Just For Love � Episode 35

Love made her

(Love made her)

#Chapter 35

�Azeemah Salami?

(Zeemah writes )


Mara’s POV

I climbed down from the stairs and headed to the living room.
Everyone is seated like i requested.

Laura, Bryan, Kelly, Ellen, Liam and Mum.
The past few days have been sad for everyone and i know my confession is gonna make it worse but i gotta do it.

“Good morning everyone”
“Morning Mara”
I sat down on a separate couch and cleared my throat

It all began like this;


“Ellen i really love Bryan” I said sadly to her.
We were on a holiday to her granny’s place in the countryside.
We were having our lunch at the dining.
Granny was taking a nap.

“I know you love him,but why don’t you tell him,he might feel something for you too” she said.
“Feel something for me?” I laughed.
“What’s funny?” Ellen asked.
“He can’t feel anything for me” I said.
“And why is that?” Ellen asked.
“Cause IM FAT AND UGLY” I said close to tears.

I’ve always complained about the way i am.
I want to be slim and beautiful like other girls but all i gat is a useless fat body and ugly face.

“Com’on Mara,I’ve always told you not to be condemning yourself,you are beautiful the way you are. Now tell me,if Bryan thinks of you as fat and ugly then why did he became your friend” She said.
“I want more than friends. Ellen, friend is nothing compared to what I’m feeling for Bryan” I said.

“Tell him about it,even if he’s gonna reject you. You will get over it,he might also like you” She said.
“Quit the tease, who is gonna like a fat and ugly girl” I said and dropped my spoon.

I’ve always being bullied and taunted all the days of my life just because of this damn body structure.

“Mara! You are beautiful! being fat is not a disease!” Ellen said.
“Being fat is not a disease? Then why am i being laughed at anywhere i go! Why am i being bullied! Why am i being criticized!”
“We love you for who you are, don’t care about what other people think. Strive hard to attain your goals and then disappoint them. Those people who were laughing at you will end up begging on their knees…Mara love yourself the way you are” She said.

“My only goal now is to date Bryan,I’ve never loved anyone like i love him…but the courage to tell him isn’t there cause he’s probably gonna refuse a fatty” i said.
“So are you going to wait till forever before you tell him?” She asked.

“I don’t know!” I said.
“Uhg!” She sighed.
“I wish i can change into what I’ve always imagined” I said and she laughed.
“You wish you will just become a svelte all of a sudden..how’s that possible?” She asked.
“I know it’s not possible… that’s the reason it’s called a ‘wish’ ” I said.

“Okay but let be serious here, you need to tell Bryan” She said.
“I can’t”
“You will”
“He’s gonna mock me”
“He will not!”
“He will”

“I’m done with this!” I said and picked my tray of breakfast,then carried it to the kitchen.
Ellen followed me and we both wash our dishes in silence.

I dried my hands.
“El…I will be in the library” I said.
“I want to have a Walk” She said.
I would have loved to follow her but right now,im kinda pissed…if only i had the perfect body, I’ll freely go anywhere!

“Okay” I said and walked to the library.
I selected a love novel and sat down on a single chair to read.
I really love everything about this countryside.
So natural and cool.

I opened to the first page of the novel.
It looks boring.
I closed it and placed it on the plastic table.
I rested my head on the table and began thinking of Bryan like I’ve always done…


“Mara” Ellen shouted followed by a bang.

Ahh! I’ve slept off.

“Ellen come in,the library door is open” I shouted and she did.
She has an anxious look in her eyes.

“Ellen what happened?” I asked.
She sat quietly on the chair opposite mine.
“Mara didn’t you say you want to have a perfect figure and also a beautiful face” She said.

“Yeah…I wish to” I said.
“Hmm….I’ve seen a solution to that” She said.
I laughed “Well…you have the right to mock me”
“I’m not mocking you, Mara I’m serious!” She said with a very serious look.
“Really?” I asked almost sliding off my chair.
“OMG what’s the solution?” I asked anxiously.

“I just met a goddess of wish” She said.
“A goddess of wish? Where? How?” I asked.
“I was out for my walk and i kinda disobey granny,you know granny said we shouldn’t visit that cave on the rock?” She said.

