me ..
try it you will see ” she whispered
give me the papers ” Philip said
I handed him the papers, he looked at them for a good 30minutes and he signed them .
thank you so much ” I said
he got up and left ..
let’s go atlest he signed ,if he wants let him go commit suicide as if we care ” chama said
but why was he this sad ” I asked
he is a pretender” she said
it broke my heart seeing that ,I just wanted to hold him and tell him everything is going to be alright but its too late ..I got a job working for a lady who designed clothes ..I got my first phone ,I was trying to get back my life together but it wasn’t easy at all ..
ain’t you ready ” she asked
for what ” I said
my friend Jessy is having a birthday party and we were invited ” she said
you were invited not me ” I said
look lunatic ,she said I can bring my significant other so I chose you and I told her about you ” she said
chama am not going and significant other means boyfriend or someone special ” I said
you are my special someone ” she said
chama just go ” I said
I continued drawing some dresses ..
if you won’t get ready ,I will pull this bucket of water on those drawings ” she said holding the bucket
you can’t ” I said
dare me ” she said
chama never jokes and these drawings were important for me ,I just got up ..took a bath and started getting ready ,she fixed my make up ..
open your eyes ” she said
I opened I looked so pretty. .
Philip would have loved this ” I said
excuse me ,never in your pathetic life bring up that useless name again ” she said
sorry madam
put on your dress (it was a nude bandage dress that sharped me perfectly well and black heels )
okay head go turn ” she yelled
get lost ” I said
let’s go ” she said
she couldn’t stop starring at me
what? you are creeping me out ” I said
I wish I was a dude ,I could have scrolled you all night long ” she said
you are scaring me ” I said
let’s go ” she giggled
we got to the party ,it was a house party in chelstone ..
happy birthday ” I said
thank you Darling ,please feel comfortable ” the birthday said
thank you so much ” I said
I sat at the corner alone since I had no idea who these people were ..
I was given a glass of wine ,didn’t even know the name of the wine ,I just kept on drinking .
a white man came to where I was ..
why are you isolating yourself ,the party is that side ” he said
how is that your business ” I asked
ouchi,am Miguel ” he said
okay ” I said
I didn’t catch your name ” he said
I didn’t throw it at you ” she said
sassy I like ” he said
look white boy ,go play with your friends am not interested in having a conversation with you ” I said
I want to play with you ” he said
play alone ” i said getting up
I walked to chama ,I just wanted to be home sleeping ,I wasn’t ready to be going out .
am going ” I whispered in her ear
where ” she asked
home ” I said
we just got here ” she said
chama this is your world not mine ” I said
okay I will find you ” she said giving me the house keys.
anybody who has gone through a divorce would understand what I was going through..somebody you thought you would spend the rest of your life with ,you end up being divorced ..
I cried myself to sleep ,chama didn’t come home that night I just slept alone ..
I remembered the promises he made to me ,I didn’t know if I will ever love again cause love hurts big time .
you are a talented young lady ,I think its high time I give you want you deserve” my boss said
I just starred at her cause I didn’t know what she was talking about
Jennifer am 76 years old and I think its high time I retire ” she said
retire who will take over you company ” I asked
you will, my kids are all boys and moreover they don’t have interest in my fashion business ” she said
madam this is a big responsible ” I said
I started at 20years on my own ,” she said
madam I don’t have money to buy this company ” I said
who said am selling it ,am giving it to you ” she said
oyah madam ,” I cried
not tears of sadness but tears of joy ,it’s mine but ,I will inform everyone that from now on you are the boss ” she said
21years I will be somebody’s boss God what have I done to deserve this ” I said to myself
I didn’t want to disrespect the older ones I found there ,I was the brains behind the design and I made all those older people I found at the company like bosses ..
hey Jenny ” Jessy said
hey ” I said
she joined me at the kitchen table..
you are a designer ” she asked
I nodded
that’s beautiful ,I want you to design something for me ” she said
really ,I would love that ” I said with a smile
so she showed me what she wanted ,she got my line for easy communication ..
my cousin’s friend liked you ” she said
which one ” I asked focusing on the drawings
the white guy ” she said
oh that annoying guy ” I said
he is not annoying ” she said
he was to me ” I said
look he is a great person “she said
I think you have to wait for chama ,am going to take a nap ” I said
am sorry if what I said offered you ” she said
it’s fine ” I said
I took a long nap and was woken up by loud music ..
I got out of bed slowly and found the two of them dancing ..I just took a glass of water and went back to the drawings ..
my phone rung
hello ” I said
hey my sassy mama ” he said
who is this ” I asked
the guy you left sitting alone at the party ” he said
look I have better things to do than talk to stranded boys like you ” I said
and I hung up
I didn’t feel like I w�s ready to entertain any man.




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