Soulmate Episode – 12

SOULMATE Episode 12

You can’t stop the future
You can’t rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret
…is to press play.Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them,that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.For what it�s worth: it�s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There�s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you�re proud of. If you find that you�re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.
I wiped my tears
you are crying again” Tim said
no my friend am not ” I said
you just wrote your final paper ” he said
I know ” I said
hey dudes” tiza said
hey ladies ” tim said
who do you see me with” she asked
you two should just date” I said
oh please !!! dating this crazy chick” he said
I can’t date you either ” she said
you act like a married couple ” I said
how is your husband ” she asked
he is fine ” I said
you are brave you know ,look at your face ” she said
love ” I said
what kind of stupid love is that ” she asked
tiza leave ” he said
you wouldn’t understand tiza ,wait till you get married ” I said
I was fade up with people into my business ..
many ask me questions like ;
why haven’t you left him?
why don’t you get him arrested?
why do you allow him to hit you?
1)I don’t have anywhere to go ,remember my parents threw me out.
2)why would I get him arrested, I love him
3)he is the first man to hit me ,no man even my siblings have never touched me
I do what to leave him but where do I go?
I just wanted some me time ,I went to the mall , Philip has left home for a month now ,I was tired of searching for him ,he wasn’t my child ..he will come back when he felt like coming back .
Jennifer ” a lady said
I ignored it cause we are alot of Jennifers in this world .
Jennifer ” she called this time tapping on my shoulder ,I turned and couldn’t believe my eyes
chama ” I screamed
look at you married woman ” she said
what are you doing here ” I asked
am at school” she said
where” I asked
Evelyn hone” she said
what are you studying there ” I asked
accounts ” she said
really that wasn’t your dream” I said
let’s seat ” she said
we sat down
how is married life ” she asked
my dear ,its not easy ” I said
meaning what” she asked
Philip hits me ” I said
really ,which Philip ” she asked
which one did I get married too” I asked
the sweet Philip ,na lie ” she said
I showed her all the bruises
oh my gosh ,this is bad ” she said
this was last month,he had to remove all my clothes just to beat me ” I said
my friend you have been suffering ” she said
I tell you,how are my parents ” I asked
your father has been in and out of hospitals ” she said
what’s wrong ” I asked
you are the causer ,they have been looking for you ” she said
wait my family,I mean my Family” I asked surprised
yes ,am glad I saw you ,Jenny go back home ” she said
before I could say anything ,Philip passed us hold a baby ,a woman and a baby boy following them behind ..
Jenny what ” she asked
Philip ” I said pointing at him
he pecked the woman’s lips ..I got up and followed them ..
so this is why you have been acting weird ” I asked
my love its not what you think” he said
cut the crap ,its not what you think what ” I yelled
you are causing a scene here ” he said
Philip you are a dog,Philip of all the tears I have shed because of you ,you will know no peace in your life ” I said walking away
my love ” he said
chama followed me ..
where am I going from here” I asked
the question is what are you going to do ” she said
I don’t know chama” I said
let’s go ,you will stay with me ,I stay alone ” she said
thank you ” I said
we went to my house ,packed everything and left ..
will you go back to him ” she asked
I don’t know” I said as tears streamed down my face
I think the best way is to divorce him” she said
divorce ” I asked
you deserve better ” she said
but divorce ” I said
Jenny you want to go back to that man ,fine go ” she said
I closed my eyes as memories of Philip kept on flashing in my head ..I decided to go see my family ..
when I reached at my place ,I felt at peace ..
my father was sleeping under the mango tree ..
I knelt before him,he was holding a picture ,when I looked at the picture ,it was me and him..
taata(dad) ” I said shaking him gently
he opened his eyes
Jenny ” he said with a huge smile on his face
he gave me a tight hug ,mum came out of the house
she ran to me and hugged me ..though she hurt me where I was beaten..
my baby ” mum said
I knelt down
am sorry for hurting you ” I said
its okay my child ” they said
where are my siblings ” I asked
they are all married ” mum said
oh that’s nice ” I said
how is your husband ” dad asked
I took a deep sigh and narrated the all story to me ..
its our fault ” mum said
it was my carelessness ” I said
what is your next move ” he asked
divorce ” I said
that’s the best idea ” dad said
yeah ” I said
I grew up in a very religious home ,we prayed everyday but when I disappointed my family ,I thought I disappointed God as well ,I stopped praying ..a week later my husband and his family were called by my family ..
am not divorcing her and that’s final ” Philip said
oh yes you are” ba jack said
she is my wife ” Philip said
is she your child ” dad asked
a child you disowned ” Philip asked
just divorce my child ,set her free ” dad said
am not doing anything, you must come back to your house ,don’t listen to these old cargoes ” Philip said
you will not disrespect my family like that ” I said
just shout up ,you are my wife ” Philip said
his brother was speechless ,he didn’t say any word ,they left after 3hours of arguing ..
what am I going to do ” I asked
you will divorce him ” ba Alfred said
with that kind of attitude” dad said
I went back to Lusaka the next morning ..
are you serious, that husband of yours is a lunatic” she said
chama if you knew how he refused ” I said
don’t worry ,I have a friend who is a lawyer ,he will help you out ” she said
a lawyer but I don’t have money to pay him ” I said
don’t worry ,I will pay him ” she said
thank you so much ” I said
the guy came and he was willing to fight for my divorce .
you are just waisting your time ” Philip said
look I don’t want anything from you ” I said
jenny if you know what’s good for you ,just come back ” he said
Mr Philip ,just sign here ” Ben said (chama’s friend)
am not signing anything ” Philip said
I was so frustrated with his attitude ,I just told Ben to let him be ,when he wants to sign ,he will sign but I was never going back to him ever again ..I was a fool In love but I have learnt my lesson ..I was so done with men.



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