Reality of Perfection – Episode 2


Episode – 2

My friendship with Dalitso began to amaze me. However, it bothered Leah, even though Dalitso turned her down, she couldn’t stop going after him.

Being a weekend, it was busy for my friends. Me! well, I just stayed in my room. Maria had gone to visit her boyfriend since she hardly worked on weekends. Leah on the other hand was locked up with some guy in the room.

“Can I come pick you up, we can watch a movie at my place?” he sent a message with a monkey emoji covering its mouth.
“Sure.” I said.
I took a quick shower, while I was still dressing up _ I got a text that he was already outside.
I left a text for Leah cause knocking at her door just felt weird for me, I respected her privacy.
He got out of the car and opened the door for me, a true gentleman, right?.
We went to his house _ I was expecting a huge house since he was rich but Naah, instead it was like my house _ a bit bigger though.

“I was expecting a huge house.” I teased.
“I love simple and I don’t want to misuse my money and servings for my kids.” He said taking a seat.
‘Kids! this guy has his whole life planned out.’
We started watching ‘Ride Along 2’. I couldn’t stop laughing, when it finished we watched ‘Night School’ next, I swear Tiffany hiddash and Kevin Hart are awesome.

I checked the time and it was 23:05 pm.

“I need to go.” I told him.
“I have a spare bedroom, you can sleepover. Besides, am bored, come on!” he said giving me a puppy Dog face.
I ended up agreeing to what he wanted.
From comedy and drama, we started watching romantic movies. That love thing began to get to me, such that I missed dating.
I used to be in a relationship but my boyfriend ended things because I couldn’t agree to sex with him. Yes! am a virgin and I tressure my virginity like crazy. I don’t want to lose it before my wedding night.

When the kissing scene came up, we looked at each other and faced opposite directions. I pretended to be sleepy.
“Don’t sleep. We have to eat.” he said as he got up. I was hungry .
He got a box of pizza and some soft drinks from the fridge.
“So, I want to know why you denied my love proposal when we were 10.” He said.

I took a sip of my drink and looked at him but not for too long because I was shy.
“We were young come on and I don’t even understand, why me?” I asked him.
“You asked, ‘why you?'” He asked. I nodded.
“Because you were different, even now you are different. There is just something about you that pulls me. If I could go back in time, I would still do it again _ cause I don’t regret it ever proposing to you.” He said.

My heart started beating fast.

“Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want your boyfriend to ki*ll me that am chaffing his girlfriend.” he said with a nervous look on his face. I laughed.
“What did I say and won’t he get upset that you are here with me right now?” he asked.
“Would I even be here if I had one, dude _ come on.” I said.
“You are single?” He asked. I nodded.
“Wow! I still have my chance.” He said. I chuckled.
I helped him clear the table even though there was nothing to clear.
“Why did your relationship end? If you ain’t comfortable to answer please don’t.” He said as we went back to the living room.
“I denied him eating my cookie.” I said.
He gave me a weird stare.
“What!” I asked.
“Why did you deny him that?” he asked.
“No reason.” I said.

I would be stupid to tell my friend that I was a virgin, even Leah and maria didn’t know that am a virgin.
I saw some cards on the table, it reminded me of how we used to play them when we were kids.
“You still have them?” I said, pointing at the cards.
“You remember how we used to miss the bus everyday because of this…” He said getting them.
“Mike was so stupid that he reported us.” I laughed.
“Let’s play some, unless you are sleepy.” He said.
I shook my head “no”.

We sat on the carpet, he brought some glasses of wine and poured a bit in every glass.

“What are the rules?” He asked.
“Let’s play truth or dare. We are old enough now, right?” I said. He smiled.

We began to play.

“I win! truth or dare?” I asked.
He chose dare and I dared him to take off his shirt.
We played and I won, he chose truth. I asked him if he still loved his ex and he said no.
We continued playing and he won. He asked, “truth or dare?” I chose dare. He dared me to kiss him.

I moved closer and I kissed him, I don’t know why I enjoyed that kiss, I think it was the wine getting to me.
We played again, he won and I chose dare. Again he dared me to kiss him.

