Restless – Episode 276

Restless � Episode 276

� 18+ SNVL

� Oluwatosin Emmanuel Oyinloye


**5 Minutes Later**

Chanda had now been tied to a chair and gagged. Hutton was on a call, giving instructions to some of his men at a different location.

�The explosive devices should take them all out once they get into the building,� Hutton explained. �But if anyone survives by miracle, you guys have to be on standby to finish them off immediately. Do you understand?�

�Yeah, we�re ready,� the voice on the other end replied.

�Good,� Hutton remarked before ending the call.

He picked up the bag on the table and handed it to the man beside him.

�Head on to the location now, you�ll have another car following you,� Hutton instructed.

The door of the room opened before the man got there and Kahn was wheeled in by one of the other men.

The man with the bag saluted Kahn briefly before proceeding out of the room.

�You�ve got almost all the men here going with him?� Kahn asked, squinting at Hutton�s face.

He had gone to the living room just before coming to the room where Chanda was being held. There, he had seen the rest of the men preparing to leave the place on Hutton�s instruction.

�A total of six men are leaving here now,� Hutton replied. �We still have two left to run errands for us.�

�You sure we�re not going to need more men with us?� Kahn asked.

�No, just two are okay. We need more men to go to the location.�

�What about the explosives you set up there?� Kahn raised a brow. �If we�re using explosives against them, why are more men needed there, especially when we have about ten men already there?�

�The goal of this plan is to take out Carl, Rex, and as many men of theirs as possible. But I suspect that Carl and Rex may not go into the building together and that�s why we have the men as the backup plan. After dropping the phones in the location, all our men will position themselves outside the building. In case any of Carl’s team members stay outside and do not get caught up in the explosion, these men will have to take them out.�

Kahn took in a deep breath. �So, we have a total of sixteen men waiting to finish up the possible survivors?�

�Yes, and it should be an easy task. Whoever is going to survive will be broken by what just happened to the rest of the team. It will be a good time for our men to take them down.�

�Have you factored in the possibility of the FOX attacking with them?� Kahn asked.

�Yes, I have,� Hutton cleared his throat. �This fight is personal to Carl Winston and Rex Morris. They want revenge for their dead families, they want to ki*ll me. Inviting the FOX will mean they have to go about it the legal way, which means arresting us instead of killing will be the main priority. Carl and Rex won�t like that.�

�So, you�re sure they�re gonna attack alone.�

�Yeah, they�ll attack with their team, hoping to deliver their version of justice before they invite the FOX to clean up the remains,� Hutton replied.

�I hope it happens the way you think it would,� Kahn remarked. �If it does, Carl, Rex, Florence, and their loyalists won�t survive this. Even though they destroyed our dream, it�s going to feel fulfilling watching them being destroyed too.�

There was silence for a short while.

�What are we going to do with him?� Kahn asked, looking at Chanda who was still gagged and tied to the chair.

�I�m not done considering what type of death he�ll get yet,� Hutton chuckled. �But I�ll make sure it�s a slow and painful one. That�s what he deserves for betraying us.�

Chanda made deep grunting sounds as he struggled in his chair. It was obvious he was desperate to say something but couldn�t because of the gag in his mouth.

Hutton ignored him and looked away. �We need to monitor our men�s movement from now,� he said as he proceeded towards the door. Kahn and the third guy turned and followed Hutton.


�Where could they be headed to?� Henry asked rhetorically as he and Florence looked into the tracking map on the tablet device in his hand.

�Wherever they�re headed for, I�m sure it�s not too far from here,� Florence remarked.

�Do we send this data to the FOX for joint analysis with Sheila?� Rex turned back to look at Henry. He had an uncomfortable look on his face, which made it obvious he was finding it difficult to make the decision.

�It�s not time for the FOX,� Henry replied. �Hutton and Kahn have to die today.�

�Yeah, they have to die. But I just think the FOX has the help Sheila needs to get the job done right now. It�s better to involve them than lose them completely,� Rex replied.

�We can�t involve the FOX and give that bas***d an opportunity to live beyond today,� Florence supported Henry. �Hutton is a bas***d and could cause more problems if he doesn�t die today. Who knows what else he has prepared as backup?� She added with a desperate look on her face. She made it sound as if she was desperate to nab Hutton. However, killing Chanda was still the main purpose in her mind and she was determined to do it, despite her previous conversation with Rex.

