Mafia Queen – Chapter 83



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 83

Daniella’s p.o.v

“I have been losing my mind and I’m losing my control now,” he stated with his shivering voice.

He gripped my arms harder as he pulled me down back to the surface of the bed.

Lying now with my back completely rested on the bed, Damien climbed on top of me. Supporting his weight, his palms were placed on each side near my head while his knees were bent down straddling and imprisoning my hips.

I pushed his chest when he pressed his torso to me but I couldn’t move him a bit.

He was so strong.

He even leaned his face near to me.

“I’m really losing my control now and it’s you who’s doing this to me.”

“What are you doing?” I cried out loud.

“I swear I’m gonna make you mine right now,” he murmured heavily to my left ear.

“I’m gonna f-ck you so hard right here that you will completely forget whoever is Ryan that you’re falling in love with.”

With my body still weak from last night’s fever, I was surprised that I was still able to pinch his chest with my fingers.

“I’m not one of your f-ck buddies,” I stated in fear, confusion and anger as my tears streamed down my cheeks.

“And certainly, I am not your Victoria Edward.”

The mention of that name made his eyes flick and darken even more.

“What? What did you just say?”

I pinched his chest again.

“I said I’m not your Victoria Edward…”

There was some movement of his eyeballs.

Was that an expression of confusion?

“Edward Victoria? How come she becomes a part of this discussion?”

“So you’re acting stupid now… How could you even forget your engagement to her? The two of you are going to be married soon, aren’t you? So why are you still acting jealous?”

Still hovering over me, he paused for some time gazing at me.

Finally, a word came out of his mouth.


“Don’t what what me,” I said, sardonically, hitting his chest once with my right fist.

Grabbing my right hand, Damien pressed shocked; and I was confused if the expression I saw in his face as he was drooping down on me was even true.

I still stared at him disbelievingly.

Was he acting?

Was he this good in acting that he actually convinced me that he was utterly not expecting what I just said?

Damien groaned and held my chin.

“Who told you that f-cking crap?” he repeated.

“Are you saying that it’s a lie?” I gasped.

“Of course, it’s a LIE!” he said as he finally dropped his chest on me.

Our bodies were now pressed to each other but I didn’t feel his weight, like he carefully controlled himself not to smash my tiny body with his humongous built.

His mouth rested on my forehead.

“It’s a lie, Daniella. I never proposed to anyone.”

I closed my eyes but tears rolled down at the sides of my face.

“I don’t believe you…”

Bewildered, Damien once again lifted himself up to look at my face.

“Oh, God! Just f-cking tell me who told you such lie and I swear I’m gonna put a bullet through his or her head!”

I wasn’t able to say words anymore.

I cried even more.


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