The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 29

Eric decided to tell his friends about the recent rift between him and Eliza, he told them everything about Kamina�s plan to destroy their relationship.

He strongly believes that Kamina was behind the video, she might have recorded everything the day she slept with him.

�But guy, why will you fall into such a trap�we all know how cunning Kamina is, you shouldn�t have done it with her� Tony said

�I didn�t do it in my right mind, I think I was drugged, gosh what�s all this� Eric muttered and ruffed his hair.

�Look, you don�t need to worry yourself much about this, yes the deed is done, but what you need to do now is to explain everything to Eliza, make her understand what really happened� Dominick chipped in

�That�s where the problem lies, she doesn�t wanna speak to me, would she even believe me if I tell her I was in my right state of mind. I do not have any proof� he stated

�But when did you did this stuff with Kamina, was it after you guys started dating� Dominick asked

�No�..yea you got a point here�that was perhaps a week before I started dating Eliza�

�Fine�then just go tell her about it, that is your proof bro, you didn�t cheat on her at all. Eliza might be thinking you had s*x with Kamina when she was still in coma, but that�s not true because you were in the hospital too. Just explain all this to her, and trust me she will believe you, if she really loves you� Tony explained

�Hmmm, thanks guys�I will try to see her this evening, then� Eric muttered

�Elizabeth, why are you doing this to yourself, for Christ sake stop all this tears� I said trying to console
Elizabeth who has been crying her eyes out since she arrive from school

�Cassie, I feel so hurt�.i�don�t know�I feel sad for ignoring him that way, but I can�t take it Cassie, he cheated on me�he f**ked that b***h and she rubbed it to my face� She cried, sobbing loudly

�I know, I know what you are going through now, but let�s not give way for the devil to make mockery of us. Eric loves you and cannot do this to you, I strongly believe that everything that happened was set up trust me, Kamina can go to any lent to get what she wants� I said patting her hair
�i�I know�.I just�gosh�I can�t believe all this, I love Eric and he knows that�but��

�But what�come on, he only slept with her once�and whereas he still loves you, Eric is really down now; he called me yesterday stating that he missed you. He wants you to forgive him and allow him to explain what that video is all about.

You can�t just accept what Kamina told you and ignore that of your boyfriend. Let�s give him a listening ear, please� I pleaded, while she nodded, cleaning her tears

�Ok, I can�t even take it any longer, I really miss him�

�Ok, so are you ready to eat now, come on eat something, you have been starving yourself so much this days, you look worn out already� I cooed, she nodded

�I made spaghetti for lunch, come let�s eat�..


Staring into space, I tried reminiscing on what Cassie said, yes, she might be right. Eric really loves me, why will he even want to cheat on me. Kamina has been trying to destroy my relationship with Eric ever since, the video might be fake, I thought.

�But you saw Eric�s face in it right� My subconscious said

�Yea, and that�s why I�m bittered, but I shouldn�t have ignore his calls, I should have listened to him. Well I have come back to my senses; I will try to forgive him, even if he really cheated. The door bell rang, as it jerked me out of my thought
�Who could that be� I thought and waited for Cassie to go for it. But it came up again.

�Well perhaps Cassie is not in, go answer it� my subconscious muttered
Hmmm, but she didn�t tell me she is going out, where could she be, or is she in the bathroom. I actually don�t wanna go open the door, my face looks worn out and my eyes are really red due to the tears, but I have no choice.

Getting to the door, I turned the knob open, and he was standing at the door, yes, Eric� My heart skipped a beat on seeing him, he look weary and ruff, like someone who has also been starving himself.

For Christ sake, it�s been more than a week since I started giving him this attitude, how do I expect him to look. We stared at each other for a while, before breaking the silence.

�Hey�can I come in� he asked softly, while I nodded and pave way for in, before closing the door.

�Hmmmm, I don�t know where to start from Elizabeth, but I believe everything that happened was a misunderstanding� He stated, taking his seat on the couch, I took the other
�Why do you say so� I asked, trying to stay strong, but deep inside me, I felt like going to hug him, I miss him so much

�Do you really wanna know what happened between I and Kamina
�Yea� I mumbled
�Ok, do you remember the day Mr. Hudson gave everyone of us in year 3, a project to work on I told you about it right� I said

�Yea�I do, that was about a month a more ago� I replied

�It�s almost two months now. So that day we were grouped into various groups. I was tagged with Kamina, Louis and one other guy, perhaps Louis boyfriend or so due to the way they were all over each other that day.
So we decided to use Kamina�s house where we could work more on the project, although I was against using her house but Tony and Dominick were also busy with their project and decided to use my apartment. I had no other choice than to accept Kamina�s offer and trust me, she was damn happy about it�

�The day we fix to carry out the project stuff came, and we started with it in the evening and ended late in the night.

Different rooms were administered to us, were we could spend the night, because it was damn late and we couldn�t go home. Kamina brought out a bottle of alcohol which the others drank, but I couldn�t because I don�t drink hot.

So she got me a fruit wine and poured it out for me, I believe the wine was drugged because of the heavy grin plastered across her face that day. I didn�t notice anything at first until I went into the room to have a rest. I started getting an erection and felt like I was drunk, but I didn�t take a hot drink, I thought.

Immediately, she came into the room stark naked and started working on my body, and it became dawn on me what was going on. I tried resisting her but was too weak to do so; she had her way, taking off my clothes and began to ride me to her satisfaction�
�Elizabeth�.i didn�t know she had the video of what she did, but I believe she planned it with Louis. They were behaving strangely before bed time and that made me believe that I was set up.

Perhaps she planned everything with the lecturer to peer us together, I never knew she will rub it in your face someday, but��the deed is done�what I want now is for you to forgive me� he pouted.

I noticed a drop of tear rolled down my eyes, I couldn�t believe that I have been crying all through, Eric was indeed innocent, the video proofed it all. He wasn�t the one doing the business but Kamina, he only laid still, groaning and moaning�

�And one thing I also want you to know is that�..the event happened before I proposed to you. Kamina doesn�t want us to be together, that�s why she brought up that video� he muttered, coming to sit beside me, as he holds my hands

�Please baby, lets come back together, I missed you so much, please forgive me� he pleaded. I hugged him tight not wanting to let go
�I�m sorry Eric�..i�m so sorry for not trusting in you, i�.ii�� I busted into tears

�Shhh, that�s ok�I love you� he whispered into my ears, giving it a soft kiss. He unlocked the hug and went for my lips, kissing me slowly and softly, romancing me gently. The romance was already at the hot point when I stopped him

�What is it� he asked
�Ermmm,,, Cassie is gonna see us h..�
�Cassie is not around, she is with Dominick� he muttered, kissing my hair

�Dominick, but��how�I thought she was in all through� I asked, surprised
�No she is not, I called her before coming and she promised to leave so that we can have enough time to settle of misunderstanding�She didn�t bother telling you, just to keep you calm� he stated
�Ok�but Eric�I want you to promise me something�

�Anything for you sweetheart�
�Promise me that you will never leave me, no matter the circumstances, no matter how I behave or what anyone tells you about me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, having kids and a happy family�I know that this life Journey might not be easy for us, but I don�t want you to leave me� I stated with tears streaming down my eyes.

�Hmmmm I should be the one saying all this Eliza, because my heart lies in your hand, and you will forever be mine�.I promise not to leave you for another woman. Not in this life or the next�..� he smiled as he reached for my lips�




Thanks to God…they are back…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?



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