Diary of the Watterson � Episode 52

Loveswept Yo You


(Loveswept Yo You)


By: Ariel Mirabel



“Thanks so much!” Ava hugged him..

Ash looked at Ava before looking up at Sophia. Sophia just looked away with sad eyes..

Ash frowned and looked back at Ava as an idea came up in his head. He smiled and gently pushed Ava off her..

“Hope you enjoy the gift” He said and left her…

Sophia turned and was about leaving when Ash caught her by the wrist. He pulled her to him and she landed against his chest.

“Happy birthday Sophia…” Ash whispered to her.

The guests couldn’t help but stare at them..

? Are they dating?
? They look good together.
? What of Ava?

He broke the hug and held her chin, then pecked her lips. Sophia froze on the spot.

Ava’s eyes widened in shock.

“I promise I’ll get you a better gift later” Ash winked and released her.

Sophia just stared at Ash as he walked away. Her gaze went back to Ava who was glaring at her. Ava stormed out of the area in anger.

“What was that?” Monica asked.

“I… I…don’t know” Sophia stuttered..

Monica smirked and hung her hands round Sophia’s shoulders, leaning closer to her.

“You like Ash…right?” Monica whispered.

“Monica!” Sophia exclaimed.

Monica laughed loudly and winked.

“We’ll talk about it later, for now let’s enjoy the party” Monica said and pulled Sophia away..

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

“C’mon bunny… You’ve been ignoring me for 10 hours” Raymond said as he followed Scarlett behind.

They are actually going for a lunch break.

“You left me in the pool for 40 minutes!” Scarlett snapped.

“And I’m sorry, I just missed teasing you…” Raymond said.

Scarlett scoffed and continued walking. Raymond looked at her round @ss and then at her, he licked his lips.

Before Scarlett could take a step further, he rushed to her and hugged her from behind. Scarlett gasped, feeling embarrassed as her workers stared at them

“Ray, stop it… People are watching us” Scarlett said and bit her lips..

“Well they’ll watch more at what I’m about to do” Raymond said.

Without warning, he turned her to him and grabbed her by the waist before claiming her lips.

Scarlett’s eyes just widened as she stared at Raymond.

Her workers began clapping for them…

? Way to go Mr Donovan.. You’re the main deal!
? Boss is so lucky…gosh!
? I’m happy they’re back together..

Raymond pulled away and smiled, rubbing her wet lips.

“I’m sorry” He said gently..

Scarlett looked at him for a while before smiling..

“It’s so hard to be m�d at you for long” She said and pinched his cheek.

“Now can we go have lunch? I’m starving” Raymond asked and Scarlett nodded.

He smiled and lifted Scarlett up from the floor, carrying her in a bridal style.

“But me down!” Scarlett laughed as they left the company..


Nathan smiled as he was heading to Stephanie’s office with a lunch bag at hand. He actually saw Raymond and Scarlett exiting the company.

“I’m happy for them…” He thought.

He knocked on the door once he got to Stephanie’s office.

“Come in”

Nathan walked in and locked the door behind him. He smiled when he saw Stephanie, she was just finishing signing some documents.

“Here’s your meal boss” Nathan said and placed the bag on her table.

Stephanie looked up at him with a blank look on her face before she smirked. She stood up and walked to him.

“Do you want anything else?” Nathan asked..

Stephanie grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down to her level..

“You” She whispered and crashed her lips on his.

Nathan smiled and held her waist, kissing her back. Stephanie’s hand left his collar and traveled to his chest, touching it.

Nathan then lifted her up and placed her on the table, standing in between her thigh. His hands squeezed her @ss and she let out a soft moan..

They broke the kiss and Stephanie stared at Nathan, breathing heavily..

“I love you charm..” She whispered.

“Same here baby” Nathan smiled and reconnected her lips.

Stephanie began unbuttoning his shirt till the last button, she began running her hands through his chest. She felt him tense up making her smirk in the kiss.

Stephanie broke the kiss and kissed his neck. She trailed kisses to his chest where she began licking on it, sucking it making sure to leave hickeys behind.

“Babe f*ck…” Nathan moaned and ran his hands through his hair.

He suddenly lifted Stephanie up by the hips and placed her on the couch nearby. He brought his hands to unbutton her shirt when…

“Miss Watterson?” A female voice said as a knock came up on the door.

Nathan looked at the door and then at her before smirking. He looked at his bare chest and shook his head.

“You’re naughty…”

? ? ? ? ?

The Sanchez**

“Why did you kiss me?” Sophia finally asked Ash once they were left alone..

“Kiss? I literally just pecked you” Ash chuckled and stuffed his mouth with cake.

“Well I’m sorry about that… I just didn’t want to make you feel bad in front of everyone. Don’t worry, I’ll get you a better gift” Ash winked.

Sophia smiled and nodded.

Ava glared at them from where she was sitting.

“Looks like your target is picking some interest in your sister” Tara said, eating her own cake.

“I can’t let that happen. I must have Ash,, Sophia has always been my shadow and will forever remain it” Ava said.

Tara just shrugged, eating her cake. She tried convincing Skye to come but he plainly refused.

? ? ? ? ?


“I’m coming okay… Just give me few minutes” Raymond said on the phone, coming out of the supermarket with a small bag at hand.

Well Scarlett’s period just started so he went out to buy some tampons for her..

“Okay, love you too” He smiled and hung up.

He opened the door to his car and placed the bag in his car then made to enter when suddenly….


Luckily Raymond ducked so the knife didn’t touch him. He looked back and was surprised to see a masked man with another knife at hand.

“You are the b@stard that stole my Scarlett away…” He smirked, looking at him like a maniac would do.

“Who are you…” Raymond asked.

He threw his knife at him but Raymond dodged it. He made to attack the masked man but a punch landed on his face.

Raymond leaned on his car, touching his bursted lips. He frowned in anger and then launched at him.

They began exchanging dangerous blows as they fought in the parking lot.

Raymond caught his wrist and twisted it to the side before giving him a blow on the face. He then kicked his leg.

“Ouch…” The masked man groaned as he fell on the floor.

Raymond pulled him up by the collar and smirked at him..

“You finally showed your f*cking face to me” Raymond said, boiling in anger.

The man smirked, Raymond could see traces of blood on his lips.

“What you gonna do huh? I r@ped her till death! You did nothing and you still won’t do anything! I’m coming for Scarlett and you can’t stop me!!” He said boldly..

Raymond immediately punched his face, he gave his another punch on the face before standing.

Raymond began kicking him non stop, not caring where he kicked him. If not for the fact he has gotten over Aurora, God knows what he could have done to him.

“Argh!!” The man groaned as he vomitted blood..

Raymond brought out his gun and aimed it at him. The man just smiled.

“You better k�ll me now that you have yhe chance because if I escape…” He paused and began laughing despite the pains he felt.

“You won’t be able to stop me..” He finished his sentence.

Raymond pulled the trigger and a loud gunshot erupted. The bullet rammed through his shoulder..


Raymond now aimed to his head and was about to sh00t when…

“Hey!!” A voice was heard.

Raymond turned and saw two security men running to them with guns in their hands. The masked man took that opportunity and ran away.

Raymond turned back and couldn’t see him anymore.

“Sh*t…” He muttered in anger.

“Don’t move..” The security men said, aiming their guns at Raymond.

Raymond slowly raised his hand up and turned to them..



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