Reality of Perfection – Episode 5


Episode 5

Why was I so jealous? it’s not like we have been together for a year, it was only 3 months. Him chatting with another girl made my heart feel like I was cooking at high heat.

“What are you doing here at this time of the night,” Maria asked. She had already moved out, at least she gave Me her new address.
“I need a place to crash am leaving in the morning and my sister is in town. I want to see her and her kids before I leave.” I told her.
“Did you fight with Dalitso?” she asked as she prepared where I was going to sleep.
I shook my head to agree with her question.

I didn’t feel like explaining myself to her, moreover, she had a lot on her plate already, we spoke a bit and then slept. I woke up, prepared myself after I had helped her clean up. I went to see my elder sister.

“You have gained.” My sister teased at the site of me.
“Bana Mapalo! don’t start.” I laughed.
“So, tell me _ what has been happening? ever since dad’s death you have never visited mum, she misses you.” She said.

I did miss mum but I was so close to dad and me going back home was going to bring back so many memories. Dad died when we moved to Kitwe. I spent the whole day with my sister and her kids. Time rushed by like the blinking of an eye.

Later in the afternoon, which was Sunday. I got on an evening bus and went back to Kafue. I spent the evening cleaning the house, the rentals were paid for 6 months. I didn’t mind that he paid.
The following day, I woke up early, as usual, took my shower and dressed then left for work, at least it wasn’t far.

“Good morning sir?” I said warmly as I greeted Mr Mubanga.
“Morning miss Chali…” He said.
I went to Dalitso’s office and cleaned it. Afterwards, I went to my desk.
When he arrived we all went for a morning briefing on how we would be working the rest of the week and also an update on what had occurred the past week.
After the briefing, he asked if he could talk to me in his office.
I didn’t want to go but this is my work, I don’t play with work.

“Yes sir…” I said.
“Close the door,” he instructed. I closed the door and took a seat. He put his phone away and got up from his seat and knelt in front of me.
“Babe am sorry.” He said.
I got up to leave but he grabbed my hand and kissed it. This man has put me in a bottle _ I swear.
“I love you.” He continued. At that same moment, someone knocked at the door.
“Just a second!” He said strongly. He stood up and I fixed myself (Just getting myself together and acting normal).
“Come in, please. Miss Chali, prepare the documents I asked for please.” He said as Mr Banda walked in.
I walked out, that was close, I didn’t go to his office after what happened.
“See you tomorrow miss Chali,” he said walking out with the man.
I nodded.
“What! After craving for him and now he is leaving.”
I also left because it was almost lunchtime.
I went home and got some fast food along the way. When I got home, the door was open but I locked it when leaving.
“I thought you won’t be here,” he said.
“How did you get in?” I asked Dalitso.
He got up and kissed me, he kissed me so passionately he placed me on the bed and we made love, do you know that makeup sex was just amazing?

“Am leaving tomorrow.” He said as we cuddled.
“To South Africa?” I asked.
“Yes, but it’s only for two weeks and I will be back,” he said.
“I will miss you, babe,” I told him.
“I will be back before you know…” he said with a warm smile.
I checked the time and I was late.
“My lunch break is over!” I exclaimed.
“Pass me my phone,” he said.

I gave him his phone and he made a call to Mr Mubanga that he had sent me to run some errands for him.
We spent the whole day together, just lazing around in bed.

“Let’s make a baby…” he teased.
“When we are married yes,” I laughed.
We made sweet love again and then he left.
“I will give you a call when I get there,” he said.
I faked a smile.
“Babe it’s only two weeks I will be back,” he said to cheer me up.
He kissed me and left.
It will be hard but am glad it’s not like he is going for 6 months.

Since he was gone my job at the company wasn’t that much but I was always keeping myself busy that I found myself as Mr Mubanga’s PA.
As he promised, he always checks up on me every day and I was grateful that he never forgets about me and he makes me feel special.

“Wow, that place is beautiful baby,” I said.
“Next time I will come with you,” he said.
“I can’t wait,” I said.
“You look sad _ what is it?” he asked.
“I just miss you, today is Friday we could have even gone out,” I said.
He laughed.
“What’s funny,” I asked.
“One would think we even go out,” he commented.
“We will start going out when you come back,” I said.
“I can’t wait, babe,” he said.
“I will even kiss you in public,” I said.
He laughed. He knew as much as I did that it was impossible.

After having a long conversation with the love of my life, we decided to go out with Lisa.
After a few drinks, I drove Lisa to her place she was drunk _ I was also drunk. We started kissing and one thing lead to another. I thought I was dreaming but no-no.
How did I let this happen, Lord please tell me am dreaming.
Lisa came in with a tray of food.

