(Her quest…)


By: Victoria


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Chapter 9




Lyka kept reminiscing on what happened between her and Liam Last night as hot tears roll down her cheeks…


‘what was i thinking?’she asked herself


“Please don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s totally my fault…I should have stopped you but i didn’t do that…am sorry”Liam said. He’s being trying to stop her tears but it’s not working at all.


After sometime, she looked at him and gave a wry smile


“It wasn’t your fault…i know you’re too weak to resist me anyways,I should be saying sorry for taking advantage of that fact”she said




“Let’s forget about what happened last night ok …it was all a mistake”she held his hands tenderly


“Yes…”he answered sadly


“You’ll stay by my side all through ok”she said and he nodded


“Yes… and it’ll be ok now since dad transferred me here already”


“I want you to be around me whenever am around Bryan…so i don’t loose myself” she said


“Sure…”he hugged her patting her back gently.




? Lee villa ?


Bryan was still in deep thoughts, it’s morning already and he’s still not ready for work yet.


“Hon…am off to my coffee shop already…see ya later” aurora pecked him but he said nothing neither did he move an inch.


“Is anything the matter?”aurora asked tapping him lightly


“Just go already i need to rest”he groaned


“Ok then am going… bye” she left.


‘Am sure she’s behaving this way because she’s aware of lyka’s return…’bryan sat up slowly.


He walked to his dressing table and pulled out a drawer. He got a picture frame from inside the drawer and closed it back.


“My angel…”he ran his fingers on the glass, smiling at the picture he took with lyka when everything was very much ok with them.


He remembered the first day they met, that was when he returned from the U.S…




The door to the room opened and lyka was startled, she released a deep breathe when she saw it was Mrs Vera’s son who just came back from America.


“Good morning sir”she bowed slightly


“Sorry i startled you…”he apologized smiling cheerfully


“It’s ok… i’ll just leave since an done arranging the room”she picked up the broom and dustpan then was about Heading out when Bryan held her arm, she looked back in shock


“Am sorry i just wanted to… get to know you better. I only got to know your name when mom was introducing me to the others”he said pleadingly


“Why?” She smiled looking at him suspiciously


“Ok please don’t give me that look,I just want us to be friends” he said


“Well am lyka as you know… and there’s nothing else to know about me”


“How old are you?”he asked


“Hmmm… let’s say am four years older than you”she said


“22… come on you don’t look 22″he said


“So you’re 18 wow!”she smiled


“Wait! You tricked me to know my age”his eyes widened as she giggled guiltily


“Please tell me your age?”he pleaded


“Find out yourself…” She rushed out of his room.


“Is this some kind of a game?”he wondered.


? Lee villa, night time ?


Lyka was going to the maids quarters to rest, she’s been working since daybreak.


She was about entering when someone pulled her to a corner, She wanted to scream but stopped on seeing who it was.


“You said sorry for scaring me the other time and now it’s kidnap so what do you have to say” she said


“You’re 17 years old… and you started working here last year when you where 16… Why?”he asked


“Why what?”


“You’re too young for this you’re suppose to be in your final year in high school” she giggled at his words


“It’s not funny is it?”


“Of course it is”she continued giggling till she was satisfied.


“Well my case is that of… when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade out of it… well am doing all these because i really don’t want to lose hope in life. I want to be strong even when life gives me a hundred reasons to be weak”she said smiling sadly as she did.


“Please you can tell me about it”he assured


“It’s late…go to bed”she smiled before walking away tho he had the urge hold her back but he stopped himself… maybe she’s really tired.


? Present ?


Bryan exhaled loudly as he remembered all he went through before she could open up about herself to him.


He noticed he’d already developed uncontrollable feelings for her when he went to the America…he couldn’t control his yearnings for her so he decided to transfer to Seoul so he can be with her and also with his studies without losing his senses.


“You’re thinking about her again huh?”Mr Lee said


“Dad when did you come in?”he asked…


” when you were busy thinking about your first love”he said making Bryan smile


” I wish our story could have a better ending than it did”Bryan said


“Son…look on the bright side, things can spark up between you two again although you have a wife”


“You think so?”Bryan asked and Mr Lee shook his head


“I know so…”


“It’s still surprising how mum hated lyka…I mean lyka was her best maid here but all of a sudden,things changed and she made me end up with aurora” Mr Lee shuddered


“It still baffles me and it all happened after Martins visited and stayed the night with his son”Mr Lee said


“Exactly… the next day mum was acting all wired and the next thing is her hatred for lyka” Bryan said in agreement.


“I really don’t know what to think anymore… and now, aurora’s acting all nice”


“You’re doubting her new attitude right?” Mr Lee asked


“Who wouldn’t… it’s just too sudden. She must’ve met with lyka and she’s insecure about lyka’s return”


“Whatever is going on, it’ll be exposed soon. No secret can be hidden forever son” Mr Lee pat Bryan’s back gently.


“It only matter of time”





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