Not another love story Episode – 7

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Episode 7

“Thank you…” I said shyly. This was the first time a guy was ever opening the door for. I kept a straight face but inside I was losing it _ I wanted to scream so badly, I know it’s childish but am a human _ a girl for that matter.
“Anytime…” He responded. I couldn’t keep my eyes locked on him, hence, I faced down. I don’t know how but I could feel it, his eyes communicating with my body.

From the trajectory of my eyes, I saw him move one step closer to me, at this point my body just gave up. Nothing happened for a couple of seconds and then I felt a hand firmly grip half of my neck and left cheek. I looked up and my lips met his… My whole body was confused, my heart couldn’t calm down.
He stepped back, our lips parting ways. My eyes were closed as I gasped for air.

In all the time I had been with James, I had never been kissed like this.

“You better get inside…” He said while licking his lower lip.
“Oh, definitely…” I responded nervously.
“Your number,” He said as he held my hand.

I was between two worlds, a part of me wanted to say no and another was jumping in excitement to give him. He handed me the phone and once I typed the number he let go of my hand.

‘What just happened? He kissed me.’ I touched my lips, I couldn’t believe it.

“Someone is in a good mood,” Chipo said.
“You are here, why?” I asked her.
“Where do you want me to go?” She asked.
“I thought some of us have our own houses…”
“This is my father’s house. I can come and go as I please.” She commented.
“You two need to stop fighting. Her husband will be here soon.” Mum said as she walked in from the kitchen.
“Didn’t she say… Nevermind.” I laughed heading to the bedroom.
“Staying for a long time without getting one itches I guess.” mum teased. She was referring to how Chipo had gotten used to the beatings and now she felt weird not being hit for a long time. I laughed.

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My sister got pissed and walked outside. When I got back from taking my shower, I found a missed call and text from Allan.

ALLAN – Can I see you tomorrow?
MWAPE – Okay…
ALLAN – Goodnight beautiful.
MWAPE – Thanks. Goodnight to you as well.

Besa walked into the bedroom to let me know that food was ready. At the table, Chipo was the topic of discussion _ mum kept making crazy jokes about her.

Around 10 PM, Bashi Junior came to pick her up. Mum didn’t say anything, she refused to even give face to Chipo’s husband because of what he did in the morning.
“Don’t do that… You naughty! ” he said as he shied away.
“I didn’t do anything!” I said giggled.
“You are guilty of making me fall in love with you…” He said. Before I could object, he began tickling me and just like that I found myself on my bed.

‘It was just a dream,’ I smiled to myself. I checked the time and it was 05:50 AM.
I got up and began to do my morning chores as usual. Besa was still in school doing her 11th grade. Because of that, she was in charge of cleaning in the afternoons.

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“I haven’t seen Limpo in a long time. Is she around?” Mum asked.
“She’s around. We have a crazy work pattern that’s why she’s rarely seen these days. I might visit her this coming weekend.” I told mum.
“You should say hi to her. I miss her….” Mum and Limpo were buddies, they got along very well and she was the only friend that mum had approved of as far as I can remember.
“Maybe you should just ask her to come over…” Mum suggested.
“I will call her and see if she can make it,” I said with a smile as I left for work.

At work, the manager called for a quick meeting to inform us that the conference room had been booked for the whole week.
I never liked conferences, this meant increased workload and a whole lot of walking around, this resulted in one thing; my poor legs hurting the whole night.

Nothing much happened at work, and when the shift was finally over the only thing I wished for was to have my feet soaked in warm water and nap, I almost did that when I was home except that I never got a chance to nap.

“Ba Mwape, there is a man outside asking for you,” Besa said as she bashed into the room.
“I don’t know if it’s good luck or bad luck…” I said.
“What do you mean?” Besa asked me.
“While _ for starters the only time you call me is when some strange person is looking for me.” I got up and followed her as she led the way, she was busy laughing at my silly comment.

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When I opened the gate he was the first thing I saw, leaning on the car and acting like he owned the place.

“Hey…” I smiled. He signalled me to move closer to him, I didn’t know why but once I did I found out exactly what he was up too.
“People can see us…” I whispered _ pushing him back to create space between us.
“I don’t care.” He said charmingly. I tried to put more distance between us but he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer.
“Let’s go and get something to eat.” Allan was weird, he didn’t even care to ask if I was busy.

‘Does he think am just going to agree and go with him?” I asked myself.

“What makes you think I want to eat?” I asked him. “I can’t. Mum is around.” I added before he could give me an answer.
“I will bring you back in a flash. She won’t even notice that you’ve gone out… I promise.” He had a charming way of convincing. I know I spoke about how I couldn’t go with him, while, that wasn’t the case.

I rushed back inside to ask Mum if I could out with a friend.

“Why is James coming to see you this time?” Mum asked.
“I don’t know. Can I go now… P-lease!”
“You better be back soon.” She said.
“I’ll be back in a flash,” I said laughing.

It was a good thing where Allan had parked his car it couldn’t be seen from the living room window. Mum had that habit hehehe.



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