Reality of Perfection – Episode 3


Episode 3

I thought I was dreaming but it was real, I was dating, even though he didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend. On the other hand, I felt cheap. How can I give up my virginity just like that, did I like Dalitso that much or it was desperation.”
“Who was that?” Leah asked.
”Dalitso,” I answered.
“You slept at Dalitso’s place?” she asked.
I could see that she was getting upset since she liked him.
“No silly _ Dalitso just dropped me off. I went to see a guy and this guy happens to be Dalitso’s good friend, he offered to drop me off thereafter,” I said.

She smiled and asked me a butch of questions, how was I gonna tell her that am sleeping with her crush. I made up a story.
My phone rang and it was Dalitso, I left and went to my room to talk to him, even though I was embarrassed to talk to him, yes I know I was all over him at his house but when I got home everything kicked hit me differently.

Dalitso: I miss you can I come to get you.
Cathy: So soon moreover, it’s 7:30 pm.
Dalits: Let’s go for a drive then.
Cathy: Come on, we need to rest tomorrow we have work.
Dalits: I hate you.

I laughed.

Dalitso: I want you here baby girl my bed misses you.

“Dalitso the match is about to start!”Mike yelled.

Cathy: Take to you later.
Dalitso: Later then.

I ironed my work clothes, we ate supper, Maria was telling us about her weekend.
Later on, I cleaned up because it was my duty Maria was with me in the kitchen while Leah had a guest as usual.

“So, who is this mystery man you are seeing,” she asked.
“No one you know,” I said.
“Yeah right, I know it’s Dalitso,” she said.
“No, it’s not, ” I replied.
“You think am miss goodie you can lie too? I saw you guys kissing in the car,” she said.
“Shhhhhiiii !!! You want Leah to hear from you? fine, it’s him.” I told her in a whisper.
“Look at you all grown up with a man. Don’t worry, I can’t tell her. We both know how crazy she gets. Your secret is safe with me,” she said.
“Thank you.”
“Am moving out next month,” Maria said.
“Why?” I asked shocked.
“My man is reaching this month-end at my parent’s place and I can’t let him know that I stay with a girl who brings different types of men around. Am not judging her decisions but I don’t want my man to think that I also do the same. I love you girls and I don’t want to lose him, so… am moving out,” she said.

I hugged her, I was surely going to miss her. Having her around made me feel comfortable.

“When you find a better job, move out, if Dalitso is serious about this relationship move out fast because our neighbours think we are all the same in this house,” she said.

She was right, sometimes the way our neighbours look at us I even get scared because I don’t know what they are thinking about us.
The following day I woke up early. I started preparing for work _ I made breakfast, took a bath got dressed and ate my breakfast and I was off to work.
“Hey, love!” Suwi greeted me.
“What have I done?” I asked her.
“I can’t be sweet to you…” she laughed.
I shook my head, “No!”
“Anyway, the boss needs a new PA assistant for the new Kafue Company. I put your name on the list,” she said.

I hugged her _ she was awesome.
The interview started and there were a lot of ladies present for the interview.
Some men were the ones interviewing us. Must have been my lucky dad, If Dalitso was there I would have been scared and nervous.
“What happened to Sandra,” I asked.
“She is on leave but when she comes back she will be working for the company in Kabwe or the one in Kafue,” she said.
“Mr Banda has money hey, all those companies plus the one in South Africa,” I said.
“The man is loaded, if I was his girlfriend I would give it to him left right centre and all angles,” she said moving her waist.
“You are stupid.” I hit her playfully, we both began to giggle.
“Those kinds of men you, tressure them like an egg,” she added.
“Hi Madam, you have a package,” the guard said before I could answer Suwi.
I got them, it was flowers, a box of chocolate and a beautiful dress.
I removed the card and it said: “I didn’t get a chance to spoil you this weekend and my bad for making you spend all day in my shirt _ Xoxo.” Suwi screamed excitedly.
“Are you crazy,” I asked covering her mouth.
“What happened this weekend, what did you do to this guy, wow! this dress is beautiful and it looks expensive as well,” she said looking at the dress.
Dalitso walked in with Mike while I was holding the flowers.
We quickly put everything away.

“Afternoon ladies,” Dalitso said.
“Afternoon sir,” we responded.

We ate the chocolate, I left some for when I get home.
Dalitso texted that he missed me, ‘like how? dude you just saw me.’
“The guy who sent you those things is a gentleman,” suwi said, she was still smiling about it.
“You need to introduce me to him, maybe he has a brother,” she commented.
I just laughed.
I was feeling embarrassed talking to Dalitso after our weekend, yes we can chat but I haven’t spoken to him face to face.


