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By: Victoria


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Chapter 8




Mansion in a secluded area?


Aurora turned her back to him as he helped her clip her bra. She just finished going several rounds with him and she’s preparing to go to her coffee shop


“So how’s it going?”he asked


“Well I’ve been able to convince them that I’ve changed… except from vera actually, she doesn’t trust me” aurora said


“Forget about her, she dare say nothing… and the money?”he added


“Over three hundred billion” she answered


“That’s my baby…”he pulled her closer and placed a peck on her cheek


“Lyka child died”she said


“How’d you know?”


“I purposely angered her today just to find out. She has an adopted brat with her” aurora said angrily as if she’ll strangle lyka if she was there


“That’s not a problem, we’re leaving soon anyways”he picked up a cigarette and light it up


“Just keep a close eye on your husband till then” he puffed out the smoke he’d inhaled from the stick


“So we should be ready to start up our own lovely family soon huh?”she smiled


“Sure… come on,i want us to go one more time”he pleaded


“No i have a shop to be at”she refused and tried to stand but he pulled her back making her land heavily on the bed


“You don’t say no to me b***h am your master” he roughly inserted four fingers into her V at once and she screamed in pain.


“I love seeing you cry while doing this,it turns me on”he whispered as he watched her cry. His pace is not helping matters at all, aurora kept crying.


Ligaya’s office…10:00am


A light knock was placed on the door and ligaya asked the person in.


“Ma’am our guest is here”Mimi informed


“Ok then let him in and bring two glasses of lemon flavored juice when coming “ligaya said and she bowed before leaving. Ligaya stood up and walked to the part of her office which looks like a living room. She sat on the sofa patiently waiting for her guest.


Soon, the guest came in with Mimi


“Here sir …”she said bowing slightly. He smiled at her and sat opposite ligaya’s sofa. The server also came with the glasses of juice and placed them on the table she bowed also before leaving with Mimi. Now she was left alone with her guest


“Good morning Mr Lee”ligaya greeted smiling cheerfully


“Good mor…” He paused abruptly on seeing her face


“Lyka is this really you?” Bryan asked. Shock is excess on his face right now.


“It’s been a long time huh…” She smiled as she slipped from her glass


“By the way, it’s ligaya not lyka”she said. Bryan kept on staring… he’s shocked but also happy that he’s able to see her again. He blindly walked to her and started touching her face to be sure he’s not dreaming.


All ligaya could do was gulp down nothing. She tried as much as possible to act professional but she failed. All the memories of their good old days started playing in her head.


“It’s really you” Bryan said in tears as he pulled her into a tight hug. She wasn’t sure if she should hug him back or not,he disengaged the hug and looked back into her eyes, those eyes that captured him at first sight.


“I’ve missed you so very much” he said


“Look we…” She ended her words halfway as her eyes widened in shock. Is it Bryan kissing her now? She slapped herself mentally trying to remember why she’s in Korea at first… but unfortunately, she got temporary amnesia that instant.


She forgot about everything and kissed him back. The kiss became more wild and intense as both parties forgot they were in an office. He made ligaya sit on his laps with her both legs wrapped around his torso. She’s missed his tasty lips for years and he also has missed her crazily.


She unknowingly straddles him making a soft moan escape his lips. He massaged her Bare thighs up to her b*tt cheeks. He squeeze them gently,she moaned and straddled him again.


Soon, she felt his erection touching her V through his trousers. That’s when she realized what she’s been doing. She quickly ended the whole romance and almost immediately, Mimi entered. Sensing that something was wrong, she decided to go back but ligaya stopped her


“Mimi please go through with the meeting yourself I’m going home”ligaya said and immediately rushed out before Bryan could do anything.




Ligaya kept crying as she drove home. She f***ed up big time.


“What’s all these? I was suppose to be acting professional not making out with him. What have i done? Ligaya you’re here strictly for business don’t let anything distract you. Your daughter’s innocent blood was shared and you must revenge got it? Snap out of it… he’s all in the past now”she scolded herself thinking it’ll wipe away everything but no,it kept coming.


She started feeling pains on her head and thankfully she’s already arrived home. She came down from the car and threw the keys at one of her guards and went in without saying a word.


“Ligaya you finally came” liam said wanting to hug her but she shifted back


“Please take It away i don’t want to remember anymore, take it all away”she cried


“What is it ligaya? Are you …” Before he could finish, she crashed her lips on his and began kissing him fiercely. Liam tried to pull her away but she wouldn’t stop. He doesn’t have power over her at all, only her winks are enough to weaken him let alone a kiss!


He let his emotions take over as her pulled her closer and kissed her as crazily as she’s doing.


Ligaya tried to stop herself but couldn’t, she wants to forget everything and go ahead with her revenge. The more she kept remembering the past, the more she deepened the kiss and the more she remembers how unfair fate has been to her,the more anger she poured into the kiss making it even crazier.


Liam didn’t understand the anger she kept pouring into the kiss but all he knows is that he’s ready to go extra miles just to make her happy.


Liam lifted her up and took her up the stairs to her room. He shut the door with his leg and moved to the bed. He lays her down with him on top as his hands roam all over her body. This’s all leading to something else but ligaya is not done pouring out her anger and Liam’s emotion kept pouring nonstop so none of them is ready to stop.


Liam impatiently undressed ligaya and took over her right n***le, his hands found their way to her V as he inserted a finger making her moan in ecstasy…





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