“Ellen you did!?” I asked and she nodded.
“But granny warned us not to go there!” I said.
“Yeah…I actually don’t know what pushed me there but i went there and..”
“Does that have to with my figure?” I asked.
“Of course! I went there and stood by the entrance of the cave,i heard;

I’m Quilah the great goddess of wishes.
What do you want me to do for you?

“Wow! She told you that?” I asked.
“No! There was someone in her cave at that moment” She said.
“Okay continue,so what happened?” I asked.

“The lady then said;

Quilah,i want you to grant me a wish.
My wish is to be among the wealthiest ladies in the world.

“Wow really?” I asked.
“Of course! Guess what?”
“What?” I asked.
“The lady came out of the cave with two sacks containing billions of dollars,she dragged it to her car smiling happily and then zoomed off”
“Wow! Quilah granted her her wish” I said.
“Yeah but I’m not done…when i was about leaving the entrance and running home to tell you the gist,do you know what happened?” She asked.

“What?” I asked more anxiously.
“Quilah said;


“What!! How did she know your name?” I asked in shock.
“I also didn’t know…I was shocked to my feet..I made to run but found my legs glued to the spot,i couldn’t move and i started crying.
I felt a great force push me in and i found myself standing right in front of Quilah” Ellen said and i gasp.

“How is she like?” I asked curiously.
“I was expecting to meet an ugly being but i was wrong,she’s a beautiful woman in a deep red robe,she held a white staff and can you believe this?” Ellen asked.
“What?” I asked.
“She has a white hair which is long down to her feet!” Ellen said.
“Wow! Really?” I asked.
“Yes! So let me continue;

I met myself standing right in front of her,i shivered in fear.
She gave a long throaty laughter and said;


I’m s.. sorry,i was just taking a walk.


I’ve been warned… please I’m sorry. Just let me go,i won’t ever come here again.


“OMG,did she punish you? How come you returned home unscathed?” I asked
“She didn’t punish me,i cried and begged her,she pardoned me and warned me never to come close to her cave again…I was about running out when i thought of you”
“I?” I asked curiously.
“Yeah didn’t you always say you wish to have an attractive body and face?” She asked.

“Yeah and what does that have to do with the witch!” I asked.
“Com’on she’s not a witch! She’s a goddess. So i stopped and asked her if truly she can grant any wish;


Can you grant my friend’s wish?


“What!! Ellen,you shouldn’t have told her about me” I said in fear.
“I didn’t tell her,i only mentioned ‘my friend’ and i was surprised she got the whole detail”
“Whatever! I don’t want to have anything to do with that witch” I said.
“Mara she’s not a witch! I’ve told you she’s a goddess!”
“Are you starting to defend her? Ellen you shouldn’t have gone there in the first place!” I said.
“I know but the deed has been done” She said.

“No deed has been done! Thank goodness she made you return unscathed, that’s all. Don’t ever visit the cave again” I said.
“She told me she’s ready to grant your wish,that you are gonna become the way you’ve always wished in 24hours” Ellen said making me exclaim.

“Uhh! I don’t want to have anything to do with that w–woman” I said.
“Com’on don’t you badly want that!”
“I don’t anymore.” I said.
“But Mara,I’ve told her about you” She said.
“That’s it! You shouldn’t have told her about me,why did you?” I asked.
“Cause i want the best for you,you’ve always complained on how bad you look. Now there is an opportunity and you are willing to allow it slip away” She said.

“Don’t get me wrong! I know I’ve always wished for that perfect figure but I’m afraid to have anything to do with that goddess” I said.
“She’s not gonna hurt you, she’s gonna grant your wish and then we’ll leave” She said.
“Is it that easy?” I asked.
“Of course! She gave that woman two sacks of dollars without requesting anything”.
“But what? Mara just agree to this, remember we are leaving for the city by next week, don’t allow this opportunity to slip away” She said.

“I know…I’m gonna think about it” I said.
“Think about what? I told her I’m gonna come with you tomorrow”
“What! Weren’t you afraid of her?” I asked.
“No,she’s not scary”
“Well…I’m not going with you to her cave..I’m afraid” I said.
“You are gonna go with me” She said.
“Ellen I’m not going with you” I said.
“You will”
“I will not!” I said.

