The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 35


Few minutes later Kamina�s mum came out of the ward; her eyes as red as blood. She came closer to them and stared at them sadly

�She gave birth to a son�a beautiful son� She smiled sadly
�Thank God�thank you Jesus!!!� they both exclaimed

�Bu�t�but�she gave up the ghost� She broke down into tears again, as they tried to comfort her�.
Kamina is dead!!!!!!!


Everyone was present on the day of her funeral, holding flowers and having a sad expression. She was supposed to graduate with her classmates being a year-4 student, but she is no more. After the funeral service, everyone departed and went their ways leaving Elizabeth to stand by her grave. She was still grieved, as a tear rolled down her cheek

�Hey, come on lets go�everyone is leaving already� Eric muttered, holding her shoulder

�You can go�I want to still be here for a while, I will join you at home� She mumbled, while he nodded
�Ok�.see you then� he said, and squandered away

�Kamina��.such is life�.it seem life had a good turn on you from the beginning, but it didn�t end well with you. It wasn�t so with me�.my early life was filled with suffering and poverty..i had nothing to eat neither cloth to wear. My life was frustrated by my granny, whose aim was to make me a priestess. The road of life hasn�t been easy, but I tried to overcome that harshness it bears.

You might think you made me suffer due to what you did to me, but that is a no. You taught me a lesson not to trust everyone in made me believe that even a bed of beautiful roses has thorns beneath it�I promise to take good care of your child just like the way you wanted, and make him know that not all that glitters is gold, and even the rich do cry.

I will teach him the way of God, which is the only way that leads to success..the way that leads to goodness�freedom..and heaven. I wish you make it to heaven, so that your soul can rest in perfect peace…� she said, and busted into tears

�Thank you.� She heard a voice said, and turned to look at the person. It was Kamina�s mum

�I said thank you� she said again
�Why are you thanking me ma� Eliza asked

�Thank you for praying for her..thank you for making the child come out�
�It�s not my doing Ma, it was God�s doing�

�I know�..but God used you to save her child�s life. I believe my daughter soul is now in heaven..she repented before giving up the ghost�she asked me to repent too.. she said that, the life I am living isn�t pleasing to God�.I�m such a bad mother. I did not raise her well�no home godly training. She died because of her way of life�I pray God forgives me for who I am� She sobs

�It�s ok, ma�am� Eliza comforted
�I believe her child will grow up in the right way, living with you�you are a light to your generation Elizabeth, don�t let go of that light� she whispered and left, without waiting for a reply from Elizabeth

�I will not let go of it� Eliza replied, and also went her way�..Eric was still waiting for her in his car�.they went home together and awaits what the future has for them�especially now that they have a child to raise�





�Mum�why did you turn off the light� Kurt, Kamina�s little boy asked Eliza, whom he now refer to as mother

�Shh..don�t make a sound..we wanna make it a surprise� She whispered to the little boy�s ear, who grinned in reply. She smiled as she watched the others; they all waited patiently for Eric to come in. They had planned on giving him a surprise on his special day which he might have forgotten about.

Eric and Eliza have been married for two years now, and have been living as a wonderful family ever since then.
Eric opened the door to his office and to his surprise he found the light off.

He was about stepping out to ask his secretary about why the lights weren�t on like the way it use to be, but stopped when it suddenly came up with loud shout of glee

�Surprise!!!!� Everyone present in the room shouted, as they started the happy birthday song. He couldn�t move at first as he walked in gently. Eliza was the first to come hug him, pecking him on his lips as he hugged her back. He was getting emotional as he almost broke down in tears but tried to comport himself.

�Daddy!!� little Kurt muttered going to hug his leg as he pulled him up to his arms

�Happy birthday daddy� Kurt muttered as Eric ruffled his hair
�Thank you so much son�

�Happy birthday pal� Tony stated, coming forward to pat his shoulder. He couldn�t help but feel joy seeing his long time friends who had come to celebrate with him. Tony is now with Anna, they are now engaged.

Dave is also with Dorothy, while Cassie still dates Dominick. Maria and Josh are planning their own marriage, and that will be in a month time.

�Happy birthday buddy� Dominick stated, as they shared a hug.
After all the wishes, a little party was organized there in the office where he received lots of gifts.

He had completely forgotten about today being his birthday but got to work and met the surprise of his life. He knew his sweetheart would be behind this arrangement, and some of his workers might have known about it, but kept it away from him.
Night time~~~

�Hey�come on�I don�t think I can open all these gifts this night, they are damn much� Eric groan, going to hug Eliza from behind. She was tending to her hair, packing in firmly into his night cap as he hugs her placing k**ses on her neck.