If I was told I will kiss Cathy after 18 years I would laugh so hard because I would think you are all drunk.
But now, we just dared ourselves to kissing each other. If she won, she dared me to kiss her, if I win I dared her to kiss me. Till our last one which got a little intense to the point of us touching each other. I layed her down on the carpet and got on top of her, I have never felt this happy in my life. I was kissing my crush of course.
When I kissed every part of her lips she moaned softly _ she was one happy kid because of what I was doing to her.
I lifted her up and took her to the bedroom, I continued kissing her as she moaned into my ear. Once on the bed, I removed her clothes and did the same for myself. She was waiting for me cause her girl was already dripping.
I got a condom from beneath the pillow, hey! we don’t want to impregnate someone’s child on the first night.
We continued kissing till the point that I tried entering her cookie and I failed. I tried again but the more I pushed the louder she would scream and push me off her.
‘She’s a Virgin. Why didn’t she tell me.’ I thought to myself.
“Hey, I think we should stop.” I said. She held my hand.
“Continue _ it’s okay.” She said shyly.

I continued and she was screaming plus moaning at the same time, I tried to be gentle with her. It was hard to tell if I was.
When we were done, I made her seat in cold water. Then I removed the stained white sheets. I put them in the washing machine.

I went to check up on Cathy, she was already out. My t-shirt on her body looked sext.

“Hey mama! how are you feeling.” I asked. She got up and kissed me.
“You want some more?” I said biting my lower lip. She nodded.
“I’m coming.. ” I said running to the laundry room to switch off the machine. I went back to the bedroom and she was naked. Okay, this girl was teasing me.
We made love till we fell asleep, I woke up and she wasn’t next to me.
“I opened the curtains, to my surprise, the house had been cleaned. My maid was off on weekends.
I got up and watched to the kitchen, Cathy was busy preparing breakfast. I hugged her from behind and kissed her on the back of her neck.
“Thank you for a beautiful night.” I said.
“You are welcome and thank you as well.” she said.
We had breakfast while having a conversation.
“Am going to be in your t-shirt the whole day.” she said.
“If that’s what you want but I can take you in town I buy you a new dress.” I said.
She shook her head in disagreement.
“Let me take a nap.” She said.
“I wish I can join you but I need to work a bit.” I said.
I went to my mini office and started working. After an hour, Cathy woke up.
“What do you want to eat?” She asked.
“You!” I said.
“Don’t be funny,” she said sitting on my laps, we started kissing.
“Dee!” someone shouted.
“I hope it’s not anyone from work.” she said.
“Why are you afraid?” I asked.
“Because people would think that’s how I got my job.” I laughed. she got up.

I went to open the door and it was Mike.

“Why locking the door?” he asked.
“Afternoon Buddy, how are you?” I said.
“Am good.” He said getting in.
“Am also fine thank you for asking.” I said.
“Who are you with? that it smells so good in here. Wait, you never bring a girl you meet at the club home. Who is it?” He asked.
Mike was right. I never brought a lady to my house even if I needed sex that much. I would rather take them to a lodge.
“Hey, food is ready.” Cathy said wearing an apron.
“Cathy!” Mike called out.
Cathy hugged Mike, these two hadn’t seen each other in years.
“So, finally _ you two, huh.” Mike said getting a plate.
“Shout up.” I said. He laughed.
We ate while Mike and Cathy were catching up.
We cleaned up and Cathy went to take a bath cause she wanted to leave.
“So, is it sex or more?” Mike asked in a whisper.
“You know my intentions. I have loved her for a long time. now I have her and I don’t want to lose her.” I said.
Cathy showed up and I told Mike that I would find him.
“I wish you stayed for one more day.” I complained.
“I might get fired, you might be the owner but you didn’t employ me.” she said.
“I know babe.” I said.
She kissed me.
“Can I have your bank details?” I said pulling out my phone.
“For what?” she asked.
“Nothing.” I said.
“If it’s nothing then I won’t give you.” she said.
I wanted to send her money to spoil herself.

She kissed me one last time and got out of the car. I went back home. Mike and myself started playing FIFA.




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