(Her quest…)


By: Victoria


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Chapter 10




Aurora just got the news about Bryan and lyka’s meeting and she’s burning in range


“It’s faster than i thought it would…why must they see now?”she lamented throwing files everywhere


“I hate you lyka!!!”she yelled, she heard a knock on the door and immediately comported herself.


“Come in…”she said and her one and only accomplice came in.


“Why’s your office in a mess?”he asked looking around


“I’m seriously angry… they’ve already met and i haven’t even gained his trust yet. She might just destroy the thing we’ve started a long time ago”she said in panic


“You know what? Just steal as much as you can before the end of next week Monday… we’re ending it on that same day”he sat on the sofa opposite her


“We should ki*ll them too”she said


“No…we just need the money. After that huge sum leaves the company, the investors would ask for their money back and by the time they can’t provide the money, they’ll sue the company plus Bryan would go to jail”he explained


“Wow! That’s nice…i love the idea”she smiled and sat beside him.


“Forget about them,they can meet all they want”he smiled.


?Margaux kiddies school?


Cherry, hiah and rose were on their way to the lunch counter to have lunch.


They were chatting happily like they’ve known each other for ages.


“My birthday’s on Monday and I’m celebrating it here in school”cherry said


“Really? Wow! Happy birthday in advance girl”rosella said




“Hiah you’ve changed a lot… what’s up?”cherry asked


“Well I’ve been uptight all these while because of some family issues but we’re fine now and am ready to make as many Friends as I like “she smiled


“Thank goodness you’re fine now i don’t like the way you’ve been behaving all along but i think I’m in love with the new you”cherry smiled as they settled down to eat


“Your mom’s pretty… I haven’t gotten the chance to tell you that since the last time i saw her”rosella said


“Well… your mom’s also pretty ,i love her natural tan skin”Hiah smiled


“You’re kinda tanned too”rose said


“Ion’ think so” hiah said with a mouthful of kimchi fried rice






? Ligaya’s office ?


She sat gracefully opposite Bryan who was kinda lost in thoughts.


He’s confused because Liam’s right there beside her acting all boyfriendish and it’s killing him.


“So Mr Lee… you had the discussion with my PA and she’s til you what you need to know about the planning process so am kinda lost at the reason for your coming today without an appointment”she said acting all formal. At least, Liam’s there to help her not to make any mistake.


“I came here to talk lyka “he said in a serious tone


“It’s ligaya “Liam corrected


“Just shut up let me do my thing “Bryan said,he couldn’t hold back his words anymore.


“Hey watch your tongue “Liam replied standing up


“If I don’t, what will you do?” Bryan asked standing up too.


“If this’s going to turn into a fight then i suggest you both go outside to do that…my office is for settling business matters not for settling personal scores “ligaya said as she stood between both of them


“Lyka tell me,is he your boyfriend?”Bryan couldn’t hide his jealousy any longer,he held her palms tenderly looking straight into her eyes


“What…”lyka giggled


“Do i still look like a teen who keeps boyfriends? Bryan am 23 for crying out loud “she said taking her palms off his hold


“So he’s just a friend… that’s better “he exhaled


“He’s not just a friend, he’s my fiance ” ligaya said making Bryan look up in horror


“You should’ve grown out of this Bryan,for goodness sake you’re already a married man… forget about everything we had, it’s all in the past. Now the only string holding us together is business “she noted


“Ion’ think so lyka…if the only string holding us together like you said is business,then why’d you kiss me the other day?”he asked


“Stop making it look like i begged you for it, you were the one who kissed me” she defended


“And you kissed me back, you were suppose to push me away or something but you kissed me back…that doesn’t sound like just business to me”he smiled naughtily making ligaya hold her breathe for a second.


“You know what? You’ve over stayed your welcome so please get out now”she said after regaining her Senses


“You heard her, leave else i’ll call the security”Liam ordered


“Quite barking boy…”Bryan smirked


“What!”… the expression on Liam’s face made ligaya burst into a feast of laughter.




To be continued!!!


Who else thinks ligaya is being unfair here????


  1. What do u mean by Ligaya being unfair,Vic? She's just trying to protect her feelings, dats all….
    I pray dat opportunist of a wife gets busted!!!

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