Mafia Queen – Chapter 61



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 61

Daniella p.o.v

“Just go to your room Damien.”

I was hoping that he would go away, to my utter surprise, Damien pushed the door, keeping it more ajar, so he could insert his large body until, finally, he managed himself to get into my room.

His arms brushed my bust in the process and, I swore, the nerves in my br�asts were quite stirred up by the contact.

My n!pples hardened and it made my cheeks blushed.

Oh, God, what did he really want this time?

He was now inside — inside! — my bedroom!

I couldn’t understand what I was feeling.

I was peeved with both his actions and my body’s reactions as well.

“What are you doing?” I freaked out.

He didn’t mind me, instead he walked towards my bed and slumped his body there, his front towards the bed surface and his arms spread widely at his sides.

“I’m sleeping here, princess,” he said turning his reddened face to me, his left cheek was pressed to the bed.

“Are you insane?”

He smiled lazily,

“It’s you who’s driving me insane, princess.”


” I thought we agreed that we will both sleep in separate rooms, ” I snapped back, putting a hand in my waist.

“Really? You think I would be able to do that?”


“Well, you said you will do everything possible to prove you have changed. I guess you were just pretending.” I say, grabbing my hair hard with both of my hands as I walked nearer to the bed.

He was really irritating me, and I could grip my hair forever like this if he kept on irritating me.

“No, I wasn’t pretending. I was serious at that time. But what I see through that nightie…” he pronounced wickedly.

Oh, my God!

It was too late for me to realize that my untied robe actually was spread open as I was grabbing my hair in complete annoyance.

My nightdress was flaunted and God-knows-what else underneath its sheer cloth. I instantly felt heat in my cheeks and it travelled like a spark all through out the other parts of my body. There again, my bre�sts reacted and my thighs trembled due to the cr�zy thought of him seeing visibly my almost n�ked body.

Until now, this man who was lying prone on my bed was still the biggest jerk on earth!

With shaking hands, I wrapped the robe around my body.

“Please, leave now.”

“Really love your smell on the bed, princess… so sweet and so sensual,” he said dreamily.

“Please, let me stay with you… tonight,” he pleaded, not minding my anger.

He dipped his nose on the sheet and closed his eyes.

Immediately, my brain recalled the smell of my favorite perfume fragrance, powdery vanilla scent.

Damien was sniffing my bed like he was enjoying it.

“If you’re not leaving this room, then I’ll be the one leaving,” I said, totally irritated by him.

It was definitely hard to deal with a drunk man.

Not waiting for his reply, I deserted him as I walked out of my room.

Stay with me?


On my bed?

The jerk!

Still a pervert!

He never changed!


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