SIREN, The Beautiful Killer � Episode 3

The beautiful killer

#Chapter 3

Zeemah writes


The door suddenly opened and i saw Katy walked in.
i was surprised to see her cleavage popping out in the skimpy gown she was putting on.


“Katy!” I exclaimed in surprise,I never knew she was close.
“Darrel,i gat you surprised right” She squealed and i nodded.
She walked up to me.
“Well…I’m just returning from a date” She smiled.
“Wow…a date?” I asked.
“Yeah…but it turned out bad” She said.
“Huh? Why?” I asked.

“Dad actually set me up on a blind date and the guy is as ugly as hell” She scoffed and i laughed.
She’s already seated on the edge of my bed.

“I thought you were home while you were chatting me up” I said.
“Nah,i was in the car. I was actually contemplating on coming to check on you or going home. I don’t know how i found myself here” She said.

“Good thing you’re here… I can’t sleep either and thanks for the dinner” I said.
“It’s fine” She smiled, passing me a look i can’t comprehend.

“You need to tell me more about your date” I said.
“Ohh..yes! I piled everything up for you” She laughed.

**Next morning

“Wow..I’m finally going home” I exclaimed after i was discharged from the hospital.
Katy led me to her car while Eric walked behind us.
She passed the night with me and now she’s taking me home.

She’s a darling.

“I should be able to walk fine with using this crutches” i said.
“Try it and land on your butt” Eric said and we laughed.
He opened the door to Katy’s car and we both sat at the back seat while Katy got behind the wheels.

I arranged the crutches properly and rested my back comfortably.
Kate was starting to drive out of the hospital.

“Won’t you be needing someone to stay with you at home?” Eric asked.
“Nah! I’ll be fine by myself” I said with my eyes closed.
“Really? With your leg?” He asked and i nodded.
“Ofcourse” I said.

“You think you can move around with that leg?” Eric asked.
“Yes i can” I said.
“I can actually stay with you if you don’t mind” Katy said.
“He won’t min..” Eric was saying.
“I’ll be fine on my own,this isn’t the first time I’ll be getting shot and I’ve always survived on my own” I said.

“But this is…”
“Eric!” I warned and he kept shut immediately.
I sighed and closed my eyes…

There was silence as Katy drove on..


I laughed hard as i sipped my coffee and i quickly wiped the cream off my mouth with a little napkin.

I was seated in the living room watching a funny movie.
Eric and Katy left already, I’m glad I’m left on my own.

“Damn!” I laughed hard again,the cup of coffee nearly dropping off my hand.
I paused the movie when i heard my phone ring.
I placed the cup of coffee on the table and picked up my phone.

Agh! Dad…

?Hi Dad..

? Hello son,I’m at your doorstep..


?You mean…you’re at my doorstep?

?Yeah,come open the door. How come you don’t have a doorbell?

?Huh…it got spoilt,I’ll be right there Dad” I said and disconnected the call.

Damn! Damn!
How can he just show up now.

I glanced at my bandaged leg and sighed.
He’s surely gonna nag!
Why did the doctor have to wrap up this leg like it nearly cut off.

Geez! Dad mustn’t see this crutches..
I threw the crutches behind the couch and then stood up.

What if i was still in the hospital ?
Then I’ll be in a huge mess.

I didn’t know how i learnt how to limp,i suddenly found myself limping to the door.
I unlocked it and pulled it open.
Truly, dad was standing there with his two bodyguards.
My dad is a beautiful man actually, he’s still looking fit and attractive at his age.

“Hi Dad” I hugged him lightly..
He smirked and scanned my body,his gaze paused when he sighted my bandaged leg and i sighed.

“You said it wasn’t severe” He said with a frown.
“It wasn’t,this bandage just exaggerated it” I said.
“You mean bandage exaggerated this!” He half yelled.
“Dad! Stop yelling,come in” I said and paved way.

“I’ve told you severally to stop this job” He said examining my leg more closely.
“Come in first” I said.
He glanced at his bodyguards and told them to stay back while he walked into the house.
I sighed and closed the door behind us.

Dad stopped walking and glanced round my living room.

“Still the same” He murmured before sitting on the couch.
I sat on the couch opposite him.

“Darrel,what if you get killed. You know you’re the only one i have ” He said.
“Dad,i can’t get killed. I promise i won’t get killed” I said.
“How will you know that? Just look at your leg,the scar is bound to remain there forever” He said.

