Reality of Perfection- Semi Finale Episode 9

Episode 9

looking at my daughter the whole world changed. I felt at peace and I had someone I needed to protect, it’s weird how everything changes when you have a child, my whole world was just about this small girl.
I smiled when I looked at her.
” she has your eyes,” Lisa said.
I just smiled looking at her.
“Dalitso can we talk,” she asked.
” yes, shot!” I said Putting the baby in her bed.
She took a seat and took a deep breath.
“what’s going on mama?” I asked her.
“what’s going on with us?” she asked.
“Am lost Mama, please explain,” I said.
” I mean is it just we are we going to get married or we will co-parent just?” she asked?
I was expecting this kind of question… I didn’t want to hurt her by saying something bad.
“Dalitso…” She said.
“Look can we not ruin the moment, I don’t want to rush things.” I continued.
“Rush what! Dalitso we have a child together, oh I see It’s about that girl right?” she asked.
“Don’t bring Cathy in this, she has nothing to do with this, its us not her,” I said
“so, you will choose us right?” she asked.
“Choose what? why do I have to choose?” I asked.
“It either us or her…” she said.
“You are kidding, right? You can’t be serious?” I said.
“If you choose her, you will never see your daughter again, I will not let another woman raise my child,” she said.
This Lady was joking, after saying those words she walked out. I followed her but she asked me again who it will be, between Lisa, my daughter and Cathy.

I went home and took a long shower. I can’t choose, I love Cathy and I love my daughter so much.
“Daddy duty.” mercy walked in as I just finished dressing up.
I chuckled.
“What is it, are you fighting again with Cathy or its something else?” she asked.
“Lisa told me to choose between them and Cathy, sis I love my daughter but I don’t want to end up with the mother. on the other hand, I can’t let go of Cathy _ you know how much I love her.” I said.
“That’s being selfish a lot of people have babies but don’t end up with the father or the mother of the child, so what are you going to do?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” I said.
“what has Cathy said about all this?” she asked.
“Lisa told me today and I haven’t spoken to Cathy since I got here, I was just thinking of going back to Zambia and talk to her in person,” I said.
“That’s a good idea, when you are rich money ain’t a problem, travelling back and forth.” she teased.
“I work hard for my money, let me enjoy it,” I said.
She left.
I video called Cathy.

Dalisto: Hey.
Cathy: Hi.
She was so sleepy.
Dalisto: Can we talk.
Cathy: Sure.
Dalisto: I was told to choose between you and them. I don’t know what to do.
Cathy: You know what to do, she is the mother of your child, you don’t have to be selfish. You just have to be there for them.
Dalisto: Are you on drugs?
Cathy: Look Dalitso we both knew that it will lead to this, she doesn’t want another woman to raise her child, if I were in her shoes I would do the same.

“So what are you saying?” I asked her.
Cathy: Before you called you already had an answer so you calling me means you just want to let me know that you choose them.
Dalisto: Babe come on don’t say that, you know I want you.
Cathy: You don’t want me, Dalitso I wish you never looked for me, me being with you just leads to drama. I can’t deal with this, being human. I want to be happy as well, am done with the Dalitso train, I thought it will be better but now I just can’t deal with your drama anymore, let me just move on with my life.
Before I could even say anything she hung up and blocked my number.
“Huh!” I screamed.
I don’t know why Cathy acts like this.
I needed to put my life together. I didn’t want to lose Cathy neither did I want to lose my daughter, Lisa was making a big deal out of all of the thing. If I was to go back to Lisa it meant I was going back to her because of the baby but not her, I cared about her very much but I never loved it. I did when we were dating but not now, my heart belongs to Cathy.
I drove back to Lisa’s house she had her friends over.
I entered, she smiled when she saw me.
“Hey ladies, Lisa a minute _ please,” I said.
She got up and followed me outside.
“When we started dating we always told ourselves that our happiness should come first but here you are being selfish. I know we ain’t dating, Lisa I care about you very much and all I want is what’s best for you two, if I chose you it means I will only be staying for the both of you. I love my daughter but I will not choose you because of her, I want to choose you because I want too and not by force.” I said.
“You can’t leave her, even if I ask you too?” she asked.
“Lisa I love Cathy and I know It hurts me saying that believe me and am sorry for saying that please forgive me, if you don’t want me to be in my daughter’s life I understand,” I said.
I peeked at her cheek and walked away.
“Don’t go,” she said.
I turned.
“You know, I can see you love her and I can’t take you away from her, I will not let you choose, your heart already knows what it wants.” She said.
I hugged her and she let me spend time with the baby.


