Mafia Queen – Chapter 74



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 74

Daniella’s p.o.v

“I don’t want to talk anymore… Can you just give me space?” I butted in, pushing him hard.

He finally inched himself away.

“Damien, let’s start by—”

“For God’s sake, can you just please stop talking?” I cried out.

He sighed deeply.

There was no talking for several minutes.

We sat side by side, both of us not moving on the couch.

*Time Skip*

When I cooled myself down a bit, I looked at him.

“There are just a lot of things that have been bugging me. I don’t want to be disturbed yet. I need a lot of time for my internship. I want to concentrate. Give me time and space, please.”

He met my eyes.

“Are you saying that I stop visiting you?” he asked with his voice coated with a tone of regret.

“Yes, please…”

Damien, this time, reached out for my body once more and enclosed me in his arms.

I didn’t violently react anymore because, honestly, I just realized that it was a lot better for me to be enclosed in his arms than to be sitting desolately on this couch.

It was like my body was searching for the warmth he was providing me a while ago.

“I’m sorry if I upset you all the time,” he pleaded.

There again, I wasn’t able to control myself.

I sobbed hard because what he said was true.

Recalling my life with him in the past and even merely seeing him in the present made my heart turn upside down.

I never really moved on… It hurt to admit but I had never really moved on.

Especially now that I heard his revelations.

Why did he have to make our lives complicated before when he could just admit to me his feelings?

I wouldn’t have gone shattered.

I knew I had been shaking all along as I sobbed.

Damien grabbed my head and pulled my cheek to his chest.

No matter how hard this man had been hurting me, I still wanted him to embrace me.

I couldn’t explain why.

Perhaps, I was just tired.

Perhaps, I just wanted someone to comfort me this time and he was the only available warm body in the room with me.

I even leaned on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

I didn’t say anything.

“I love you, Daniella,” he said softly, brushing his lips on my ear.

I shivered at the touch of his lips.

It sent tiny prickles in my ear down to my neck.

“Please, quit giving me kisses,” I whispered.

I knew my body reacted to the touch of his lips on my skin but, as much as possible, I just wanted him to refrain from doing it.

He embraced me tightly.

“Let me stay here with you tonight.”

With tears still running down my cheeks, I closed my eyes.

“As long as you will not bother me after this,” I whispered.

“Please, promise me you’re not going to bother me after tonight.”

There was a long silence.

The only thing I heard was his heartbeat…



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