“You will not?” She asked.
“Yeah” I said.
“And you think you can get Bryan?” She asked making me froze.

OMG…I didn’t even think of him,he probably doesn’t want to ask me out because of the way i look.
But once i turn to an attractive thing,he’s gonna ask me out and boom!

I’m gonna become his girlfriend..

“Huh..I will think about it” I said.
“I want you to give me and answer now” She said.
“Ellen,i still need to think” I said.
“Okay! But you are going with me to the goddess tomorrow” She said.

If i want to go with her,it will be because of Bryan but i still need to think about it.

“Ellen,Mara” We both heard granny called and then walked out to meet her.


I had a sleepless night fantasizing on how I’m gonna turn to a slim beautiful girl,on how Bryan is gonna drool at my sight and ask me to be his girlfriend.

Should i go with Ellen to the cave?
I badly need to change from this disgusting figure.
I shouldn’t miss this opportunity.
The goddess won’t request anything from me,so why don’t i just go for it.

I should be able to do anything for love.
I stood up from the bed and quickly walked to the bathroom.
I loosened my robe and hanged it on the rail then picked my toothbrush and paste.

*. *

I finished my morning routine and walked out of the bathroom in a blue fluffy towel.
A white smaller one wrapped round my head.

Ellen is still asleep…I’m gonna wake her up after I’m done dressing up.
I opened my cloth bag and selected a black turtle neck and a pair of blue jeans.
I opened a smaller zip and selected my undies.

We didn’t plan on spending our whole holiday day,just a week so we didn’t bother unpacking.

I dried my body with the towel and applied body lotion.
I got into my selected outfit and settled down to dry my hair.

I don’t think there’s hair dryer here,so sad i didn’t bring mine.
I used the head towel to sponge out most of the water in my hair.
I kept repeating that till my hair was better. I won’t say dry cause it’s not completely dried.

I combed it and packed it in a high ponytail.
I turned and saw Ellen sitting up on the bed.
“Hey! Sleepyhead,i was about waking you” I said.
“Thank Goodness you didn’t,i would have bitten off your hand” She said.
“Gross!” I rolled my eyes.

She laughed and stood up from the bed.
“So have you decided?” She asked.
“About what?” I asked even though i clearly know what she’s talking about.
“Like you don’t know” She said and picked her yellow towel.

She loves anything yellow but i think yellow is always flashy so i don’t really like it.
My favorite color is black.

“Okay” I sighed…”I’ve decided about it”
“And?” She asked.
“I will go for it” I said slowly.
“Wow! That’s great,you finally came to your senses” She teased.
“There’s a reason I’m doing this” I said and slide my feet into my bunny flip-flops.
“For Bryan?” She asked.
“Yeah…I’m doing this for Bryan or rather for love” i said.
“Do you love him that much?” She asked more seriously.

“If i don’t,i won’t step my feet into this. I’m crazily in love with him” I said.
“To be sincere,Mara you are starting to slim down. You look beautiful,there are a lot of people who envy you” she said.
“Envy me?” I laughed.
“Yeah…they envy you and that’s the reason they bully you” She said and i sighed not wanting to believe her.

Who would envy a fat,ugly girl? Even if I’m not very ugly but my shape is!.

“So do you still want to do this?” She asked.
“Of course,i will…I fantasized about it all night” I smiled.
“Okay,let me go have my bath…we will leave once granny is taking her afternoon nap” She whispered.
“Okay…I will be in the kitchen” i said walking out of the room.

* *

We sneaked out of the house after we were sure granny is deeply asleep.
I saw the cave from afar and began having second thought.

Should i still do this?

I shrugged and kept following Ellen.

We finally got to the entrance of the cave.
We both stopped and stared at each other.

I was starting to get afraid…”Ellen let’s go back home”
“No! She already knows we are here” She said.


