Not Another Love Story – Episode 12


Episode 12

It was around 8 AM when I opened my eyes, next to me was Ivy. She looked so normal and beautiful when she had no make-up. I leaned forward and kissed her forehead, from there I jumped off the bed and sat on my study table. My phone was there.

The previous night I had called Mwape on several occasions and her phone was off. I wouldn’t be one to point finger _ I behaved like a prick that’s for sure.

“Good morning husband…” Ivy’s soft morning voice found its way to my ears.
“Hey, I didn’t want to disturb,” I said as she walked up to me and stood between my legs.
“You ain’t working today?” Ivy asked. I placed my for on the table, face down and held her tightly _ placing my head on her tummy.
“I don’t have much today. I’ve not decided if I should go or not.” I told her.

She ran her fingers in my hair, I knew this gesture, I was very familiar with what followed.

“I want to get some groceries in town. Since you are not busy, we can go together.” Ivy said in a childish voice.
I grabbed her butt and pulled her closer to me, “What’s in it for me?”
“Just tell me whatever you want and I will make it happen.” She giggled.

A fooled around a little, she chased me to take a shower as she went to check on the maid.

‘I could have been in Livingstone this weekend if Mwape didn’t refuse to join me. Not only that, I can’t run away from the engagement party any more.’ I never saw the point of having the party since I wasn’t the one that proposed to her official (nosy adults) and now I just have to vibe to the beat.

After an hour both Ivy and I were ready to go into town. It had been a while since we spent time together.

“Hold it right there. Where do you think you going with those rainbow nails? Take them off.” I said
“But I love them,” she protested.
“Ivy, stop acting like a spoilt teenager who’s trying to rebel. Tell the maid to help you remove them.” I ordered her.

I knew she wasn’t happy about it cause she bitterly complained as she went to look for the maid. This wasn’t Korea where one had to put on a thousand colours.

“My nails look bad.” She said as she got into the car.
“You will take me to the nail tech right?” She looked at me with poppy eyes. The habit of doing this hadn’t changed over the says. I nodded to her request.

“There is an Indian store I want us to visit…” Ivy said. She was all happy and I was hopelessly following her behind from one store to the next.

I finally stood up for myself, there always comes such a time in a man’s life when he is escorting a lady to do her shopping.

“Am not entering that store,” I told her.
“But babe, this is the last one and then we can eat…” Ivy said.
“That’s what you said on the previous one and the one before that. I will wait for you here…” I told her.

“I found it,” she said showing me a box of candles.
“Lady! You made me go through all this walking for a box of candles?” I asked her furiously.
“These ain’t just any candles. They are scented… don’t you like it when our bedroom is smelling nice?” She asked me.
“What’s the point of having a nice smelling bedroom when all you can do is kiss from it…” I complained as we walked back to where I had parked the car.

I’ve always thought my life is full of bad luck, just when I was starting to enjoy Ivy’s company and nagging, someone I had least expected to run into showed up.

“Hi…” I rushed in to greet Mwape. She was with someone who looked like a smaller version of herself.
“Excuse a bit,” Mwape said to her sister.

Ivy had already walked into Cake World to get us a cake for supper.

“Hey, babes…” I asked trying to touch her hand.
“Don’t even think about it. You need to show some respect to your wife.” She said.
“I don’t get it…” I played dumb. I knew there was no way Mwape had seen Ivy.
“What don’t you get? The part where you are engaged and getting married soon?” She asked me.
I signed. I checked to see if Ivy was coming back but it seemed like she was still tasting cakes before she could pick one,”Mwape listen… It’s not what you think.”
“You don’t know what am thinking, because if you did, I swear you wouldn’t even be standing in front of me.” The intense energy of hurt that came off from her as she spoke gave me the shivers.

I didn’t want to make a scene, I let her walk away. I followed up on Ivy to check how far she had gone with the cake.

“I’ve you ordered the cake?” I asked her.
“Yes, I have. The only lemon cake they had left was the large one. I decided to just get it.” She told me.
“That’s okay. I will wait for the cake and you can go to the mall to have your nails done.” I said smilingly.
“I’ve run out of cash.”
“That’s not a problem. Use my card.” I handed her my ATM and surprisingly she just took it without asking for my password.
“You not asking for the code?”
“Nope. Am certain it’s your birthday in reverse.” She stuck her tongue out as she left.

I began to wonder how on earth Mwape found out that I was engaged. I had made sure to erase all traces of evidence in the car.
My only option was to find a way of talking to Mwape before the day ended.

“What do you want here?” That was the first question she asked once she opened the gate.
“I’ve come to talk to you,” I responded.
“We don’t have anything to talk about Allan.”
“We do, what about ‘us'” I asked her.
“There is no Us, there has never been us…” She roared.

I was running out of ideas, I held her hand tightly and pulled her close to me _ she tried to resist but I managed to grab her waist; from there I kissed her and she did little to resist, “I love you…” I whispered. She pushed me.
“You are lying, Allan.”
“If only I had met you earlier… But that doesn’t matter. Mwape I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I said as I held her hand.
“Don’t do that Allan… Just leave me alone.”

I checked the time and it was 5 PM.

“Can we go somewhere, there is a lot I need to tell you,” I begged her. She agreed _ I took her to Lilayi Lodge, I didn’t think it would be full of people, because of that I booked a room instead.
“The thing is If I don’t marry Ivy… Then I will be blacklisted from the inheritance.” I said.
“What inheritance?” I had to explain to Mwape how Ivy and I knew each other and what made my share of the inheritance to be conditioned.
“Why can’t you just leave it, it’s not like you poor or anything.”

I moved closer to her.

“Stop that… we came here to talk,” she said.
“There is still 7 months to the wedding. Am sure we can figure something out?”

I got her hand and placed it on my chest, my hand was shaking. I placed my thumb on her lips and rubbed them. The tension that built between us was strong. With both my hands I held her head and began to kiss her… I lifted her and walked to the bed. In the blink of an eye, we both had no clothes on…

“So, since am a sick chick are you going to buy me a car?” She asked jokingly.
“You want a car?” I asked looking at her.
“Naah! I don’t need your money _ am good.” Mwape said.
“If you want anything, don’t hesitate, feel free to tell me,” I told her.
“It’s getting late. I really have to go home.” She said.
“Okay, I need to get home as well…” I seconded.
“Going to see your wife after sleeping with your side chick? You mean love such, don’t you?” She asked me.
“It’s nothing like that… Besides, Ivy and I don’t even get intimate.” I told her.

She looked disgusted by what I said. She got up and began to get dressed. I did the same, thereafter, I drove her home.




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