Mafia Queen – chapter 67



Written By : Pamela James

�Youngicee stories


Chapter 67

Daniella p.o.v

I thought Damien was kidding when he said I would go back to my parents. He actually let me go. My dad got his company back and our lives went back to normal.

I now work in a cake shop and it’s been fun so far.

One Friday evening, while at the cake shop, as I was preparing to go home to my apartment, I was surprised when someone peeped in the kitchen door. There was only one guy who would always do that every time he visited me here.

“Ryan! Hi!” I exclaimed disbelievingly.

He grinned and entered the kitchen.

“How about a dinner date?”

“You didn’t tell me you’re coming.”

“Well, I missed somebody,” he said cheerfully.

“So, dinner?”


You just knew you were that special to someone when he would make big efforts for you.

That was what I’d always feel about myself when I was with Ryan.

After changing a decent dress, I went out with him to a high class restaurant.

It wasn’t the place where he would usually bring me.

It looked classier and fancier than our usual place.

“I have just learned that this is the best restaurant here in the South,” he informed me.

“That’s why I have to bring you here.”

We sat across each other on a table nearest to the bar.

The place was indeed beautiful and had its romantic ambiance.

It was dimly lit.

Tables were also placed exclusively as they had been arranged in considerable distances from among each other.

“Yeah, this place is so beautiful,” I said.

We both ordered our food.

While waiting for it to be done, a waiter offered us wine to drink.

I had a little red wine and was quite relieved that I had a drink, relieving my stress for the day.

“So, what’s new for Mr.Ryan?” I asked him.

He gulped his wine and said,

“Research. That’s what’s keeping me busy nowadays. How about you? How’s social work?”

“Oh, Ryan! It’s the best! I really enjoyed it. It’s like I’m not studying; I’m finally free from cage. it’s living life to the fullest.”

Our food arrived and both of us started to eat.

While taking our dinner, we continued with our chitchat.

“You’re so conscious with food,” I commented as I noticed that there was not much meat on his plate.

“Well, according to my—”

“Nutritionist,” I put on the word as I smiled.

“No.” He smiled as well.

“According to my dietician, I have to eat—”

“You have both? A nutritionist and a dietician?”

He nodded his head.

I paused for a while to think.

At home, we actually ate anything… except now for Mommy who was more careful with her food because of her health. And Damien… that man was a voracious eater.

He could eat anything and everything under the sun.

How was that guy able to maintain his lean, muscular built?

Oh, why was I thinking of the jerk?

I was facing Ryan and, here I was, thinking of Damien!

Oh, screw me!



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