Diary of the Watterson � Episode 50

Loveswept To You


(Loveswept to you)


By: Ariel Mirabel



The Watterson

“So Raymond, aren’t you gonna tell us how you managed to find out her location” Stephanie asked.

Melody went with Monica to help her dress and shower..


Raymond sipped from his glass, searching for a lie to tell them. He opened his mouth to speak but..

“Well actually Raymond told me he was going to contact the police in person. Maybe they went to the location together” Scarlett cut in.

Raymond looked at her and let out a slight smile.

“Oh, I see.” Julia smiled.

“Thanks so much for helping out Raymond.. We really appreciate” Angelo said.

“It’s okay”


“It’s fine Mel,,, I’m okay see” Monica said once she was done dressing

“You sure?” Melody asked and Monica nodded with a smile on her face.

“Well okay, I’ll be downstairs” Melody said and left her room.

Monica picked her phone which was brought earlier by her friends. She switched it on and gasped, she completely forgot she was supposed to meet with Jackson.

She immediately dialed her number.

“How are you cutie” Jackson’s voice came up.

“I’m better, sorry this situation ruined our date” Monica said and sat down on her bed.

Jackson chuckled.

“Date? Didn’t say we were going on a date” Jackson smiled.

Monica just went mute, so embarrassed…

“Well I thought if I asked you out on a date you would decline” Jackson said.

“Will you go out on a date with me tomorrow?” Jackson asked.

“Oh… Okay, you’ll come pick me up right?” Monica said.

“Sure” Jackson smiled.

“You need to rest.. Goodnight cute” Jackson said.

“Goodnight” Monica said and hung up before exhaling loudly.

“Why does it suddenly feel really weird between us” Monica thought and sighed.

She scrolled and stopped on Skye’s number. Her thumbs kept brushing on the screen of her phone, debating on whether to call him or not…

Monica took deep breath before dialing his number. It rang and rang but he didn’t pick up.

Monica bought down her phone with a sad look on ger face.

“Is he that mad at me?” She thought.

? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

“Can’t believe your parents allowed you to come live with me again, just like before” Raymond said as he helped Scarlett pack her things in his room.

“Looks like they like you,,, a lot” Scarlett said.

“Are you comfortable sharing my room?” Raymond faced her.

“Of course love!” Scarlett pecked his lips.

Raymond puller her back and slammed his lips on her, kissing her deeply. He broke the kiss after some while.

“Couldn’t believe you could lie to you parents for me” Raymond said, rubbing her lips..

“Well I don’t know why you don’t trust them but I strongly believe that all these will soon be over” Scarlett smiled..

“I love you” Raymond smiled.

Scarlett kissed his nose in reply. He then swept her off her feet, carrying her in a bridal style.

“Let’s go take our bath before we go to sleep” Raymond said heading to the bathroom.

“You mean…you and me?” Scarlett asked shyly.

“Why not?” Raymond shrugged.

“No… I’m shy” Scarlett said like a kid, trying to get down.

Raymond just laughed, closing the door behind him.

“Raymond wait… Raymond,,, Ray…Love”

? ? ? ? ?

Morning, Ethan’s apartment**

“Yeah sure babe, just give me few minutes” Phoebe said on the phone and hung up.

Well it was weekend so she was preparing to go hangout with Melody and Monica. She was just from bathing.

Phoebe decided to wear a black bum short with a white crop singlet and a black leather jacket on top.

She applied her lip gloss before tying her hair up in a ponytail. She smiled at her reflection, loving how s*xy she looked.

She picked her small cross bag and wore it before leaving her room. She went downstairs and halted when she saw Ethan coming out of a room, he looked up at her and her gaze locked.

Phoebe immediately looked down and made to leave but as usual, Ethan got a hold of her wrist.

“Are you just going to keep ignoring me Phoebe?” Ethan said.

This was actually the first time he calls her by her name. Phoebe slowly turned to him

“I’m moving out today. I’m going back to my house..” Phoebe said, looking down.

