Diary of the Watterson � Episode 48

Loveswept To You


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



The Watterson

“Raymond?!” Arnold exclaimed when Raymond walked in the house with Scarlett. They were both holding hands.

“Scar, we were so worried about you… Thought something bad happened to you when you didn’t come home last night” Julia said and hugged Scarlett.

“I’m fine mom.. In fact, I’m more than fine” Scarlett smiled.

“What’s he doing here?” Jayce demanded, coming downstairs.

Raymond looked at him and their gazes locked.

“I’m here to say my apologies” Raymond said.

He turned and faced Arnold.

“Mr Watterson, I’m sorry for breaking your daughter’s heart.. I was just so oblivious of my feelings for her. The truth is that we both share the same feelings, I love her too. I came to make amends for what went wrong and also to…to properly ask for your blessings when the time will come for us to get married. I want to make things right, no more arranged marriage but a marriage out of love” Raymond said.

Arnold looked at him for a whike before looking at Scarlett who was smiling so widely.

“What do you think Scar” Arnold asked.

“Well I still love him so yes, I’ll gladly go back with him” Scarlett hugged Raymond’s arm.

Arnold simply smiled and nodded.

“Thanks Mr Watterson… You’re a very simple man” Raymond said.

“Stop with all the Mr Watterson. We’re now like a family, call me father” Arnold said and hugged him.

Raymond frozed and looked at Arnold who was patting his back. He didn’t know on what to do, whether to stop doubting them or to continue

Raymond looked at Scarlett who was smiling beside him. He raised his hands and hugged Arnold back.


Arnold smiled more. He broke the hug and Julia hugged him next..

“Make way!” Stephanie said and hugged Raymond too.

They broke the hug shortly.

“Break her heart again and I’ll break your bones” Stephanie warned.

Raymond smiled and nodded. Stephanie smiled back before pulling away.

Raymond looked at Jayce who was looking at him with a blank look on his face. He finally smiled and came to hug Raymond.

“Let’s celebrate this over a glass of champagne” Arnold exclaimed.

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

“Awn… Chocolate cake, my favorite. Thanks bestie” Melody hugged Phoebe.

“I’m glad you’re back on your feet.” Phoebe said as they broke the hug.

“Me too, I heard that Ethan released your cousins and aunt” Melody said.

“Yeah, they traveles out of the country in shame” Phoebe said.

“Thank goodness… They’re gone for good” Melody said.

“Yeah, thinking of moving back to the house since they’re gone” Phoebe said.

“Really? Why? Thought you were comfortable staying with Ethan” Melody said, eating her cake.

“That’s the thing” Phoebe began scratching her neck.

“I don’t want to stay with him anymore” Phoebe said.

“Why?” Melody furrowed her brows.

“I..” Phoebe sighed, not knowing how to lie to her.

“C’mon tell me Phoebe… Did something happen between you two?” Melody asked.

Phoebe nodded and told her everything. Melody exhaled loudly.

“That was intense” Melody said.

“Yeah, I’ve been avoiding him since morning. I think I’m falling for him Mel” Phoebe said worriedly.

“Really? That’s so cute…” Melody gushed.

“No it’s not Mel!, all he thinks about is f*ck and I don’t know… I think he just wants me to become one of his flings” Phoebe said.


“I don’t know, I think she thought I just wanted to get into her pants.. But that’s not it, now she’s been avoiding me since morning” Ethan narrated and ruffled his hair.

He looked at Angelo who was busy pressing his phone while drinking his smoothie.

“Bro…” Ethan whined.

“What? I should be with my Juliet right now but you literally dragged me here” Angelo said.

Ethan sighed and looked down.

“Tell me do you like her?” Angelo asked.

“If I didn’t like her will I be here complaining like a pregnant lady?” Ethan rolled his eyes.

Angelo chuckled and patted his back.

“Welcome to my crew bro. This who literally dived into love” Angelo said.

“I’m not in the mood for jokes bro”

Angelo chuckled again beforr becoming serious.

“Why don’t you tell her” Angelo proposed.

“I don’t even think she’ll believe me. All she sees me as is a f*ckboy” Ethan said.

