Mafia Queen – Chapter 84



Written By : Pamela James

�Youngicee stories


Chapter 84

Daniella’s P.o.v

Damien said he would be taking me out for dinner so both of us had to indulge ourselves to prepare for the night.

Two women were assigned to help me do my hair, make up, nails, even my outfit and accessories.

I just let the women did what they thought was best for me. While I was pampered with all the services they were offering, I was also in a state of wondering where Damien was taking me for dinner date.

Fully dolled up, I stepped out of the room where I was taken cared of.

Damien was already in the waiting area and he was clothed in a signature suit.

Why was everything so formal tonight?

However, I was not in a gown.

I was clothed in a s�xy dress of purple, showing some skin and shape, not slutty though.

When I appeared in front of him, he gave me a look that was enough for me to know that he found my appearance agreeable.

“You look ravishing… as always…” he complimented, encircling my waist with an arm and gulping his throat.

“I want to ravish you right now.”

“You are really a jerk, Damien…” I mused, giggling within his embrace,

“but thank you. You look wonderful as well,” I said to him.

He would always be wonderful for me.

“So where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see, princess,” he said, beaming.

�youngicee stories

For me, the place where we went to was the most perfect place in the world where a dinner should be set up.

It was set up in a first-class restaurant near a lake just at the outskirts of the city.

When we entered the classy place, I really thought we were to find a table where we could settle. But, as Damien pulled me gently by his hand, I discovered that we were actually not joining with the others, mostly couples, who were actually taking dinner there.

He kept on walking and I just kept up with him until he led me to a wide door.

It led us to an open-air balcony which also led to a narrow bridge.

Before we went to walk on the bridge, a waiter presented Damien a bouquet of red roses.

Damien, immediately, gave the flowers to me of which I gladly accepted.

Treading on the bridge with him, I noticed that its railings had lanterns hung in them making the bridge glow amidst the darkness of the night.

It was totally breathtaking.

What mesmerized me more was that, the bridge floor made of wood was filled with red rose petals.

“This is very beautiful, Damien,” I muttered as we walked.

“This is my way of showing how much does love you,” he said as we held hands.

“I’m so lucky to have you.”

“Thank you,” I said, too overwhelmed, not only of the beauty of the place but of the efforts he extended just to set this whole thing up.

Finally, we were at a small cottage in the middle of the lake. It had a pagoda-structured roof, and if the bridge glowed brightly, this place was also lit with lanterns around it.

Spectacular — that was the word that came into my head.

In the center of the wooden floor was a table set for two with three scented candles on it.

Just like the bridge, the cottage floor was also filled with rose petals.

“This is so beautiful,” I said, totally mesmerized with everything, hugging him through his waist with the roses still in my hand.

“I’d like to show you something,” he expressed.

We separated from our embrace and he brought me to the side of the cottage, which was made of wooden railings.

There, on the water, was a group of floating flower lanterns, glowing beautifully on the water in different colors.

Not only that, the lanterns were formed into an I love you where they were arranged as a line for the big letter “I”, a heart for the word “love”, and a letter U for the word “you.”

“Will you marry me?” Damien asked as he knelt down bringing a box from his pocket.

He brought out a diamond ring. It looked to beautiful

I wasn’t able to reply.

I was totally speechless It was a dark night but everything around me was glowing.

It felt so surreal.


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