Mafia Queen – Chapter 64



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 65

Daniella P.o.v

I heard a knock on the door and stood up to check who it was.

It was no other than Damien.

“What do you want?”

He followed me.


“You’ve already eaten dinner and you’ve already greeted me. So what else do you want from me?” I asked him with hands on my waist.

“A lot,” he replied.


Oh, my goodness!

This man was really to drive me nuts.

“There are just a lot of things that I’ve been meaning to tell you,” he said, stepping closer to me.

“They’re all stuck here in my chest and, everytime I think of you, they always pierced me like hell… really hurt me to the core…”

“Oh, my God! It sounds so cheesy and… corny,” I commented.

I never imagined Damien to be this soft and vulnerable.

So unbelievable!


“I don’t want to hear any cheesy line from you, okay? Please, leave now,” I cried out, opening the door for him.

He went closer to me, grabbed the doorknob from my hand, and closed the door again.

“It’s the middle of the night. Are you seriously driving me out?”

“I’m very serious,there are other rooms in this house. You should go to your room.” I retorted bluntly.

“Daniella,” Damien said softly as he scratched his nape with his right fingers,

“please, let me stay. I’ve been meaning to talk with you. Please, just hear me out on this.”

I cleared my throat.

“What really is wrong with you?” I gasped as I tried to push his body away from me.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply when I failed to thrust him forward.

“F-ck!” he grunted and he even pressed his body to me.


Before I could finish what I wanted to say, Damien’s lips crushed into mine as he imprisoned my body within his arm and my nape with a hand.

I shivered in both shock and disbelief.

He hurriedly slanted his face and totally possessed my mouth like I was his to keep…

like he owned me…

like there was no more escape from here…

Though it wasn’t my first time to make out with him, it still startled me when I felt how warm and soft his lips were, how active his tongue was drilling inside my mouth, and how tight he was embracing me.

It was a time when you wanted to rebel and slap someone’s face repeatedly, but for some reason you were surprised why your body wasn’t even doing anything to object.

Yes, it started out as one stolen kiss but turned out long, hungry, and fervent.

It sent electric shocks in all my nerves.

I couldn’t believe the sparks I was seeing around us.

I felt everything around was piping hot like how my mouth and how my whole body responded to his kisses.

I knew I was in my complete awareness of what was happening but it seemed like I couldn’t afford to put an end to this. Perhaps, I was going crazy now.

What happened to my being an expert on self-control?

Though I was leaning on the wall for support, I still shivered and was afraid that my legs would get cramped anytime soon if not because of Damien’s arms enveloping my body to keep me from falling down.

I shut my eyes and, for the meantime, I didn’t give a damn.

Even if this was a big sin for me, would it matter anyway?

Could I just not give myself a freebie even for just a while?

I couldn’t decide how long it took us to do that.

I just decided to lose myself into it.

And then, he ended it.

He groaned as he gasped air to breathe.

I did the same and we faced each other locking our gazes.

“I was your first. I will make sure I’ll be your last, Daniella,” he said, caressing my cheek.

Realizing now what I just did, I became totally aghast about myself.

I pushed his hand away from my cheek.

Even if it was already too late for me to express my objection, I still tried to raise my ego to its highest level. I was ashamed of what just happened and, in order for me to hide my great shame, I needed to show my damn pride.

“Don’t be too confident about yourself,” I commented sourly.

“I can’t ever let you go nor let anyone else to be with you.”

“Oh! Why?”

“Because you’re mine.”

It was a firm statement coming from him.

“You’re mine, Daniella Damien,” he then repeated it in a whisper with a scary tone that brought chills to the hairs just beside my left ear where his mouth almost rested.

Now he was claiming me!


“Wow, very nice, me Damien!” I sarcastically said as I found myself a chance to escape from him.

I strode fast to the couch, took his suit jacket and his tie that he had left behind earlier with my hands, and let them fly in the air as I threw them at him.

Of course, he looked at me very bewildered while the jacket fell to the floor near his feet.

“I’ve never been yours and I will never be yours!” I said, battling with my temper.

“Now, you can leave my room!”

Slowly, he bent down and took his jacket and tie from the floor.

Finally, when he stood up straight, he cast me again that sad look in his eyes.

“I’m sorry…” he spoke.

I cut him off with my hand, then I said,

“Let’s make it clear. Sorry or not, you don’t have a place in my heart, so please leave me in peace.”

Damien didn’t move, neither did he speak. With his jacket in one of his hands, he stood in front of me like a lost creature. His eyes shot me a blank and worried stare, his shoulders drooping.



  1. Plz continue,and pls who is the mafia queen,i expect this story to be an action one nt d other way round,it is becoming boring to me,sorry if my word sound somehow i said what is on my mind

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