I shook in fear as Quilah said that.
“H..how did she know my name?” I asked.
“She also knew my name yesterday” Ellen said.
“Let’s run back home” I whispered.
“We can’t!”
“Why?” I asked.
“You won’t be able to move” She said.
“Really?” I asked and gasped when i discovered it was true.

I was not able to move from the spot.


“We will come in but please free our legs” Ellen said.


I noticed i was able to move and then began running but i felt a sudden force pulled me back.
I opened my eyes and found myself and Ellen inside the cave right in front of the so called Quilah.

I gasped … This wasn’t i expected,she’s exceptionally beautiful in a red robe and pure white.
Her hair is long to her feet as Ellen said and her body structure is just so perfect.

If only i was as beautiful as that,i wouldn’t have come here.


I was shocked…how did she..did she read my mind?


I nodded in fright and then stared at Ellen.


“Yes but not anymore, please let me leave” I said.

“Mara! Didn’t you decide you wanted to do this” Ellen said and i glared at her.
“I don’t want to do this anymore” I said.
“Quilah she’s going to do it” Ellen said.
“I’m not doing it”
“You will”
“I will not!”
“You will!”


We both kept quiet and stared at each other.


“I..i don’t know,i just don’t want to do this anymore” I said.
“Mara! Remember Bryan, don’t you want him to love you, don’t you want people to admire you everywhere you go instead of bullying and making fun of you” Ellen said.

I don’t care about all that except Bryan.
I’m gonna do this,just for him.

“Okay…I will do it but i hope i won’t be hurt?” I asked.


“What’s that?” I asked curiously.


“Here?” I asked and looked around.
There are dirty local pots everywhere with cobwebs and some rotten things i can’t name.
I nearly puked.


I gasped in shock and shifted back when the most beautiful bedroom appeared.
It’s sparkling neat with everything i could ever request for.
The bed is well spread and the rug…OMG.

“H..ow did you do that?” I gasped.
“Can i sleep in there with her?” Ellen asked.


“it’s so beautiful!” I exclaimed.


I looked at Ellen and she gave me a reassuring look.
I sighed and walked closer to her.

She dipped a little bowl in a large pot containing greenish liquid.
She handed it over to me.


I turned back to look at Ellen and she whispered “Drink it”

Just for Bryan…I gulped it down and it tasted like a sour soup down my throat.
I restrained the urge to vomit,the little empty bowl fell from my hand and i staggered back.

It seems the portion changed my entire system.
I felt so new.
My eyes were starting to get dizzy and all i remembered was falling to the ground before blacking out.

* *

I opened my glued eyes and adjusted it to the brightness surrounding me.
I noticed im laying in an unfamiliar room but the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen.

What am i doing here?

I heard some sounds like a chant.
I laid still cause i was afraid to move or do anything.

I noticed i was not feeling heavy like i normally feel but i shrugged it off.

Where exactly is this?

�SHE’S AWAKE� I heard the familiar voice and everything came running back into my head.


I was in the beautiful bedroom she created.
I remembered i had slumped after drinking the portion.

Where’s Ellen?

“OMG… Mara,you are awake” i heard Ellen giggled excitedly before sitting beside me.
I felt so relieved she’s here with me.

“What happened to me?” I asked.
“You slumped yesterday..”
“Yesterday?” I asked.
“Yeah,it was yesterday you drank the portion..you slumped and i was so afraid. Quilah said the portion is too strong for you and i had to quickly go about getting the things she asked me to. Thank goodness you are awake now..I was so afraid” She said.

I sighed; “I was here since yesterday?” I asked.
“What of granny? What did you tell her?” I asked.
” I lied to her that your mum is sick and you already went home but that aside… Mara you need to see how you look now” She said and i noticed she’s holding herself from screaming.

“How i look?” I asked.
“Yes” She smiled.
“The portion worked?” I asked anxiously.
“Yes it did, Mara you are now more beautiful than i” She said and i almost shouted at her to stop teasing me.

“Im gonna blindfold you now and make you stand in front of that mirror then you’ll see how changed you are” Ellen said.

I smiled,hoping it’s true.


I knew i was standing in front of the mirror but i couldn’t see my reflection cause i was still blindfolded.