“Hey sleepyhead,” she said.
“What happened?” I asked her.
“All I could remember was the sex,” she said.
“My girlfriend will ki*ll me, I will lose her, no no I can’t lose her. I just found her.” I said getting dressed.
“Don’t tell her then, if you don’t want to lose her,” she said.
I walked out without saying a word.
I got home and mum was busy cooking.
“Wild night hey?” mum asked.
“I need to sleep,” I said.

I went to my room and slept, I didn’t technically sleep I was just thinking how this will break Cathy. I spent the whole day in my room, I couldn’t eat or even a bath. The days went by so fast I buried my shame in more work. I was so stressed that I made up a lie to Cathy the reason I couldn’t go back to Zambia as planned. A few days ago Lisa got sick and I took her to the hospital because she suspected that she was pregnant. When she got all her test done, it was true, She was 3 weeks gone. I was now finished. Cathy was surely going to leave me without a doubt.

“Dalitso what’s bothering you, you have been like this since you got back from your outing. what’s going on baby?” she asked.
“I finally got her, now I will lose her,” I said facing down.
“Lose who and why?” she asked.
“Mum, I finally got Cathy to date me, and now Lisa is pregnant,” I said.
“Cathy bug, oh my gosh you were crazy about that girl. I remember how you used to get her chocolate just to impress her,” she said.
“And I will lose her…” I said.
“You impregnated Lisa, boy don’t you know the use of condoms and don’t you know there is now the morning after pills.” mum scolded.
I got up and stood by the window, I didn’t think about the morning-after pill. Now am stuck, I don’t know what to do.
“Dalitso you need to talk to her at least hear what she will say, if your love is stronger than you will get through it, a child is never a mistake, a child is a blessing,” she said.

I just stood there for 30 minutes till I decided to get a ticket back to Zambia, I needed to go sort this mess out.

“If I don’t call you when I get to Zambia just know am dead,” I said.
The next morning I left for Zambia and when I reached I called Mike so he could advise me as well.
I got my mothers advise but I don’t know am stuck.
“The way you are soaking yourself in alcohol, it must be bad hey!” he said.
I gulped down the whiskey.
“Man relax, that’s whiskey,” he said trying to get the glass away but I stopped him.
“You are now worrying me,” he said.
“She is pregnant and I don’t know what to do, Cathy will be hurt,” I said.
“Who is pregnant and why will Cathy be hurt? Wait you impregnated someone!?” he asked me.
“Yes, Lisa is pregnant,” I said.
“Your ex is pregnant, you guys broke up a year ago please, explain,” he said.
“We went out a few weeks ago and sex happened,” I said.
“Oh! man don’t you carry condoms around,” he yelled.
“Ever since I started dating Cathy I leave them here,” I said.
“Man this is messed up _ you need to tell her the truth”. He suggested.
“I don’t know what to do,” I said.
“Just go talk to her…” he said.
I went to shower got dressed then drove to Kafue, she was just taking a bath.
“Baby!!!” She runs to me and kissed me all face.
“I missed you,” I said with a smile.

She kissed me and I kissed back, I caressed her and she moaned I had an effect on this girl, it’s like just one touch she was already in the mood for me.
“Get dressed we need to talk,” I said with my eyes closed.
She got dressed and joined me.
“I missed you so much,” I said
“I missed you too silly, you look tired are you okay, were you drinking?” She asked.
I cleared my throat.
“Babe, talk to me _ what is it? You are scaring me now,” she said.
“God knows I love you, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Am sorry babe please forgive me.” I said getting on my knees.
She helped me up cause she looked confused.
“I messed up and am sorry, I was stupid,” I said with tears in my eyes.
“What did you do?” she asked.
“I got someone pregnant,” I said.
She first laughed and saw that I was serious.
“Babe am serious,” I said.
“Dude do you have a YouTube channel and you want to prank me or what, be serious niggah.” she said.
“Am serious.” I got the phone and showed her the ultrasound picture.
She got a pillow and hit me with it.
She went outside, I followed her and she was gasping for air. it’s like she couldn’t breathe.
I tried touching her but she stopped me.
“Don’t touch me!” she yelled.
“Babe am sorry, I was stupid please baby,” I begged.
“Don’t babe me, please tell me what I was doing wrong. Didn’t I shake my waist in bed or didn’t I kiss you as you loved?” she said.
I didn’t know what to say cause I can’t remember what happened
I just stood there and watched her. she was walking in circles like she was going crazy.
I didn’t know what to do, tears were streaming down her face. she got back inside.

“What have I done?” I asked myself.




  1. He might not be responsible for the pregnancy, her ex might want to use that to pin him down. Too bad you broke Cathy heart so badly. Next episode please

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