“Sir, these are the four ladies that have been shortlisted, we need to interview them and see their potential.” Mr Mutale said.
“No need, just tell me how good each one of these is and we might see how we can divide them, ” I said.
He explained and we called the four ladies.
They walked in one by one. We divided them.
Cathy was going to be working with me in Kafue and the other two were going to remain here and the other one will be working with Sandra in kabwe when she resumes work (Sandra is the current PA).
They left and I continued to work. I received a text from Cathy that she is going home and I told her to wait for me at the mall.
I left the company and drove to the mall.

“Hey babe,” I said.
“hi, we should leave, I’ve seen some people from work,” she said.
“Let me get something.” I gave her the car keys.
I bought everything I wanted and left Shoprite to meet up with her.
“Dalitso, hey!” Leah called out to me.

This girl I didn’t like that much.

“Hey,” I said with a fake smile.
“I can see you are in a rush, can I invite you over to my place,” she said.
” I will get back to you on that,” I said walking away.
I opened the back seat and put the groceries there.
“Your friend needs help,p,” I said.
“Leah,” she asked.
“Who else _ you don’t throw yourself at a man like that,” I said.
I started driving.
“Ain’t you taking me home?” she asked.
“Didn’t you read the card, “I asked?
“I did,” she said.
“You didn’t read it, cause if you did you would have read the other card which said I need you tonight,” I said.
“Now you are treating me like a call girl, you just want me to be with you and have sex all night, I don’t blame you for saying that cause I threw myself at you, I was so cheap one night and I open my legs, I was so stupid,” she said.
“Call what!!! I can’t be with my girl because she thinks she is a call girl, and when did I say you are cheap and desperate, you gave me something I will never forget and that’s your virginity.” I said.
“I need to rest I have work tomorrow,” she said furiously.
“I will take you home since you think you are a call girl and you are desperate,” I said changing directions.

I didn’t want to make my girl look like a call girl, I love Cathy, only God knows but I can’t make her be something she ain’t, and why would she think she was cheap by sleeping with me?”
“Am in love with you, I have loved you all my life but it seems like spending time with me is a problem, I will tell Mr Mutale that you remain in Lusaka,” I said.
She didn’t say anything, she got out of the car and I drove home, I removed the groceries, Bana Musa (The maid) helped me.
I took a bath and started working, I needed to be done with all the companies before leaving for South Africa. Most people would think am a Satanist or something but this Lusaka company was my father’s till he relocated to South Africa and started another one there, my sisters and brother run the one in South Africa and I run this one here, I didn’t want to be under my Father’s shadow, I built two of my own even though there are small am okay with that.
I heard a knock and I got up to go answer the door.
I opened the door and it was Cathy.
“Hey,” I said.
“Hi, am here to apologise, didn’t mean to say those things,” she said with a sincere voice.
I hugged her and let her in.
I served us some food that Bana Musa had prepared before she left: After eating we just snuggled without doing anything extra.
“I have nothing to wear tomorrow, I need to go home,” she said.
“Can you not ruin this please,” I begged her.
“I have work babe,” she said looking at me.
I peeked at her nose.
“I know you would complain so I got you a dress that you will wear tomorrow for work,” I said.
“Can I see it,” she said.
“No,” I said.

She woke up early 05:00 am, I just let her be, I wanted to sleep.
She woke me up at 6 am.
“Let’s go we bath,” she said.
‘Did she say we’ I asked myself?
I got out and she prepared a bubble bath for us.
“You want us to be late,” I asked.
She brushed her teeth removed her robe and got into the bathtub, I joined her. she massaged my back while kissing it.
I let out a moan, she sucked my neck and I turned to her, I made love to her that she will never forget, while my plan was she should fail to walk.
We got out of the bathtub, I checked the time and it was 07:01 am.
We started getting dressed, I gave her the clothes I got for her, it was a black dress that reached beneath her knees and I gave her a yellow jacket, with black heels. she screamed and kissed my face.
“And you doubted me,” I said.
I wore my black slim fit suit with a white smart shirt with a black necktie, with black shoes.
“We need a picture,” she said.
The good thing Bana Musa had already reported for work… She took pics of us and we left for work.
I told her to go in first then after a few minutes, I will drive in.




  1. Still observing from afar….
    I'm just waiting for de day Leah finds out u are de reason her crush is avoiding her,I just want to see what happens!!!

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