Diary of the Watterson – Episode 59


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel


✿❀ ❀✿

Tara froze on her spot as all colors drained from her body.

“You two know each other?” Tony asked and Jayce nodded.

“We’ve had a funny encounter before right Tara?” Jayce asked and finally looked at her.

“Yeah,,,, yeah!” Tara said

“I’ll have to go now, bye” Tara said and without turning back, she left.

Tony faced Jayce with a weird look on her face, she shrugged and sipped again on her tea.

“So what plan are you talking about?” Tony asked.

“Let’s kídnap Raymond’s sister” Jayce said.

“Lucy?! That’s impossible! You know that Lucy isn’t an ordinary woman, she’s strong and tough!” Tony said.

“Yeah but she has a weakness… Her husband” Jayce muttered and crossed his legs.

“So what are you planning to do?” Tony asked.

“Leave it to me…” Jayce smirked.

“Why don’t you just kíll Monica or Angelo” Tony suddenly asked and immediately regretted it.

Jayce shot her a very dangerous glare. He tilted his hair to the side as he smirked.

“Nobody…touches my family…. Not even you Tony because the day I’ll find out that you backstabbed me and went ahead to harm them most especially Scarlett and Stephanie…” Jayce paused and smirked.

“Death will be an easy way out for you…” He finished his sentence and stood up.

“I’ll be leaving now, was just passing by. Keep a close eye over your sister,,, that kid knows more than she was supposed to know and I won’t let anyone get in my way… Not even her” Jayce said and left the house.

Tony just sat there, looking utterly confused.


☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Silver High**

“Goodbye!” Monica waved as her driver went off.

She was about to turn when someone closed her eyes from behind. She smiled widely…

“Babe” She muttered.

Jackson chuckled and released her, she turned to him and smiled more when she saw him with a rose.

“For me?” Monica asked.

“No… For Tara” Jackson smirked.

Monica immediately frowned. Jackson laughed seeing her face. He placed a kiss on her forehead before handing her the rose.

“Come, let’s go…”

He intertwined their hands and they went in like that.

👥 What’s going on?
👥 Thought these two h@te each other
👥 From hàte to love… Interesting!!
👥 Have you guys heard the news about Skye?

“What’s up! Newest couple in school” Ash said as he approached them.

He hugged Jackson and was about to hug Monica when Jackson pulled her away from him.

“Jealousy…” Ash chuckled.

“Have you guys heard the news?” Ash said.

“What news?” Jackson and Monica said at the same time.

“Skye demanded for a transfer.. He left the country this morning” Ash said.

“Is it because of me?” Monica wondered, feeling bad.

“Well that’s cool” Jackson shrugged.

“Hey guys!!” Ursula approached them with a smile on her face.

“Sula?” Monica said, looking surprised. She thought Ursula was mad at her or something…

“What’s up Sula?” Ash hung his hand on her shoulders.

“I’m good… Monica, I hope you’ll be free to talk after school wanna tell you some things and also guys, I just requested for a transfer. I’m leaving this country” Ursula said.

“You too? But why?” Monica asked.

“It’s part of what I’ll tell you later” Ursula smiled..

“Oh okay”

“You seem to be glowing today” Ash pinched her cheek.

“Stop that!” Ursula laughed and his chest lightly.

“Ouch…” Ash made baby face like he would cry.

They all laughed at that. Monica was laughing when she noticed someone staring their way, he laughter diéd down.

“Uh.. Ash?” Monica called and gestured to him with her eyes.

Ash turned and saw Sophia looking at him, especially his hands on Ursula’s shoulders. She quickly looked when she saw him looking at her before leaving.

Ash turned back to them.

“Guys we’ll meet up in class” Ash smiled and left, he ran behind Sophia.

“Sophia” He called but she didn’t turn back.

“Wait up… Sophia!” Ash said but she hastened her steps.

She was about to enter the classroom when Ash caught her by the arm, turning her to him.

“What?!” Sophia snapped and crossed her arms.

“What do you want?” Sophia added.

“About yesterday-”

“What’s wrong with yesterday?! You chose to go to Ursula over me, I’m fine with! Go be with her!! You guys even looked good together when I saw you few minutes ago” Sophia said.