�I have one last gift to give you��

�Really�.but you have given me much already�I mean�the party you organized without me knowing and so many other gift you got me is enough baby�in fact its more than enough. You are such a sweetheart, and I won�t ever for once regret getting married to you� He muttered, turning her to face him as he placed his lips softly against hers. She pulled him closer, giving him a hard k**s before breaking it. She stared into his eyes, giggling

�This gift is more expensive than the others�and I really wanna give it to you. You have been an amazing husband to me for the past two years now, I think this is the only way for now, that I can show my gratitude
�Harggh� Eric groan

�If it�s that expensive then why do you wanna get it, I have gotten enough already��

�Shh�.here�have this� She gave him a wrapped sheet, but something was in it; a very small object. Feeling it across his hand, it felt like a paper
�What is in it?�

�Just open it�you won�t leave it until tomorrow because I won�t let you� She smiled. He shrugged and tore it off, revealing an envelope. He opened it and brought out a paper. He frowns slightly. Giving her a puzzle look, but she pester him to read it

He wasn�t through with the first lines when he let out a loud gasps, dropping the paper. Eliza�s smile broadens as he drew her closer, touching her stomach

�Are you for mean�you are pregnant� he asked as she nodded
�Oh my gawd�� he yelp, pulling her into a hug as he places kisses across her whole face

�Hey stop that� She stated, and tried tickling him off

�I�m so happy baby�so I�m really gonna become a father�for real this time�

�Yes� are. That�s the gift I was talking about�
Eliza�s POV

And that�s it. Well, let�s say that my life started as a mess, and with that immoral spirit hanging itself on my neck, couldn�t make me breath. But out of the worse came best friends who stood for me and made my wishes come through. I use to think of life as harsh and a hard place to live in; but now I have come to realize that with prayers and hardwork, things are gonna get better.

One just needs to live with a clean hand and free heart with everyone. I wish Kamina got the chance to live again, same as Louis; too bad they are nine feet beneath the earth.

My life was programmed from the start, prophesies about me becoming a priestess even when I was yet to be born. But Nena�s wish wasn�t fulfilled, because it wasn�t my destiny. Mrs. Smith also tried to twist it, by trying to turn me into a slut, but she didn�t succeed, because that wasn�t fate for me.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are not pleasant, and instead of striving to get out of it, we feel relaxed, thinking it�s our fate to remain that way. But that isn�t true, one need to move from that state, and that can only happen if you take a step forward.

God has designed our destiny, but it�s left in our hands to work towards it, and make it right. Only God can decide our fate and no one else; but one thing I have come to understand is that, the plan God has for us is the plan of peace and not of evil, to give us an expected end.



The End


Phew……so tell me..

What have we learnt so far from this story?

Your best scene, characters, worst scene and characters?

I know that the story might not be the best among the list of my stories..but it worth good comments.

A little secret…..It’s my first story in the world of writing.

A new story will be coming up on Monday..titled


I’m taking you all to the world of fantasy this time…and trust me when I say that you won’t regret wanting to read it. It is filled with suspense, action, magic and romantic scenes.


Stay tuned as we await it…

And lest I forget….you have to drop hearts for me…trust me….putting something down as a writer, isn’t an easy job….but it worth taking a risk


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. I learnt that what God Almighty has destinies for one will never go without coming to pass. Be focused,patient and never give up on your dream.

    1. What a lovely end. I learnt that d truth will always previal and that is God Himself. Just hold on to Him in prayers and faith He will come through for u.
      Thanks writer

  2. What a lovely end. I learnt that d truth will always previal and that is God Himself. Just hold on to Him in prayers and faith He will come through for u.
    Thanks writer

  3. Whatever a man thinkers in his heart, so he is. Eliza has always said she will be wealthy and not be a goddess even when she was not sure of the right path. Boom� it worked for her

    1. Yes….it did..?
      Thanks for the comment. You can also follow up my next story.

      The Seventh Vampire Disciple

  4. This story is really a lesson that do let your background to put your back at the ground,you must always strive ………..much love ???thank you for your time?

  5. Very interesting story and amazing end
    It teaches one to be focused and be determine,not to let any negativity be an hinderance to ones set goals
    Thank Vickie, your stories are always inspiring. More insights and then

  6. Am really happy to read your stories it has given me hope that i will still go to that school even if my parent don have money to train me in university my helper is coming and pls i need your contact dis my own 08169324807

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