Why was this our love full of drama, why was our love not like others?
That night I cried so much that my voice became hoarse, Maria was at work so she couldn’t even hear me cry . the time I woke up, I went to shower, got dressed when I looked in the mirror I looked horrible that I ended up buying those cheap glasses in town. make it look like it was fashion while I was trying to hide my puffy swollen eyes.
And the day was moving so slow that I wanted to go home and just sleep.
I got a call from Suwi that she will come to pick me up, to go to a friends birthday party, I tried refusing but if you know Suwi you can’t say no!.
I went home, I tried getting my mind off Dalitso but I couldn’t.
“Girl get your slippers to let’s go now…” Maria yelled.
I didn’t ask, I just got my slippers and followed her. We found a crowd of people.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
When we managed to see what was going on and it was Leah she was naked.

“Oh my God,” I said.
Maria got her chitenge and covered Leah. People were taking pics and videos. From there we went to her home.
“What happened, why were you naked?” Maria asked.
“A man took us out with some girl when we got there and he told us he will give us a lot of money if we slept with a certain man. we accepted and he transferred k15,000 to our account and told us the other k15,000 after the business, which meant k30,000 and he promised us vacations if we continued sleeping with the same person, when the same person came out, by then, we were already naked, the man had maggots coming out of his p***s and we were told not to use protection, I have had sex with men but not to that extent but how did you find out?” Leah asked us as she explained.
“Someone called me.” maria said.
Leah cried cause her nakedness was all over the internet.
“Look, I think you must withdraw the money, change your number and you need to leave Lusaka before the man tracks you down,” I suggested.
They both looked at me.
“He will track you down definitely, so before it’s too late _ withdraw the money and if possible report him to the police,” I said.
“you are right,” Leah said.
“But you can’t move around town, people will notice you, give Cathy your account number or better still send an e-wallet to Cathy,” Maria suggested.
The good part she ran with her phone.
I went to withdraw the money and got her some few clothes, I also got a ticket for her, she wanted to go to Chipata to stay with her grandma for a while.
She got a new sim card, transferred the money she had in her old mobile money to the new one.

“How is Dalitso?” she asked as she finished dressing up.
“He is fine I guess,” I said
“Why didn’t you tell me you guys were dating than me crushing on him, I had to know about you guys dating through a post he made on Facebook,” she asked.
“I thought you would be upset if I told you,” I said.
“Come on doll, I saw how your eyes light up when you talk about him, I remember that day you slept out for the first time and you lied I saw through your eyes. I was never a bad friend, I know am unbearable but I was not bad. am still not a bad friend so how are things between the two of you?” she asked.
“I don’t know. I think we are done.” I said
“Done! what happened?” she asked.
“Dalitso cheated on me with his ex, he said he was drunk blah blah…” I said.
“Did he apologise?” she asked
I nodded.
“You are Lucky, I know some people say if a man cheats and apologises but never cheats again then he loves you but if he cheats again and again after apologising then he doesn’t love you, a man who loves his woman will make a mistake once and change,” she said.
“When did you become wise?” I laughed.
“I was in love with this guy, I would find pics of him and other girls, if I confront him _ he will apologise and he would do it again and again, the last time he hurt me real bad that I vowed never to love a man again, that’s why my life is messed up now,” she said.
I sat next to her.
“Cathy love is a beautiful thing when you find the right man, if Dalitso is yours you will know it,” she said.
I put my head on her shoulder.
Suwi called and I told her I couldn’t go, I wanted to just be home with Leah, she needed someone there for her.
At 04 the bus left for Chipata, she waved goodbye.
It’s crazy how we started this journey the three of us and now we are just the two of us. I will remain alone.
“Am tired, night shift is tiresome,” she complained while clothing her eyes.
I helped her remove her shoes and covered her.
I cleaned the house, took a shower got dressed and left for work.
I don’t know why the time moves slowly when it’s Friday, like come on! we want to go home and rest, every time you check the time it’s like it’s moving slowly or moving backwards.
The time it was 17:00hrs I felt like God has answered my prayers.
“Hey you,” William said.
I gave him a side hug.
“You ain’t working,” I asked.
“My nightshift has ended, it’s now time for wedding planning.” He said
“Good luck,” I said.
“No no, you are coming here to help us,” Maria said.
“It’s your wedding, not mine,” I said.
“Cathy behave, just come you also,” she said
I laughed, I told them I have to shower first.




  1. Dalitso choosing Cathy over his daughter means one thing, dat he luvs her very much….
    I just pray dey will be able to patch up things together!!!

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