(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 33

�Mr. Ken, can you tell us about how you get hold of this documents� Eric�s lawyer asked, as he stood in the bar

�Doc Ernest my colleague, called me on the phone to attend to one of his patient. He told me that the girl will be coming to the hospital, to collect a certain DNA result. He asked me to go to his office and take it from the table, so as to give it to her.

That same day, this girl here arrived, but on getting to his office I saw the document and another one beneath it. Confused as at which one I should give her, I called him back to confirm, which he did told me.

After she left my office that day, Eric came in and we chatted for some time. He told me about the pregnancy stuffs and the DNA which a doctor conducted for them some days ago. After some explanations, it became dawn on me that the girl I gave the document to was who he was referring to.

He told me to come to the court on the day of the hearing with my equipment to conduct another test for them because he doesn�t trust the girl and the test results she showed him seem Fake. Before I could reply him, I heard an alarm for emergency and didn�t meet him when I came back.

In order to satisfy my curiosity, I went back to my collegues office and found the original test result..I couldn�t reach Eric ever since then so I decided to bring it here today. That girl over there is lying..she held a forge result� Dr.Ken said with a loud voice, as Kamina began to shiver
�And where is that colleague of yours� the lawyer asked
�He is out of the country�

�He is lying� my daughter cannot forge a test result..they are only trying to cover up their lies� Kamina�s mother roared, as noise erupts from the audience

�You are the liar woman, Kamina is b***h� Cassie yelled, as the murmuring got louder

�Silence!!!!� the judge ordered
�Another DNA will be conducted, and the guilty will face the law. I rest my case

“Hey…. wake have been sleeping for too long, come on” I yelled and tapped Eric, laughing hard at his reaction

“Oh..I feel like sleeping more, I haven’t been able to sleep this well for the past few days” he mumbled, still closing his eyes. I’m actually in his apartment; I came to visit him but I find out that he is still in bed.

The court made their final decision some days ago. Eric was innocent of all the allegations and the others faced the law..well that’s what they said though, but I believe Kamina’s parent found a way to keep their daughter from going to jail.

Although they paid a fine for wrong allegations, but they still managed to bribe the judge, I think. Anyway that’s none of my business, I just want to be with the love of my life and thank goodness he is free from Kamina’s grip.

“Come on..I thought we planned to go out together, have you forgotten..get your a$$ off that bed” I snapped, framing annoyance.

“Yes mum” he muttered groaning, as he struggles to get up, while I chuckled

“I will be waiting in the living room, dress up and meet me there, muahh” I pecked him on his lips and stepped out


Everyone was present, yea, including Dave and Dorothy. They all plan to have a little party to celebrate the victory of God in Eliza’s life and Eric’s case. For the past two to three months now, they have been facing challenges starting from Oruka’s torment to Kamina’s problem, but all is over now. They were all laughing and chatting when Eric decided to speak up, they all kept quiet and listened to him..

“I’m really grateful to God, for keeping each and every one of us to see this day. Despite the challenges we have been facing we still tried to overcome. Firstly I wanna thank you all for standing by me during the court palava..I can’t thank you enough.

And to the love of my life, I want to thank you for your support; I was scared you would leave me when Kamina came with the pregnancy stuff. I was devastated thinking your love for me will wax cold. But it didn’t, instead you helped me in making sure I’m free from the allegations.

You stood by me despites our misunderstandings. Today, I’m saying this in front of everyone, Elizabeth..I love you so bring joy to my heart and peace to my soul. Ever since the first day I saw you, the love I have for you has never wax kept burning like a furnace.
If God still keep us alive, I will want you to be the mother of my are a rear gem..even a blind man can see that. I love you darling..thanks so much” he muttered.

Elizabeth was already in tears, she was touched by his words that she went ahead and kissed him passionately, like get life depends on it

“Awwnn, never knew she is a good kisser” Cassie muttered as everyone laughs, making them to break the kiss
“You guys deserves to be happy, and we will surely stand by each other always..we are friends ain’t we” Cassie said, as she goes to hug Eric and Elizabeth.

“Well I have something to say” Dominick muttered, as he held Cassie hand

“Fire on bro” Tony replied
“I have found my missing rib” he muttered, as tony gasp

“Wait bro, don’t tell me you lost your rib…oh my God..when did that happen” he mocked as everyone busted into laughter

“Who is she…I mean is she cute” Dave asked

“Yea…we are now a couple..she accepted my proposal” Dominick smiled, as he hugs Cassie, who was smiling sheepishly

“Wow this calls for celebration… Dorothy and I are also going out…she is my own missing rib” Dave muttered

“Wow, congrats darling” Eliza goes to hug Dorothy

“Thank you” she muttered
“Now it’s remaining just one person, everyone is having a partner except….

“Tony!!!” Everyone exclaimed, as he furrowed his brow
“Come on guy, haven’t you found your missing rib yet” Eric asked
“Hmm…it’s kinda complicated” he pouted

“Because she is a prayer warrior, like damn, she is hot but….”

“Wait are you talking about Anna” Cassie asked

“Well yes…you got me..”
“Oh my God….Anna…but…haahaaha” Cassie laughed, alongside Eliza
“What’s funny” he asked

“Tony of all people won’t be shy to talk to girl, why are you scared of telling her about your feelings” Dave asked

�Well because, she look tough..even the devil is scared of her. She prays like a lion”

“But you love her, just go for her” Dominick chipped in

“But don’t forget that every night will be a vigil, you are not prayerful..and you will become one by force” Dave stated, as everyone laughs
“So guys, I suggest we visit the park to have some fun…who is in” Cassie smirked

“Let’s go then, it gonna be fun playing on that merry go round” Dorothy stated

“Come on babe, you are not a kid” Dave whispered
“I know, just feel like riding on it”
“Let’s go then….”





Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?




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