Not Another Love Story – Episode 14


Episode – 14

It wasn’t always that Allan was around. Today was an exception though… I had spent the entire day with him and now we were watching cartoons in the living room. Even though I was still learning to love him, this was the kind of relationship I fancied.

“Your nails look lovely…” He commented.
“Thanks. I will try and do this often.” I said raising my hand so that I could flex my nails for him.

His phone vibrated, I knew it was a text message because after looking at it he began to try and then got up.

“I need to run an errand. I will be back…” He said as he rushed out. One would think it was an emergency looking at the way he flashed out of the house at the speed of light.
I opened my eyes, checked beside me and Allan wasn’t there.
‘He didn’t come back.’ I went to check if the maid had already arrived. The house had been cleaned already and she was outside doing laundry.

“Where did you spend your night?” I asked.

Allan had just walked in, he kept his steps lite in his effort to tiptoe to the bedroom.

“You awake!” He responded. I could tell from the look in his eyes that I was the last person he was expecting to see.
“You haven’t answered my question. Where are you coming from?”
“I lost track of time and decided to book a room.” He said.
“And while you were making that genius plan of yours, it never crossed your mind to call me? Who were you with?” I asked him.
“I was alone. Am sorry I got you worried.” He said walking to the bedroom.

He placed his phone on the bed and went to the bathroom, I wanted to follow him, however, his phone vibrated and that stole my attention.
When I picked it up to check, I was slapped by the words in the message.

MWAPE – Thank you for a beautiful night. Can we meet at Debonairs before you go to work?

“Ivy! Can you bring me a towel!” Allan called out. His voice almost sent me into cardiac arrest. I mean, I thought he came out of the bathroom.
“Thank…” He said as I handed the towel to him.
“Should I prepare breakfast for you?” I asked him. He picked up his phone and after a second responded, “No thanks. Am good.”

Pretending that I didn’t know he was with some whore drove me insane. But I didn’t want to lose it just yet, I had to find out who the girl was and the only way I could do that was if I tailed him.

He finished dressing up, got his keys and left. I waited for a few minutes; enough for him to leave the yard. When that was done, I got into my car and followed him.

From where I had parked my car, I watch as he drove at Makeni mall. A few minutes later he can out with a large pizza and got into the car. Instead of driving off, he was just parked there. I got out and walked towards where he was parked. I wanted to get a closer view of who the girl was.
Before I got even get closer I saw a slim dark in what looked like a uniform enter his car.

“So, this is what you are doing now… following lose girls at the mall?” I asked him. I had knocked on the window and to his surprise, I was right in front of him.
“What are you doing here?” He asked.
“Shut up!” I yelled.
“What is wrong with you?”
“What is wrong is my husband is parked at the mall smooching with this excuse of a woman,” I said as I pointed at him.
“Listen, Keep your voice down. You making a scene…” Allan said.
“I don’t care you cheat!” I got Allan’s drink from the dashboard and poured it on him.
“Ivy, what the F! are you crazy?” He shouted.

I wasn’t done, I was just getting started because I planned on breaking the bones of that starving dog.

“Allan can we leave, please!” The girl said to him.
“Oh! So you not even ashamed that you are sleeping with someone’s man! Baiche Kwena namupama (You young ones have become fearless). What guys!” I reached out to another bottle as Allan tried to block me from entering the car.

He was late, I threw the bottle and it hit her face.

“You are just embarrassing yourself. Go home!” He said shutting the door.
I tried opening it but it was locked.

“You will find me home you son of the devil!” I yelled. He drove off.

I got into my car and I drove to Mutinta ‘s place.

“Wooh! Why are you breathing fire?” She teased me.
“Allan. it’s Allan!”
“What has he done this time?” Mutinta asked.
“That heartless fool is cheating!” I lashed out.

Mutinta took a deep breath and didn’t say anything. This was supposed to be the part we team up and insult him.

“Why ain’t you saying anything?” I asked her.
“Because I warned you, Allan might be after the money but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want basic things that a woman is supposed to offer…” she said
“What does that mean?”
“Look… you can’t cook, washing is a problem for you. To make matters worse you can’t even shag the nigga. You seriously expect him not to cheat?” Mutinta asked me.
“Is that what you can say?”

I couldn’t believe Mutinta was saying such rubbish. She was my friend and now it sounded like she was siding with Allan.

“You know what? You are useless. Just like that girl who is sleeping with Allan.”
“What! Am not going to be disrespected in my house, leave!” She ordered.
“I know what’s happening here, you people are jealous of me. You can’t stand that I have a man like Allan.” I stomped my feet around in a rage and walk out.

I could hear her laughing, “Allan loves you? who lied to you sweetheart… get a life. We all know he’s only with you because you are the key to his inheritance.” She said banging the door.

My next move was to go and see his father. Just when I was starting to give in to the idea of having a future with Allan… Now, this had to happen. This changed everything, I was definitely cancelling the engagement party.

When I arrived, his father was just about to leave for work. He always left the house at 10 AM.

“Ivy, how are you?” He said all cheerful and happy.
“Am not fine Dad,” I said breaking down into tears.
“What happened?” He asked, leading me by the hand as we sat down.
“Allan is having an affair…” I told him.
“What! Since when?” He asked me. His voice was raging, he became more pissed than I was.
“I don’t know when it started. I guess it started when he started coming late and spending the night in Lodges. Dad, he embarrassed me today. He even spends time with her in public.” I said wiping my tears.
“Don’t cry. I will talk to him.” He said pulling out a phone from his pocket.
‘Kumbweneshamo konse uku nomba…’ He said to himself while he walked out to make a phone call.



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