Ash sighed and pulled her away.

“Let me go!!” Sophia tried to free herself but he was had a firm grip on her wrist.

He opened the door to the laboratory and dragged her in, closing the door behind. He then pushed her against the door, pinning her on it.

“Tell me… Do you perhaps have feelings for me?” Ash asked.

Sophia laughed sarcastically and rolled her eyes before shaking her head.

“This is the time that ‘Mr Genius’ finds out” Sophia rolled her eyes.

Ash smiled as he stared at her…

“You look cuter when angry” He said.

“Stop that!!” Sophia said and pushed him.

“Just stop playing with my feelings. I don’t get you,, one minute you’re all nice and sweet to me then the next you’re all nice and sweet to the other. One minute you have all your attention on me, the next you make me feel like I’m your second option” Sophia said, looking sad…

Ash sighed, he knew he really hurt her feelings yesterday but what could he do? He did what he thought was right.

“Sophia listen…”

“What should I listen? To listen how you’ll break my heart by telling me you’re now with Ursula” Sophia said, fighting back her tears.

“Hey hey hey,,, don’t cry…” Ash cleaned the tears that were threatening to fall before hugging her.

She hugged him back, dipping her head on his chest..

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings yesterday. It was important because if I hadn’t gone I’m sure Ursula might have hurt herself. I know her, she’s too emotional… Before everything, Ursula is my friend and we promised that we’ll always have each other’s back” Ash said.

“You must really love her” Sophia pouted.

“Loved… I loved her, not anymore” Ash said.

Sophia slowly looked up to his face.

“Loved?” She repeated and Ash nodded

“You don’t love her anymore.. Not even a tiny little bit?” Sophia asked.

Ash smiled and played with her hair.

“If i did, I wouldn’t have left her to come here. I wouldn’t have been standing here telling you how pretty you look when angry” Ash said.

Sophia slowly smiled. She placed back her head on his chest.

“I’m ready to wait for you to love me. I promise” Sophia said.

“Why wait when you already stole my heart” Ash said.

Sophia swiftly look back at him in shock..

“Yeah, I don’t know how but this fragile heart of mine fell for a pretty cute blond in front of me… At first I was really scared, what if you don’t feel anything for me? What if it gets broken for the second time? That’s why I decided to friendzone you but when I saw you felt the same way I do, I decided to give love another chance” Ash said and became serious.

“Sophia, I may not be perfect but I promise to do all my best to be your dream man so please, don’t leave me… I don’t think my heart can take another heartbreak” Ash said.

Sophia smiled widely and nodded.

“I promise, I can’t let you go… I love you so f*cking much!!” Sophia said.

Ash smiled…

“Can I do what I’ve always wanted to do since the first day I met you?” Sophia asked expectantly.


“This” Sophia held his collar and smashed her lips on his.

Ash smiled and held her waist, kissing her back…

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Howards University**

“Melody? Melody?!” Phoebe called out.

“What?!” Melody blinked back to reality.

Phoebe rolled her eyes.

“Here we go again… What’s wrong?” Phoebe asked.

“Nothing, I just… I don’t know Andrew seem to have changed to me. Did you see how he was during Chloe’s burial… He looked like nothing bad happened” Melody said.

Phoebe raised her brows up. She turned and looked back at Andrew who was busy discussing and laughing with some boys.

His gaze met with Melody’s and he smiled at her. Melody smiled weirdly and waved.

“I don’t see anything wrong in him. The person I’m feeling wary of is Avery, she seems insecure these days” Phoebe said.

“Babe!, I got us our meals” Ethan said and sat down next to Phoebe, kissing her cheek.

“Me too” Angelo said and sat down next to Melody.

“Noodles…Yummy!!!” Melody gushed.

“Thanks boo” She pecked Angelo before facing her meal.

They began eating while chatting…

Andrew looked at them and his gaze darkened as he glared at Angelo who was feeding Melody. He smirked.

“Enjoy very well while it lasts… If I can’t get to kíll you, I’ll ruin your life” Andrew said inwardly before facing his friends.


Question: Why did Jayce warn Tony not to touch the Watterson ESPECIALLY Scarlett and Stephanie?


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