Reality of Perfection – Episode 1


  1. Episode – 1

I have always been that girl who was second to all my friends, we would go somewhere and the men would choose my friends then me second psshhh!!!! I know right sometimes am glad am second because I got no one to bother me and being in a relationship is stressful.

A car stop stopped.

“Ladies I think it’s our lucky night,” Leah said, it made us look like prostitutes no offence.
” where are you girls heading too? 2,” the man asked
” Chicago’s, ” Leah said all flirty.

Leah was a goddess, she had an amazing body, her dress code was on point, her skin was just awesome. I don’t even know how I could ever be compared to such beauty. The guy took us to Chicago’s, Leah was all over the guy, even though the man seemed not to be interested.
“What are you guys talking about?” he asked us.
“Storm,” Leah answered.

While I don’t blame her for answering so fast that’s what we take when we go out, the man bought the bottles of our ciders, we started drinking and the music got to me, I started dancing _ music is my go-to when I have had a stressful day .The guy got up and started dancing with me, is it wrong for me to say he smelled so good?
Leah showed up from nowhere and started dancing with the guy, I just moved away.
We were now getting ready to go cause we had work the next day, I mean me, Maria was a nurse.

“I thought you are going with the guy?” Maria asked.
“Imagine, he just left without saying anything” Leah complained.

I didn’t add anything cause it was none of my business, moreover, the guy seemed not to be interested in what Leah was doing it’s like what she was doing was irritating him.
I hated Mondays especially if my Sunday was crazy, after my Father’s death I just stopped going to church, I guess he used to encourage me to go to church but now I got no one to tell me lets, ‘go to church’.

I woke up with a terrible hangover, I got dressed for work, I worked at a very big company in Lusaka, and I never paid attention to know who was the owner of the company, I only cared about my salary, as long as I was paying my rentals, buying clothes and putting food on my table I was cool. When I got to work everyone was super busy and many people who are always late were early that morning.

“What is going on?” I asked Suwi as I put my bag on the table. Suwi was my very good friend and she was my gossip buddy at work.
“The boss is back in the country.” she answered.
“So, you mean the boss hasn’t been around, where did he go to,” I asked surprised. Cause I didn’t know he wasn’t around.
“You are very stupid, I don’t know why am even your friend am always up to date with everything going on at this company but you naah, you just want to embarrass me,” she said laughing.
“Come on! you know I don’t pay attention to that kind of gossip,” I said.
“Whatever, but the boss comes here every 6months.” she explained.
“Did you die explaining,” I said.

She clicked her tongue.

Moreover, how can I know?, I started working here 4months ago, maybe the time I started he wasn’t around no wonder I didn’t know him.
The man walked in and my eyes couldn’t believe it, it was the guy we went to the club with.

“That’s the boss.” Suwi whispered. My jaw dropped.
We were with that man last night at the club.
“Good Morning ladies…” He said, His eyes were on me.
I wanted the ground to swallow me, this was the man I danced with last night.
“Good Morning.” we answered.

How can that be, indeed it’s a small world, who would have known?
I went back to my desk, since almost everyone was going to attend a meeting. In less than an hour the meeting was over and everyone went back to their respective stations. If I used my papers _ I mean my degree to get this job I would have attended that meeting, but hey; I used my grade 12 Certificate. I couldn’t wait to give Leah the gist. When I got home, I heard moaning sounds, the good part… it was a 3 bedroom house.
I went to my room, changed and started preparing supper, minutes later a guy walked out of Leah’s room with her following behind a second later. Leah never worked but she managed to get everything she wanted, she never dated broke guys.

“You are back,” She said getting a glass of water.
“The guy we met at the club last night, he is my boss,” I said wit a smile.
“You mean he is rich! your boss? I need to visit you at your workplace,” she said excitedly.
“No! he will know that I told you and I don’t want to lose my job over such,” I said.
“You are right, so what are we going to do,” she asked me.
“I will think about something,” I said.

Whatever Leah wants, Leah gets.
She started telling me about how hot the guy who left was and how much money he left behind.

It’s been like 18 years since I last saw her but she is still the same girl from way back. She hasn’t changed a bit, even though she broke my heart when I told her how much I liked her.

“If you want to smile like a boy who saw a naked woman for the first time, do it somewhere else,” Mike said.
“Shut up,” I said. We fist bump.
“I saw Cathy yesterday at a night club, I mean I gave them a ride and to my surprise, she works for me as a receptionist,” I said.
“How! didn’t she do some business course or something?, I saw it on her Facebook page or Instagram,” he said. I shrugged my shoulders.
“Did she recognise you?” he asked.
“I doubt because she would have said something, am sure she knows me as the guy who bought them alcohol last night,” I said.
“You even got her alcohol? man you are bad news.” he teased.
“That girl broke my heart,” I said.
“You are still ratting about that, you were only 10, let it go,” he said.
“Whatever,” I said. He laughed.

I went back to work, I loved working from home I have less pressure and I slept around 3 am, woke up at 06 am. I don’t know why people think when you have your own company it means you can report late for work. I looked around and Cathy wasn’t at her desk yet.

“Sandra please call Catherine.”
“Sir, is something the matter, you can give me the message and I will deliver it to her.” She said.
“Sandra. Go and call Catherine, ” I told her. The thought of having to repeat myself was irritable.

After 30minutes, someone knocked at my door. I told them to come in, I placed my pen down on the table and looked at her.
She looked at me, a bit nervous I would say. She looked more beautiful, why did this girl steal my heart? I have dated but never felt like this for someone, it’s stupid right?

“Sir!” she called out to me. Why doesn’t she remember me though?.
“Don’t you remember me?” I asked her.
She looked at me then shook her head.
“look again,”
“I only remember you from the night club that all.” she said.

I got up from my chair and walked up to her until I was closer, she smelled really good. She faced down.
“Cathy bug,” I said.
” It can’t be. The only person who called me that was Dalitso Banda. It can’t be you, can it?” she said.
“So, I have changed?” I asked.
“Dalitso,” She said giving me a hug.
It felt like heaven being in her arms again after so many years.
” I can’t believe it’s you, you have changed,” she exclaimed.
“You haven’t changed a single bit, ” I said with a smile.
“let me get back to work than we can catch up later okay,” she said.

It’s crazy how things change and how people grow. When I knocked off, I found Cathy and her friend were about to leave.

“You are getting on a bus,” I asked
“Yes,” they both responded.
“I will drop you off,” I said.
“No need, we can find out the way.” Cathy said.
Her friends pushed her a little bit.
“She is joking Sir,” her friend said.

I don’t know why she didn’t like the idea of me taking her home, it was not like I would bite her. Do I look like a dog?
It was getting late and I knew how dangerous the streets could be once the sun had fallen asleep. We dropped off the friend, from there I took Cathy home, by the way, I didn’t have a driver.
Cathy invited me in. The friend was so excited when she saw me, it was then that I remembered; it was the girl who was busy throwing herself at me.
“Dalitso meet my friend Leah, baby girl meet Dalitso my very good friend,” Cathy said.
“Friend, since when?” the friend asked shocked.
While we were Ummm, we were actually at the same school in primary, small world right?” Cathy said.
“Small world indeed,” the friend said.

I didn’t even take my drink cause the friend made me uncomfortable.
Cathy escorted me to my car, I got her number and promised to call her.
But when I go home Mike and William took me out.




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