The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 28

�Hmmm, I want to be alone Cassie, just let me be�� she muttered and lay on the bed

I left her alone, and decided to go out of the room, but stopped when she called me

�Cassandra�.please let this matter be between the both of us, don�t worry I will handled everything myself� she mumbled, and after a few silence I went out.

Hmmm, well Kamina is really becoming something else, Oruka should have killed her instead of Louis�that b***h is a demon. Hmm, I have a feeling that everything was planned but, since Elizabeth want to handle it herself, then I will have to enter my shell for now���.

Today makes it the third day since Louis was buried and ever since then Eliza hasn�t been picking my calls, replying my messages or even accepting to see me. I wonder the wrong I have done to her, but it seems strange because I have done anything wrong.

Or was it because I left her to see someone at the burial, but I already explained everything to her in the text message I sent that same day. Hmm, something is not right, Eliza can’t just be giving me attitude just because of that slight issue, I believe there is something behind her sudden behavior, I thought as I glance round the cafeteria, trying to see if I could get a glimpse of her.

The past few weeks had been a hell for every one of us, due to the events we couldn’t make it to school and that made us miss a lot of lectures. Everyone is trying hard to study hard especially now that exam is already knocking at the door.

I noticed Kamina entering the hall with her food tray in her hand, swaying her butt dangerously as some crazy guys winked at her. A smirk was plastered across her face on sighting me

“Hey lover boy, why the gloomy face..are you sad” she smirked picking up a sausage

“What do you want Kamina, because when I checked last, you were not my friend” I grimace, staring angrily at her. She should have been in jail by now, but we don’t have any evidence or proof that she really tried to murder Eliza. Her parent are also very rich, they will win the case if taken to the law court

�Hmmm, come on darling are you just gonna pretend like we didn’t have anything in the past” she stated

“And what do you mean by that, what do you want you can see I’m not in a good mood, anyway I’m leaving” I snapped, picking up my tray to leave

“Your girlfriend has dumped you right” she chuckled, still eating her sausage. I stopped abruptly at the mention of that

“And who told you that she did, huh”
“Huhh, look sweetie I believe it’s because of it, that’s why you are like this. Ok look at their table, she is also dull, eating alone with her friend. Come on she should be here with you isn’t it.” She pointed out.

“I don’t care about what you think about us, but I and Eliza are just fine. No quarrels at all and mind you she hasn’t dump me, so don’t be too glad because I will never in my life or even the next life, end up with you, idiot f****ng b***h” I muttered and walk away, not waiting for her to reply.

I headed directly towards the classroom, it was empty, everyone were either outside chatting or eating in the cafeteria

I couldn’t think straight, how did Kamina know about the clash between me and Eliza. I didn’t tell anyone about Eliza’s snobbish attitude towards me, not even my friends. But if Kamina knows about it then she might have a hand in Eliza’s strange attitude.

“Oh God…help me, I don’t want anything to separate us any longer, the coma was enough hell for me, being apart from her. Please help me Lord, and forgive me for any wrong I have done” I prayed silently and place my head on the desk.

“She has been avoiding me for some time now, but I will try to see her, even if it means taking a risk” I mumbled. Hearing the sound of a footstep, I raised my head up to see her coming into the classroom.

She didn’t notice my presence instead she came and put her head on the table, sobbing quietly. I wonder where Cassie went to; they were together at the cafeteria. Walking towards her, I touch her softly, this made her jerk up and stare at me

“Why are you crying’?” I asked
“Don’t touch me!!” She yelled, yanking my hand away

“Elizabeth, please why giving me this attitude. What have I done wrong, please if you have done anything, just tell so that we can make amends” I pleaded

“Oh really, you really wanna solve this…fine take a look at this” she seethed bringing out her phone and played a video, showing me and Kamina…making love

“Jesus Christ….but…I’m.ermm..huhn”
“Cat caught your tongue..hunh..I’m highly disappointed in you Eric, get lost” she screamed running out
“Oh no, this is can’t be happening… Eliza… Elizabeth!!!
“Kamina…I saw some of your books in my room can you do me a favour by coming to take it out” Kamina’s mother yelled and entered her room.

But she could not find her in; she heard some sounds coming out from the bathroom and ran towards it. Opening the bathroom, she sighted Kamina holding the WC firmly; vomiting into it

“Oh my gosh, Mina what’s wrong with you, are you okay” she asked
“Arggg” Kamina groan getting up “Good morning mum” she greeted, staggering to her bed

“What’s wrong with you, talk to me. Are you sick, then let’s go to the hospital….when did this start, you where fine just yesterday….”

“Mum I’m ok, don’t worry about me”
“Don’t give that attitude girl; we are going to the hospital or…..”
“Fine…mum…I’m pregnant” she drops the bomb shell

“What…..Kamina….preg� what”
“You heard me mum, I’m pregnant…” She yelled
“How long is it?”

“Perhaps a month, I noticed it about a week ago” she muttered staring at her already throbbing tummy
“Oh my, oh my…who is the father” her mum asked in shock

“Well..erm its.. erm” she shuttered
“Speak up dimwit” her mum yelled
“Fine…it’s a guy in my school…we erm heard a one night stand and it resulted to pregnancy”

“How could you be so stupid, why couldn’t you use preventive measures, what sort of rubbish is this for Christ sake Kamina you are having just one year more in school. So what are you gonna do about the baby, ok wait, does the guy know about it” she snapped.
Hmm, no he doesn’t, and even if I tell him about it, he might not accept it, he has a girlfriend that he loves so much”

“Then why did he accept to f**k you if he has a girlfriend hunh, look girl I don’t care about him having a girlfriend or not, he must accept this baby if he still wanna live on Earth.

First thing tomorrow you are going to wherever he lives and tell him about it, period” she snapped and went out of the room.




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Another round of trouble. I can see kamina is hellbent on separating Eric and Elizabeth
    You are taking too long to post a new update, adjust please
    Next please

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