“But why?”

“Because,,, I don’t see any reasons of staying here anymore. My aunt and cousins are gone so I’m safe now.” Phoebe said.

Ethan looked down, he slowly released her..

“Okay, just let me know when you’ll be going” He said.

Phoebe nodded and turned to leave. Ethan took turned and began walking to his room with a sad look on his face.

Phoebe barely took four steps before stopping. She closed her eyes, tightening her hold on her cross bag.

She suddenly turned back and rushed to Ethan, hugging him from behind. Ethan stopped walking, obviously surprised.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing now… I think I’m loosing my mind…” She said.

“Ethan I’m scared… I don’t want to witness what happened to my friend happen to me too. I’m scared of heartbreak” Phoebe said.

“I don’t know how you did it but you just did it… You made me fall for you and now,, I’m scared” Phoebe said and closed her eyes

While Phoebe had an undescribable look on her face, Ethan had a smile that could teach the ear… He felt like he was soaring in the sky, finally his dream come true.

Ethan removed Phoebe’s hand from his stomach and faced her. He smiled and rubbed her cheek..

“Just as you,, I’m confused. I don’t know how you did it but I fell for you too…” Ethan said.

Ethan too her hand and kissed it.

“Phoebe if I asked you to stay, will you stay with me? Please don’t leave… At first I thought that happiness was all about women and s*x but guess I was wrong…” Ethan said.

“My happiness lies in you s*xy” Ethan said.

Phoebe smiled and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back too.

She looked up at him and stared wistfully at his lips, same as his. Ethan raised her head up and softly pressed his lips on hers.

Phoebe dipped her hand in his hair as they deepened the kiss. He lifted her up by the hips, walking to his room..

? ? ? ? ?

“I can’t let them be together! No!! Not after all what I’ve done for you Scarlett” A man yelled, throwing things.

The room was dark so they couldn’t see his face.

“Either you’re mine or you’re no one else’s Scarlett” He said angrily.

He picked up a bottle of alcohol and threw it against the wall, particularly on a picture of Raymond. The wine stained the picture.

“Get ready Don Ray… I’m coming for you, I’m coming for you…” He smirked..

A woman stood by the door, looking at him while shaking her head.

? ? ? ? ?

Shopping Mall**

“Baby, are you sure i need all these?” Nathan asked, coming out of a dressing room, wearing an expensive suit.

“Of course!, I wanna flaunt my hot boyfriend to the world. After this we’re going to the press, the whole world needs to know who my baby is” Stephanie said.

Nathan smiled, coming closer to her.

“You’re not ashamed… I mean I’m poor and-”

“Shh…” Stephanie placed her hand on his lips.

“Stop saying that… I love you and that’s what matters” Stephanie said.

Nathan held her waist and pulled her closer. Stephanie raised her hand and untied his bun. His blonde hair fell on his face.

“You look hotter like this” Stephanie said and kissed him, not minding all the eyes that stared at them.

? ? ? ? ?

“Thanks for keeping me company…” Ash smiled as he strolled with Sophia.

“It’s nothing, I want kinda bored” Sophia smiled.

She bit her lips as they continued strolling in silence. Sophia played with hee fingers, wondering how to tell him.

She closed her eyes, mustering out the courage..

“Tomorrow is my birthday and we’re holding a party, will you be my date” Sophia looked down.

Ash gasped loudly.

“Tomorrow is your birthday? And you didn’t tell me?!” Ash exclaimed.

“Sorry..” Sophia looked down.

“Need to get you a cute gift just like you” Ash said and Sophia blushed.

Ash’s watch suddenly began beeping. He looked at it and sighed.

“Its my alarm, need to go to the gym. Will see you tomorrow… Happy birthday in advance” Ash brought his face closer to hers.

Sophia gasped and froze. Ash gazed at her for some seconds before smiling, he pecked her cheek

“Bye!” He waved before leaving.

Sophia just stood on her spot, staring at him leave..



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