Soulmate Episode – 13

SOULMATE Episode 13

you better wake up ” James said
what’s wrong with you ” I said covering my head
Miguel wake up ” he said
look I swear if you continue waking me up ,I will fire you” I said
you know that aint possible rich boy ” he said
james what do you want ” I Asked
do you know that you have a presentation today ” he asked
which one ” I asked
the one we have been working on for a week now” he said
you can do it on your own,I have a terrible hang over” I said
Miguel you know I can’t ” he said
huh” I groaned
just get your butt up and go bath” he said
I swear to God ,I will ki*ll you ” I said getting up
I took a cold shower ,put on a suit and had my strong coffee…
good morning sir ” my PA said
money Monica ” I said
the investors are already in the boardroom” she said
they are early ” I said
that’s the time we agreed on ” James said
we went to the boardroom and in no time the meeting was done ..
they signed the paper..
so now I can go ” I asked
you can go ” he said
see ya” I said
I went back home cause this headache wasn’t having any mercy on me ..last night I had too much too drink ..
Mr Brown’s troublesome son ” mum said
yes mother ” I said
how is my baby boy doing ” she asked
fine mother ” I said heading upstairs
Miguel come talk to mummy ” she said
about what ” I asked
I was the only child Mr and Mrs brown ..
you went to work ” she asked
no I went to the morgue ” I said
she laughed ,my mother loved it when am being sarcastic
when are you bringing her home ” she asked
who is her” I asked
your wife”she said
how old am I” I asked
25 ” she said
look mum if you are here with your wife ,grandchildren story that won’t end am off to sleep ” I said
look Miguel you are my only child ” she said
so “I asked
I want grandchildren” she said
mum you can adopt kids ” I said
I don’t know why you are this crazy ,I think you were conceived when it was too hot ” she said
OK ” I said
I walked away from mum ,its hard to find a wife when ,”some” women only see you as an ATM
I slept in the all day ,I switched off my phones to avoid any calls from the office ..Terrence my friend called me at night to go have some fun ,I don’t refuse when it comes to clubbing and drinking am that kind of person ..
I heard you boycotted work today ” he asked
who works on a Friday ” I asked
we went in and girls started throwing themselves at me ..
Jessy is having a birthday party and we were invited ” he said
who is Jessy ” i asked
my cousin ” he said
oh that pretty one ” I said
yes the pretty one ” he said
we had some few drinks ,I didnt want to drink a lot since I was having a meeting with my father ..I got up at 5 in the morning to prepare for the meeting ..
you are also attending the meeting ” I asked my mother
yes ,I have 30% shares in this company ,I want to know what’s going on ” she said
Cant your husband will tell you what we will talk about ” I asked
I have ears ” she said
you act ghetto sometimes ” I teased
I can be white but am ghetto dummy ” she laughed
who is calling my wife ghetto ” dad said
this your useless son ” she joked
the relationship I have with my mother ,is that for tribal cousins and I really enjoyed it
we talked about the business and later on I was informed that they were travelling back to London.
babe am kindly asking for k1,000″ Jacqueline said
two days ago I gave k2,000″ I said
babe I need to change my hair ” she said
Jacqueline you changed your hair just last week ” I said
why do you like complaining ,your pillow is full of Money,don’t be stingy ” she said
stingy ,I give you more than k20,000 per month and you are here saying am stingy” I asked
you will give me that money ” she said
find another boyfriend ,I can’t afford you ” I said getting up
you are not going anywhere ” she said grabbing my hand
I work hard for my money ,instead of being a slay Queen your friends work hard to slay ” I said
how can I work when I have you babe ” she said
you no longer have me ” I said
meaning “she asked
meaning you and me its over ” I said
you are joking right ” she asked
no sweetheart ” I said
you and me it will never be over ” she said
suit yourself ” I said walking out of her house
“” “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
it can’t be over ” I paced up and down
hey baby ” mum said
hey mummy ” I said tearing forming in my eyes
I saw Miguel leaving did you guys argue ” she asked
no mummy ,he broke up with me ” I said
what did you do ” she asked
why do you always think I did something ” I asked
tell me what you did ” she asked
I asked for some money and he refused ” I said
didn’t he give you money last week ” she asked
yes but I need some more ” I said
Jacqueline I have always told you that ,Miguel should be kept like an egg ,he is our passport to a better life
” she said
mummy what am I going to do ,he has broken up with me ” I asked sitting down
she scratched her head
mummy ” I said
get pregnant for him ” she said
pregnant ” I yelled
yes ,a child always traps a man ” she said
I guess you are right ” I said
am right ,just find a way to make him sleep with you ” she said
he doesn’t sleep with me ,without protection ” I said
make a hole in the condom ” she said
mummy you are a genius ” I said pecking her cheek
now go and beg him to take you back ” she said
OK mummy ” I said
I got my handbag and drove off to his is house ,the good part of dating a white rich boy is that you start driving your own car …
his Miguel in ” I asked the gateman
no ma’am ” he said
OK ,I will just wait for him ” I said
he opened the gate and entered ..
Mr Brown is not around ” the maid said
I will wait for him “I said
okay” she said
I went to his room ,and dozed off
he walked in very late
when he switched on the lights he was surprised to see me ..
he was so drunk to say anything ..
this is my chance to sleep with him ,I removed his shorts
jaq..Jacqueline what are you doing ” he said trying to stop me
having fun with my boyfriend ” I said
but its over between me and you ” he said with his eyes closed
let mama do her thing ” I said
I pushed him on the bed and got on top of him ,I did my magic,Miguel when he is drunk is becomes high very fast and any woman can have his way …
what are you doing in my bed ” he yelled
morning my love ” I said
who is your love ,get out of my house ” he yelled
am sorry ” I said
Jacqueline leave now ” he yelled
why are you yelling” I asked
cause I don’t want you here ” he said
fine am.leaving ” I said
I got dressed and left ,mum was outside ..
Mummy it worked ” I said coming out of the car
what worked ” she asked putting her phone on the table
your plan ,i might be pregnant like right now ” I said
you slept with him.” she asked
yes yes yes ” I said dancing
you are truly a daughter of a genius ” she said
mummy you are the best ,soon I will be Mrs brown ” I said
and I the mother inlaw to Mr brown ” she said
I put on loud music and we started dancing.




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