�May I have the device now?� Rex turned back and requested for the tablet from Henry who handed it to him immediately.

Rex tapped a few commands on the tablet and stared at the screen for a while before taking a deep breath. �We don�t know where they�re headed but I can see that they�re not so far away from us. We�ll catch up with them with our current speed.�

Xavier glanced at Rex. �Are we changing directions yet?�

Rex shook his head. �Keep going, I�ll let you know once I find a shorter route.�

Rex�s phone began to ring at that moment and he quickly took it out. He flashed the screen to the back to show Henry and Florence that Sheila was the caller.

Then he answered and put the phone on speaker. �Yeah?�

�I�ve surveyed the area,� Sheila reported from the other end. �I didn�t find any private aerodromes they can use. There are waters that link to other countries though…�

�Shi*t!� Rex scoffed. �It�s not possible for them to travel out of the country by sea. It�s going to be the easiest way to nab them. Hutton is not that stupid…�

�Wait…Sheila,� Henry interrupted him.

Rex held the phone towards the back to allow Henry to speak and hear Sheila comfortably.

�Henry?� Sheila replied from the other end.

�I need you to find out the different locations where they can travel on water from this place…�

�I have them already,� Sheila replied. �We have three of them � Farren, Orien, and Urel…�

�Where does Urel lead to?� Henry asked quickly.

�Ermmm…� Sheila took a few seconds to check before replying. �I don�t have complete information on it now, but I think it leads to somewhere in Anthanna.�

�Urel leads to Nura in Anthanna and it takes only 30 minutes to get there by boat,� Henry announced confidently, making all eyes focus on him.

�Are you certain of that?� Sheila asked. �There�s no information to support that.�

�Yes, those areas have not been well documented on the map, you can�t confirm it until you get there,� Henry replied.

�How did you find out?� Rex asked.

�Nura was where Sheila found me,� Henry replied. �Before I recovered after being found, I was making research on Nura. I visited the place after returning to Bethanna. It�s one of the unregulated entry points in the country.�

�Could Hutton be trying to get out of Bethanna through the place?� Rex asked no one in particular.

�Yes, I believe so. There�s a private aerodrome in the town next to Nura. That could be their take-off point,� Henry replied.

�I think he�s right,� Sheila stated after a few seconds. �Their movement seems to be towards Urel. I can see them now. They�re in two bulletproofed cars, but I have some more information I�ll be sending to you.�

�Okay, please send everything you get,� Rex replied before ending the call. He dialed Tanko�s number immediately after. �Hey, Tanko. I want you to lead your men towards the Urel now. Try as much as possible to avoid attracting suspicions. We have reasons to believe that they�re headed there. We�ll be tracking from behind.�

�Roger that,� Tanko replied.

Rex ended the call immediately and kept the phone aside. He received additional information from Sheila on the tablet a few seconds later.


20 Seconds later

�We�re there,� the caller on the other end reported to Hutton on phone.

�I can see you entering,� Rex replied. He was standing behind the man operating the computer. The desktop screen was divided into four equal parts showing four different camera angles. One of the angles showed Hutton�s delegations driving into the yard in the two vehicles. Kahn was also sitting in the room with them and watching.

They saw the gate close after the vehicles drive in and the men stepping out of the vehicles.

�Now, get the phones inside the building and lead everyone out of the building through the other exit as planned,� Hutton reminded his man of the instruction.

�Understood sir,� the guy replied.

The guy switched to more camera angles to show the men as they walked into the house. They watch the guy hide the bag of phones under a sofa in one of the rooms of the building before leading his men out according to Hutton�s instructions.

Hutton heaved a sigh of relief after he watched everything all set up. He turned his gaze to Kahn who also looked at him.

�It�s all done now?� Kahn was the first to talk.

�Yeah,� Hutton replied. �We�ll just wait and watch them walk in and the bombs will go off. Those who don�t go in will be attacked outside.�

Kahn nodded and breathed in satisfactorily. �I�ve never been so eager to watch Rex and Carl go down.�


�We�re almost there,� Henry stated as he fixed the bullets in the guns.

�We have to move slowly now,� Rex said to Xavier who slowed down the vehicle in response. �They�ll be watching closely, we must ensure they don�t know we�re around,� Rex added, staring at the tablet device on his lap.

