Not Another Love Story – Episode 11


Episode 11

I had called Limpo and invited her over for the night since mum spoke about her. She was glad to come through and promised that I would find her home once I knocked off.

I checked my clock and it was already 20 minutes past 6 PM. I never took Allan to be one who couldn’t keep time _ as I was going through my thoughts his grey Hilux pulled over.

It wasn’t like always, this time Allan didn’t come out to open the door for me, rather, he opened it from inside and I got in. He looked pissed.

“Can we go somewhere before I take you home?” He asked me.
“No thanks. I really need to go home. My friend has been waiting for me for hours already.” I told him. He looked at me with a calm strong stair and that’s how we drove off.
“I’ve been waiting for your response… The weekend is fast approaching and you haven’t said anything.” Allan said. This was regarding his request of me going with him to Livingstone.

I really wanted to go with him, my whole being was in agreement with his request except my heart. It felt like things were just moving so fast… It wasn’t yet a month and we had already gotten touchy. It was never this fast with James.

“Is everything okay?” I asked him.
“You don’t look okay…” I commented.
“It’s nothing. Don’t worry.” He responded.

There was an awkward amount of silence in the car as he drove me home. I could tell something was bothering him; I just didn’t know how to make him open up about it.
We got home and he packed the car at his usual spot. It was like we didn’t have anything to say to each other, this was the first time such a thing was happening ever since I had known Allan. I said my goodbyes and left.

When I opened the gate, Limpo was on the corridor stretching out her neck to see the car. At that same moment, I received a text from James.

JAMES – Long time babe. How are you?
MWAPE – Am okay. How’s everything?

I had already gotten used to Jake’s silence in our relationship and asking him how life was only lead to him explaining why he had been mute and the like.

“Hey, stupid,” Limpo called out to me as she hugged me. Being with her at that moment made me realize just how much I missed her.
“You look worried. Did James start driving?” She asked.
“No dummy. That’s my male friend.” I told her. Allan hadn’t asked me to be his woman regardless of how much flattery he gave me.
“The car looks familiar though. Wait, that’s Mr Muchimba?” She exclaimed. I nodded.
“He actually found you after all…””Don’t tell me you are his side-plate?” She commented.

I asked what she meant by saying he found me, that’s when Limpo explained to me that Allan had visited her workplace to inquire about me after the cake incident happened.

“Oh, and you know I can’t be a side-plate to no man. I know my worth girl.” I told her.
“Well, if you say so. Am guessing that means you know that he is engaged right?” Limpo asked.
“Excuse me…”
“Yeah… The same guy.” She said. Not giving it much thought since I told her that he was just a friend.
“Wait _ are we talking about the same guy here? Maybe you’ve got him mixed up with someone else…” I giggled. I didn’t want any of what she had told me to be true. I didn’t.

Limpo noticed how uneasy I got, she removed her phone and showed me a picture of Allan and his wife to be.

“It can’t be!”
“Don’t tell me he got between your legs?” She sighed.
“No. It’s not that, it’s just that he wanted us to go somewhere tonight and then he extended an invitation for Livingstone scheduled for this weekend.” I explained to her.
“This is serious _ you have no idea that he has a fianc´┐Ż?” Limpo asked me. Am sure she thought I was just playing dumb.

“I didn’t.” What hurt me so much was that I got all worked up seeing how worried he was when he came to pick me up. He got more pissed when I refused to go with him.

“Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” Limpo teased.
“Shut up! Can we talk about something else…”I said.

My heart was broken, how could Allan do such a thing?

Mum was busy cooking when we entered the house. I excused myself as I needed to freshen up.
I broke down in the bathroom. I felt dirty and disgusted with myself. ‘He just wanted to use me and then leave me for her.’
When I was done _ I dressed up and joined Limpo, mum was there as well.

“You take hours to bath?” Limpo teased.
“She wants to lighten up…” Mum added to the comment.
I faked a smile.

After having supper, Limpo and I went to the bedroom… It was time to catch up on some juicy gossip.
I knew Allan would call any time from then and decided to switch my phone off.
I thought he was the man for me but guess I was wrong again.

That night, Limpo and I stayed up late talking about college and then the subject of marriage which landed on James.

“Why are you still with him?” Limpo asked me.
“I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t want to be single…” I told her.
“Stop being weird. You are just 25 and you talking about having a phobia for singleness…” She covered my face with her hand just to point out that my reason was stupid.
“It’s called anuptaphobia, and it’s a true condition. Don’t make fun of me.” I said as we both began to laugh.
“You are going to wake up Besa,” Limpo said as she shushed me.

The thing that woke me up was a sprinkle of water on my face.

“You are going to be late…” Besa said as she stood afar.
“Am off today. Did you really have to do that?” I frowned.

I switched on my phone and found 10 messages from Allan.
‘As if I will reply, that man thought I was a fool but I will show…’
Since I wasn’t working, it was a good chance for me to get some grocery while escorting Limpo. Besa didn’t want to go to school, she gave a lame excuse which I didn’t buy _ I needed the help so I allowed her to come along.

“We are leaving you?” I told Besa. Limpo and I were already done and ready to start off.
“Am almost done… Limpo don’t go just yet.” Besa shouted.
“Are you okay?” Limpo asked me.
“I am. Why do you ask?” I smiled.
“Well, you just zoned out suddenly. This has been happening since yesternight.” She said.

“Mwape!” That voice called, it was James. I clicked my tongue and sighed. Limpo heard and began to laugh.
“Hi, James,” I said in a shallow tone.
“That’s no way to talk to your boyfriend…” He nagged.
“Boyfriend, you say? You don’t even know how I’ve been and here you are spitting rubbish early in the morning!” I said bitterly.
“I have been busy. Besides, I texted you yesterday.” He defended himself.
“Whatever!” I said and walked away. Limpo and Besa later followed as we went to get on a bus at the roadside.



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