The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 34

�Come on, I�m confused here..which one do you think will look better on me; the black suit or the Navy blue. Just choose one and I will go for it� Eric said, staring at Elizabeth

�Hey guy, I don�t know how to choose a man wear, just go with any, you will always look cute� She muttered, he rolled his eyes.

After the little get-together party they all had, Eric made his relationship with Elizabeth known to everyone, including his schoolmate at school.

They dare not mess with her, he claims she belongs to him and him along�he wasn�t ready to share her with anyone..and this almost frustrated Elizabeth. But what can she do, Eric really loves her, and getting a male friend is now a problem.

Eric on the other hand is presently in year 4, and they are the graduating student for that year. He has been pestering her to search for a suitable dress for him to wear on the graduation day; their love is just getting stronger day by day.

�Come on, don�t keep me waiting. I still need to choose a shoe, tie and other things, and you are sure gonna help me with it� he pouted

�Fine, just go with the black, it suite you better� She muttered, while he hurriedly peck her

�Thank you� he mumbled and pecked her lips. She rolled her eyes
�Must you peck me all the time, gosh you just take it like a normal routine, damn� She snapped

�Well that�s because I can�t get enough of your lips, I mean, your beauty is just radiating day by day, and I feel like kissing you lips all the time� he winked

�Whatever� She mumbled, as Eric�s phone buzz. He picked his phone and checked the caller but it was a strange number

�Why are you staring at your phone that way, pick up the call� She whispered, but he dropped it
�Wait Eric�.are you cheating on me now�

�What!!!!! Why will you say that� He furrowed his brow

�Because someone just called and you did not pick it up, is that your new girlfriend calling you; and you do not wanna pick it because I am here� She yelled

�Come on baby, that�s not true, it�s a strange number and I don�t like picking up strange numbers; you know that� he said softly
�Fine� She breathed out

�Thought you were cheating; anyway if the number calls back, just pick it up, it might be important�
�Yes mum� He muttered, and busted into laughter

�Sweetie pie, I will never cheat on you, not in this life or the next. For damn sake why will I cheat on a pretty damsel like you; whose skin radiate like a diamond, her eyes shines like that of a star, and her lips as sweet as strawberries�

�Hey stop flattering me� she smiled
�Why won�t I when you are just so beautiful� he smiled as the call came in again

�Hello, please who is this� he waited to listen to the person at the other line, and the call eventually ended. He sighed sadly, as Elizabeth went closer to him

�Who was that, what�s wrong� She asked, worriedly
�It�s Kamina�s mother�
�Kamina�s �.mother�but�what�what does she want..why did she call� She frown

�Kamina is in labour�
�Oh�perfect� Eliza muttered and goes to stand beside the window, backing him
�Elizabeth�� he called softly

�She needs you there�..Kamina needs you. Her mother was in tears when she called..she said Kamina is dying and couldn�t give birth..she needs to see you before she leaves this earth� Eric explained as he hugs her from behind. She exhaled as faced him

�What does she need me for�.I thought we�.huhhn�

�Hey, let�s just let go of the past and go see her. She might have a reason why she needs you there. Come on, let�s go� he whispered, while she nodded as they set out towards the hospital

�Oh thank goodness�..thank goodness you are here, come, come� Kamina�s mum beckoned on them as they arrive the hospital. They were about entering the ward when a nurse stopped them.

�No can�t enter this ward�here�there is a labour�.�
�Get out of the way nurse, my daughter needs to see them first, she has something to say to them� Kamina�s mum barked as the nurse quivered and wander off

�We will be quick� Eric muttered to the nurse, she nodded

Getting into the ward, they met Kamina screaming and groaning in pains. She has been in labour for hours but the baby isn�t coming out.

The doctors were planning on operating her, but she declines against it. She wanted to see Elizabeth but her mother wasn�t in support of Elizabeth coming to the hospital at first.

But at she kept on persisting stating that she will die without giving birth to the baby, her mother has no choice but to fulfill her wish.

�Kamina�baby�she is here�.shhh..Elizabeth is here� her mother whispered

�Huhhhhh�.El�� Kamina called, as tears gush down her eyes, she was crying profusely and this moved Elizabeth to tears. She couldn�t control the tears seeing Kamina in such pains

�Yes�I�m here, it�s gonna be ok okay�.shh��

�I�m sorry�.i�m so sorry for everything I did to you� you� she shuttered
�Hey�save your strength�..� Eric muttered

�No no�let me speak�let me speak�Eliza..i�m sorry..i caused you a lot of pain. I �.i was just jealous of you..i wanted everything you have for myself. I wanted your boyfriend..i was even jealous of your beauty�I envy everything about you despite having rich parent who cater for me.

I needed more, I wasn�t satisfied�I am such a greedy person�

Elizabeth,please I need your prayers, please pray for me�.� She sobs. Her mother was already wailing, she knew Kamina was dying, her cells were already weak�.and the way she spoke, made it known to her, that her daughter might not survive it.

�It�s ok dear�it�s ok�you are�� Eliza stammered, not knowing what to say. She doesn�t like Kamina too, but seeing here in pains is making her heart bleed. She doesn�t wish her bad, despite all that Kamina did to her�

�Louis�Louis appeared to me last night��she told me to ask for your forgiveness..she said that if I do not ask for it, I will die��

�No you will not�.stop saying that word� Her mum shunned her

�I�m saying the truth�that�s why I need your prayers Elizabeth�please lay your hand on my tummy and pray for me�.i don�t want my baby to die because of my wickedness. I want him to leave and enjoy this world more than I do. I want him to grow up in godliness and live a right life, a life that pleases God�Mum???� She called

�Yes baby�.i�m here� her mum said, and came to hold her hand, shaking seriously

�Mum�..i�m sorry mum� child will not live with you..please mum�I want him to grow up with them�I want them to teach him to live in the right way� She pleaded as her mum nodded her head, sobbing

�Promise me mum�promise you will let Eliza and Eric take care of my child�.i don�t want him to go astray like the way I did� She said

�Yes baby�i..ii��iii..oh God�I promise, dear..i promise� She mumbled

�Yes� They responded and came closer. She held their hands and placed it on top of each other�

�Eric�.Elizabeth is your wife, don�t hurt her, don�t leave her�you both deserve to be with each other�same goes to you Elizabeth�love him with all your heart.� She said, and they nodded.

�Now it�s your turn, pray for me; that my baby might come out�

�Kamina, I speak to the child in your womb..that whatsoever is preventing him from coming out, should lose him� She prayed

�Amen!!!!� Eric muttered
�The baby is set lose�.in jesus name� She whispered

�Thank you Elizabeth�I �I feel relieve�I feel�argghh� She screamed as her mother rushed out to call the doctor

�Oh my God!!!! Please you both should excuse us��nurse�get me my gloves� The doctor said, as Eric and Elizabeth headed out, with Eliza crying seriously

�Hey�she is gonna be alright, shh, it�s ok� He patted her hair and she sobs on his shoulder




One more episode to go…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Thank you Elizabeth for letting go of any ill feelings towards kamina and for the prayers. Safe delivery kamina
    Next please

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