“I know Dad but as a CIA agent,I’m meant to pass through all this” I said.
“Is this how it’s gonna be forever?” He asked.
“No dad,just for the meantime” I said and he sighed.

“I can’t believe you’re in my little apartment” I said and he scoffed playfully.
I chuckled “You said you won’t come”
“Well..i was worried and i needed to be sure you’re not off to work again” He said.
“Ah! You don’t trust me at all” I said.
“Yeah,i don’t” He said.

“What do you care for?” I asked.
“Anything” He said.
“Coffee and cookies?” I asked.
“Fine” He said and i stood up.
I picked the remote and resumed the movie for dad.

I started limping to the kitchen, feeling dad’s gaze behind me.

“There is it! Can you clearly see how you’re limping! What if you can’t walk properly again” He said worriedly.
I shook my head…i shouldn’t have told this man my home address.

“Come sit, I’ll tell one of my bodyguards to come in and get it for me in the kitchen” He said.
“Don’t bother Dad..i need to exercise my leg if i want it to get healed fast” i said and he nodded.

I resumed my limping while he switched his gaze to the movie…


Dad was laughing hard by the time i returned to the living room.
I placed the tray of cookies and coffee on the table and smiled.

It’s actually good to see Dad laugh this way.


‘why did i have to lie to him?
Why can’t i just express my feelings already’ I thought as i paced my little bedroom.

I dressed up yesternight just to go see Darrel,my dad didn’t set me up on any date!
I thought I’m not attractive to him because of the baggy wears i do put on.

But he didn’t even looked moved by my dressing yesternight.
I didn’t even see jealousy in his eyes when i told him i went on a date.
He was happy for me instead.

Could it be that he’s hiding his feelings?
Even if he is,I’m a good detector i would have figured it out.
Darrel doesn’t seem like someone who likes me in the aspect i think. But, i love him!
I freaking love him!

I sat my butt down on the bed and sighed.
I’m just gonna wait for him to resume work then I’ll spill my feelings.
He might also like me.

I heard my stomach rumble and i stood up from my bed.

I should go prepare my lunch already.


I gulped the whole milkshake down my throat before biting into the burger.
‘yummy,you’re a good cook katy’ I murmured to myself.

I need to clean the whole dining room..
I didn’t had the chance to do that, since i was always visiting Darrel at the hospital.
I didn’t regret it though….


I wiped the surface of the dining table with the dishcloth…
My stereo was blasting with music “Perfect by Ed Sheeran”

I stopped and sang along and then continued.
Music makes my work faster…

I finished wiping the dining table and then took hold of the broom.
I heard the faint ringing of my phone and dropped the broom and hurried to the living room.

I stopped the music and picked my phone.


I swiped it to the receiver and placed it on my ear.

?Katy,I’ve been calling you for minutes.

?I’m sorry boss..i was kinda busy.

?Well.. there’s an emergency at the station and you’re needed right now.

?Okay boss.. I’ll be right there..

He disconnected the call and i glanced at my phone.
Truly,he has called me severally..

I dropped my phone and raced to my room.

?New York…


“I never wanted to give you that job!!” Boss yelled at Carla.

She just blew up another job.

“I’m sorry boss, it wasn’t my intention to miss the target” Carla pleaded,faced down with her hands behind her back.
“Shut up!!” Boss shouted, his voice echoing the whole building.

Anne shivered beside me and i smiled.
She’s yet to get used to boss’s anger.

“Robbie,check Martins location now” boss ordered and Robbie bowed before turning to his laptop.
Martins is the name of the guy Carla was sent to assassinate.

Robbie did some few trick of his and then spoke.

“He’s on his way to Golden airport, and he’s gonna get there in thirty minutes time” Robbie said.
“Mia,take over” Boss said and walked out of the living room.

“Okay boss” I said and hurried into my room.
I picked my mask and tucked my pistol inside my back pocket.

“Good luck Mia”Joel shouted after me as i hurried out of the living room.

I got outside and mounted my racing bike.
There’s only one road to Golden airport.
I wore my helmet and gloves and then started speeding to the gate which opened automatically.

“30 minutes” I muttered and raced faster.



  1. Awwn my baby girl is going to finish the job and katy stop trying,joel u too u need to stop trying also thanks zee

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