“Surprise!” She said and removed the blindfold.
I was shocked when i saw a different person.
A beautiful and perfectly structured teenager with the most beautiful set of eyes,nose and lips.
Just the way I’ve always wished to be but i know I’m not the one.

I waited for the girl to move away so i can see my fatty self but she refused to move.
I moved my hand and the beautiful reflection also did.

What a coincidence!

I moved my legs,the beautiful reflection did also.

Is it another coincidence?

I pushed my chest forward and the reflection did also.
This time,i was sure it was no coincidence;

I’m the one!
I’m the one!!
I’m the one!!!

I’m no longer the fatty Mara!

“IM THE ONE!” I screamed excitedly and jumped into Ellen’s hand.
She didn’t fall, my weight wasn’t too much for her.
I’m now perfect.

We both screamed happily jumping round the room.
My happiness knew no bound as i thanked Quilah profusely.

My wish has been granted just by drinking a simple portion which did me no harm.
I’m so grateful.
I can now walk freely!
I can now walk into the school cafeteria without anyone laughing but admiring me.
I can now be counted among the most beautiful girls in Makers high school and finally;

I can now own Bryan’s heart!
That will be so great.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror for the twentieth time and can’t help but admire the damsel i’ve become.

Am i really the one?
Yes i am..

“Ellen” I called after i suddenly thought of something.
“Huh?” She asked.
“What am i gonna tell mum and Liam” I said worriedly.
“I already thought of that,so you are gonna tell them i made you workout and also drank the fit tea granny always make”
“Fit tea?” I asked.
“Yeah…I cooked up that, you’ll tell them the fit tea normally makes one fit and conjoined with the workout i made you do,this is the result” She said.

“Wow! Do you think they’d believe that?” I asked knowing Mum and Liam can be so curious.
“Of course they will! You’ll make them believe that” She said.
“Okay,let’s assume they are gonna believe that,what about my beautiful face” I said proudly.

“That’s not a problem, you’ll tell them that there are some delicacies in the countryside which normally changes one’s face,you know they’ve never been to the countryside so they will have no choice but to believe you and besides they won’t ever think you did something like this?” Ellen said.

“Wow…high five bestie” I said and we both exchanged high fives grinning happily.
“But you’ll have to do something to make them believe you better” She said.
“What?” I asked.
“You will stay here for a month” She said.
“But you already told granny that I’ve gone home” I said.
“You are gonna stay with Quilah” She said.

“What!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah…if you go home with me, granny will know we visited this cave and she’s gonna run a call across Mum” She said.
“Haaa so you mean i will stay with Quilah for some weeks?” I asked a little bit terrified.

“Yes..I’ve told her about it and she said you can have the bedroom to yourself,she isn’t gonna disturb you or anything…I will come visiting everyday” Ellen said and i sighed.
“What about food? I can’t see a kitchen here” I said.
“Quilah is gonna add a kitchen to this room”
“So you want me to be eating magical food? Hell no!” I said.

“Okay,i will be bringing you food.. breakfast, lunch and dinner” She said.
“Thanks bestie” I hugged her happily.

“So everything is well planned out right?” She asked.
“Of course!” I said.
“That aside, you are making me jealous as i keep staring at you…just imagine! Fatty Mara is more beautiful than I” She teased and we both laughed.

I danced happily in front of the mirror.

OMG…just like a dream!!

I’m so happy to have transformed into this beautiful girl.

Quilah thank you…..


“OH MY GOODNESS” Mum screamed in tears.
They all looked shocked at my confession except Ellen who was sobbing.

“I’m sorry,i know i broke your trust but I’m sorry” I said I’m tears and sniffled.

Laura looked shocked staring at me without uttering a word.
Kelly looked more shocked and disappointed with tears rolling down his cheeks.
Bryan looked the most shocked, staring into space.. trying to take in what i just confessed.

I slowly looked at Liam who shook his head in disbelief..his cheeks were wet with tears and he kept mute staring disappointedly at me.
He hate lies and i just did that.
What i did was more than lie…Liam would never trust me again.

I bursted into tears at how silent everyone is,their gazes were all fixed at me and i saw another look behind their shock.
Disappointment! They are disappointed at me.