A few seconds after, Rex�s phone rang and Tanko was the caller. Rex answered immediately.

�Hey, boss. We�re watching the area but none of the men have come to the terminal. However, I�m personally following the tracker and we�ve noticed that they got into a building instead,� Tanko reported from the other end.

�Sheila just told me about that,� Rex replied. �I believe they�re not yet ready to move. Maybe they�re waiting for a special boat before they move.�

�So, what do we do?� Tanko questioned. �Should we move our focus to the building instead?�

�Just hold on, we�re getting closer here too. Once we get close enough, I�ll let you know what to do,� Rex instructed before ending the call.

�We should attack on all fronts,� Florence suggested. �We must not give Hutton a chance to escape.�

�You�re right, but we have to be careful about it too,� Henry joined.

�I feel we still need to get a follow-up message from Chanda,� Rex added. �If we don�t, we�ll assume he�s in the building with them and that nothing has changed. Then, we�ll attack.�


Even though it seemed futile, Chanda continued to struggle with the ropes he was tied with. For several minutes, he felt as if nothing was changing but he continued harder, trying to make enough use of the opportunity of being alone. Finally, he began to feel that the ropes were loosening. He increased his struggle, but it still didn�t seem easy.

He paused for a second to take in a deep breath. Different thoughts ran through his mind in a split second. He heard Hutton giving instructions for someone to take the phones away, which was a deliberate attempt to lead Rex and Carl somewhere else.

If Rex followed the phone�s location like he was expected to, he would be walking into a trap set by Hutton, which would likely lead to his death. That means there�ll be no way for him to ever get his revenge on Hutton for killing his wife. For him to prevent that from happening, he had to warn Rex before it was late. Luckily, he had the phone number written on a piece of paper that was in his traveling bag. He just needed to free himself and get a phone to communicate with.

He increased the struggle with the ropes tying his hands from behind and began to feel them loosen more. It took some more minutes it was loose enough for him to free his hands. He quickly removed the gag from his mouth and proceeded to free his legs which were tied to the seat. It was done in less than a minute.

The first thing he did when he got up was to look around for a weapon. Unfortunately, he found none around. That meant he would have to step out of the room and get to where his bag was kept without anyone noticing him, which will be a difficult task.

He made up his mind to make an effort, no matter how difficult it was going to be. He proceeded to the door. Unfortunately for him, the door flung open before he could do anything. Hutton and one of the henchmen walked in right after.

Chanda turned back immediately and froze on the spot. His heart was gripped with fear and he vibrated in shock.

�Oh!� Hutton exclaimed with a bright mocking smile on his face, shaking his head as he turned to Chanda�s face. �Where were you headed for, man?�

Chanda�s lips trembled but no words could come out. He looked down and saw Hutton holding a pistol in his right hand. The henchman with Hutton also appeared in his front, holding a gun too.

Hutton turned back to look at the chair to where Chanda was tied. He smiled and turned to Chanda again. �I never knew you were so determined, man. But I wonder how you believed you were going to get away from me after betraying us.�

Chanda could still not say anything.

Hutton signaled at the man beside him and proceeded to the door.

�Let�s go,� the guy ordered Chanda, pointing his gun at his face. Chanda turned and followed behind Hutton.

Hutton stopped after stepping outside the room and waited for the guy to lead Chanda out before closing the door and following behind them.

They led Chanda to the room from which they were monitoring the situation. Kahn and the other guy in the room were surprised to see them return so soon.

�He had taken off the ropes when we got there,� Hutton explained to answer Kahn�s unasked question.

�Oh!� Kahn scoffed, staring at Chanda�s face in disgust.

�Sir, I believe Rex and Carl are around the building now,� the guy sitting in front of the computer announced. �I can spot different cars around. I�m sure they�ll be going in now.�

Hutton moved closer to the computer to have a look. He stared at the screen for a minute and took in a deep breath.

�They will take more time before they go in,� Hutton remarked. �I believe they might choose to wait and see if anyone will step out of the building.�

After that, he turned and looked at Chanda. An evil grin appeared on his face.

�You�ve done a great job, Chanda. You�ve delivered Carl and Rex into our hands. They�re going walk into that building and get destroyed in the explosion,� he paused and began to clap his hands while circling Chanda. Then he stopped in front of Chanda and stared intently into his eyes. �Don�t you think it�s time to deliver your judgment now?�

Chanda took in a deep breath.

