Mafia Queen – Chapter 85



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 85

A month later

Daniella’s p.o.v

“Pregnant?” Damien stared at me with blazing light in his eyes.

“God! Oh, God!” He grinned widely and touched my stomach.

“Is she pregnant, doc?”

He looked at the doctor to wait for the latter’s statement.

“Yes, she is! Congratulations, Mr. Damien! Your fiance�’s pregnant!”

Then, the doctor gave me a happy smile.

“There’s a new life forming in your womb, young lady. Congratulations!”


It was true!

My suspicion was true!

I was pregnant… and the doctor was correct… I was bringing a new life in my womb — my baby and Damien’s…

The rest around me seemed to be really shocked for nobody was able to speak, even mom.

Damien and I gazed at each other. He then touched both of my cheeks with his palms.

“We’re going to have a baby soon,” Damien said, just a whisper at first.

“Yes, a baby…” I repeated with tears in my eyes now.

“You’re pregnant. I’m gonna be a father soon!” he exclaimed, almost shouting now.

I had never seen him this excited and jubilant all his life, especially when he threw a fist on the air.

Being the crying Daniella that I was, tears just abundantly flowed out from my eyes.

Damien brushed my hair.

“Princess, princess… you really make me so happy…”

The doctor cleared his throat to catch our attention.

It was as if we had forgotten that the cardiologist was still around.

“Okay, so… Miss Daniella, we still need to do the X-ray, okay? But I will refer you to an OB this time for Comanagement.”

Still having no power to speak, I just nodded my head repeatedly.

“Yes, doc. Thank you. Thank you so much,”

Damien stood up and clasped the palm of the doctor.

*Time skip*

From a short nap, I was awakened with my hand held by someone. I learned it was Damien, smiling at me wonderfully.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Feeling great… of course…” I looked around and saw lots of roses around me.

Oh, Damien!

I remembered the first time he sent me thousands of roses and they all occupied the lobby. Now, I also saw roses of different colors, arranged beautifully by the wall, but just as not as many as that first time. Still, they were of considerable number.

“What’s this? Drowning Me with Your Flowers Part 2?” I said, joking.

“You deserve these beautiful roses.”

“Thank you.”

I knew it was my first time to thank him for all the flowers he sent me but better late than never.

Damien kissed my forehead.

“Anything for my princess.”

Oh, what would I do without this man?

Oh, God!

God was really good!

All the time!

“So, Daniella, let get married now. Let’s change the wedding date. I don’t want my child born out of wedlock. I want to introduce you to the world as my wife and not my babymama, let’s get married as soon as possible, baby.” Damien said, holding my hand.

“I agree, let’s get married as soon as possible, yes… Yes, Damien!”


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