“T..a..m y..ou did that?” Liam asked with a slow chuckle.
“I..m sorry” I cried and tried to hold his hand but he shifted away from me with a look of hurt in his eyes.
“No!” He yelled…”You can’t do that! You didn’t do that! Someone threatened you to say all that right? I trust you. Tam you don’t do anything without telling me so i believe all you just said now are lies!” He said and wiped off his tear-streaked face.

I shook my head…
“No one threatened me to say that,that was what i did … Please I’m sorry, everyone should forgive me. Remember when i told you i had a scary nightmare? It was all lies.
Quilah came back for me,she has been disappearing and appearing in my room…she, she killed Jessie” I said.

“What!” Everyone screamed.

“Jessie was being inquisitive over my sudden transformation so Quilah killed her” I sobbed.
There was this look of hate in their eyes as they all stared at me.
I cried and was disappointed at myself.
I regret meeting Quilah.
I regret my life!

“She said she will come back for me and she came back…she made me vomit blood and said i had a year to live for the payback of what she did for me” I said and cleaned my tears.
“You all already hate me for what i did,i can’t wait for a year so i will be gone from your lives” I said and tried to stop tears from flowing but it overpowered me.

Everyone bursted out crying… Bryan slowly stood up and walked to me.

“I don’t hate you and i will never hate you,Mara you are the best thing that has ever happened to me,you are my best friend and will forever remain my best friend…I hate myself cause you did all that for me and yet my heart isn’t longing towards you..I’m sorry Mara,I’m the cause of all this. If you hadn’t loved me..you wouldn’t have done all this. Now you have a year to live just because of me,just because of the me!! I feel so guilty and I’m gonna ki*ll myself after you are gone” He said in tears and ran his hand through his hair.

I drew him closer to me and hugged him tightly..
“Bryan, please don’t ki*ll yourself after I’m gone,live for me,live for everyone..I got what i deserved” I said and cried on his shoulder.
“I caused all this for you Mara…I’m the cause of all this! I’m so sorry, please forgive me” He cried and pecked my forehead.

That melted a part of my pain.

“You didn’t cause any of this,i was the one! Will you promise me a thing and i will be forever happy” I said.
“What? I’m gonna ki*ll you for you Mara,I’m gonna do anything for you..I’m gonna promise you anything” He said.

“Good! You have to promise me not to ki*ll yourself after I’m gone” I said.
He sighed without saying anything but just stare at me.
“Please Bryan…just promise, remember you said you’ll do anything for me” I said.
He nodded..
“I want you to talk” I said.
“I..i pr..promise not to ki..ll myself” He said and cried before pulling me back to him.

I dipped my hands in his hair and cried.
We cried in each other’s arms for so long till everyone stood up and walked to me.

“Mara i don’t hate you,why should i? I understand the reason you did this” Laura said and hugged me.
“Thanks” I said.
“Mara…i can also do the same for you cause i love you,there nothing bad in what you did but you just did it in the wrong way..even if you had done something worse than that,i will still love you and i will forever Love you” Kelly said and i was so touched and began to weep.

He hugged me and i smiled when i pecked his forehead..
“Thank you Kelly” I said and hugged him tightly.

“Ellen” Liam called gently but there was anger beneath that voice.
“Huh?” Ellen asked in tears.
“Get out” he said.
“I’m so..”
“Get out!!” He yelled.

“I also have somethings to say” She cried.
“Get out!!!” Liam yelled louder.
“Please don’t let me go out, Quilah is going to ki*ll me” She said in tears.



� Azeemah Salami?


  1. What a sad story. Just like Kelly said, anyone could have done what Mara did, only that she did it the wrong way. And the painful aspect is that the person she went that far for doesn't even have the same feelings towards her. It would have worth it if the feelings is mutual
    Sorry Mara
    Next please

  2. So Mara went this far for someone that doesn't even love her.
    I will call it stupidity because she didn't even know if bryan loves her or not.

    1. If I was Liam I'll send Ellen out that minute too because she lured mara into it

      Mara didn't want to go this far but Ellen convinced her and Mara not being contented with her looks made this happen to her

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