Hutton took a few steps back and picked something on the table. �Kahn are you coming to watch this?� he asked before proceeding out of the room.

�Move,� the third guy ordered Chanda, with this guy at the back of his head.


�Do we all go in together?� Florence asked after arranging her guns well.

They were parked at a distance from where they could see the building. Rex was trying to analyze the building while still looking at the tracking tool on his tablet.

�I think two of you should wait here,� Henry suggested. �I and Rex can lead the attack inside.�

�No, we�ll all go in, except for Xavier,� Rex disagreed. �Xavier, you�ll stay here and make sure our escape plan goes through.�

Xavier nodded in agreement.

�Are we all ready now?� Rex asked after keeping his tablet and holding a pistol.

�Yes, we are,� Henry and Florence replied in unison.

�Let�s go!� Rex opened the door and stepped out.


Hutton and his man led Chanda to the balconies at the back of the apartment. He walked to the handrails and stared down for a second, then he turned to Chanda and smiled.

�Do you know what floor we�re on? It�s the sixteenth floor,� Hutton began. �Initially, I choose this apartment in this building because I considered the possibility of Carl and Rex tracking us here. It�s a residential building with hundreds of people living in it. Neither Carl and Rex nor the FOX will like to have a gun war because of the civilians, which makes escaping easy for us.�

He paused to clear his throat. �But now, I found another good use for this building,� he continued as he walked to the handrail and stared down again. For some reason, he stayed silent for more than thirty seconds. Then he turned to Chanda again with an evil look in his eyes. �No one is ever going to survive being dropped from this building and that�s exactly what we�re going to do to you.�

Hutton turned around and stood behind Chanda. He smiled as he noticed Chanda shaking all over in fear. He was enjoying the moment.

�You chose this punishment when you decided to betray us, Chanda,� he said before grabbing Chanda and pushing him toward the edge. �Have you got any prayers to say before you go down?�

Chanda�s whole body began to vibrate now. He looked down, but only for a second. The distance from the ground to their floor was scary enough. There was no way he was going to survive being pushed from there.

Tears flowed down his eyes unconsciously and he began to think of all the good times he had with his family.� He wished he could have another opportunity to talk to his kids before his death, but he knew Hutton was never going to grant that wish.

Kahn arrived at the place in his wheelchair to also witness the execution.

�I think we�re ready now,� Hutton remarked as he saw Kahn.

Before he could do anything else, his phone began to ring. He stepped back to answer the call.

Chanda let out a sigh of relief, praying in his mind that the call was going to be something that would change Hutton�s mind.

�Yeah?� Hutton answered the call. It was the guy from the monitoring room.

�They�re going in, earlier than expected,� the guy reported.

�Order our men to stand by,� Hutton ordered. �As soon as enough people get in, the bombs should go off.�

�Noted, sir.�

Hutton ended the call and dropped the phone into his pocket. He glanced at Kahn. �We�ve got to wrap this up quickly so that we don�t miss out on the most important action,� he said as he walked forward and grabbed Chanda at the back of his neck.

�Please, Hutton. It doesn�t have to be this way,� Chanda began to beg for his life, now that he realized he was so close to death. He was fidgeting all over as his bladder gave way and urine dripped down his legs.

Hutton was not having any of his pleas. He signaled to the other guy who joined him in lifting Chanda from his feet. They turned him over and released him to the ground.

Chanda�s shout echoed around the place as his body went to the ground.

�Let�s go,� Hutton turned immediately towards the door without waiting to see the body. He had heard the crash sound and knew there was no surviving that. He grabbed Kahn�s wheelchair and wheeled him in. �There are no cameras that could have seen us tossing him down, but people will start looking towards our direction once they see him drop.�

– – –

Xavier was waiting to watch the three of them go into the building before he moved. He saw as they got to the entrance, then they stopped to talk to each other. Rex and Florence proceeded into the building while Carl walked to the side to check something.

Xavier kicked on the car engine and was about to drive off when the unexpected happened. It was too late as Rex and Florence were in the building already and Carl was out of view, most likely very close to it.

– –

�They got in, sir,� the computer guy announced as Hutton and the others got back into the room.

Hutton rushed to the computer screen to check. The bombs had already gone off and the whole place was in flames.

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