“Well isn’t that what you are?” Angelo shrugged.

“It’s been long I f*cked… All that because of one girl”

“And I was first a cold and frowny guy now look at me. Cheerful and smiling like a fo�l” Angelo said.

Angelo and Ethan looked at each other fot awhile before laughing loudly.

“Love didn’t even pity us bro…”

? ? ? ? ?

The bag which was placed in Monica’s head was removed as she exhaled loud as she looked at her surrounding.

Well she woke up minutes ago and all she’s been doing was screaming. That resulted in her mouth being tied up..

Monica glared at two men standing in front of her. They were both wearing masks so she couldn’t recognize them.

The one who actually kidnapped her crouched in front of her and pulled down the handkerchief he used to tie her mouth with.

“Who are you?” She immediately fired.

“Who sent you to kidnap me? Release me immediately!!” Monica yelled but that just earned her a slap.

“Will you shut up… I’m tired of listening to the gibberish coming from your looss mouth” the man who slapped her said.

Monica just stared at them. She suddenly bursted out in tears.

“Help!!! I’m scared!! Somebody help me!!!” She screamed in tears.

The man grabbed grabbed her harshly by the hair.

“Just shut up… You’re not even getting out of here alive, we’re just doing what our boss said and the first thing she said is…” He paused and looked at her b**bs before looking at her face, licking his lips…

“No!…” Monica whispered shaking her head. She immediately understood the signs.

The other man began untying her. Once he was done, Monica made to run out of the place but the man caught her wrist.

They pinned her on the floor..

“No! Let me go! Help… No, let me go!! Ahh!!!!”

? ? ? ? ?

“It’s strange.. Monica didn’t come to school today” Sophia said as three of them came out of school.

“She’s not the type that misses school” Ash added.

Jackson wasn’t even listening to their conversation, he was just lost in thoughts. He looked front and his eyes widened at what he saw.

Jackson rushed to the scene and picked up a phone which looked so much like Monica’s. He turned it on and it was truly Monica’s phone, beside it was a bag.

“Whats up” Ash asked when they got to him.

“This… These are Monica’s things” Jackson said looking at them.

“You’re right” Sophia gasped and crouched beside him.

Ash looked around but couldn’t see any signs of Monica.

“Where’s she?” Jackson muttered

Since morning when they last texted, his heart wasn’t at ease and right his worry just doubled. How can Monica text him that she’s on her way to school and then doesn’t show up but they find her things here.

Jackson’s eyes widened as he assembled the pieces.

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

Stephanie walked in the kitchen but couldn’t find Nathan. She went to the garden but couldn’t see him..

“Where could he be?” He asked himself.

“Maybe he’s flirting with the maids or maybe f*cking” Her mind screamed.

She folded her fists in anger and began searching everywhere for him. She searched all the rooms bug couldn’t see him, she even went to the maid’s quarter but still nothing

Stephanie literally ran out of the house and went to backyard. She sighed in relief when she saw him washing her car.

“You’re here…” Stephanie sighed in relief.

Nathan turned to her and furrowed his brows as he looked at her. She was wearing a light singlet with white shorts, barefooted.

Stephanie couldn’t help but drool over him. He was wearing only a short, leaving him shirtless and his also didn’t tie his hair.

Stephanie licked her lips as she stared at the tattoo on his chest.

“Thought you were flirting with a maid or something.” Stephanie blurted out without knowing.

Nathan stared at her for a while. He suddenly bursted out in laughter, holding his tummy.

“Hahaha… You literally ran out here barefooted coz you thought I was flirting?” Nathan laughed, leaning on the car.

Stephanie looked down and blushed when she realized she was barefooted. Right now, she was so embarrassed.

“Stop laughing” She pouted but Nathan laughed more.

Stephanie glared at him. She picked the pipe nearby and turned it on then began pouring water on him.

“Stop that…” Nathan blocked his face as he laughed.

“Stop laughing… It’s embarrassing!!!” Stephanie shouted childishly.

Nathan picked the pipe beside him and began pouring water at her.

It soon turned to a water fight… Both of them were already drenched..

Suddenly the water stopped coming out of their pipes. They looked at the pipe and then at each other.

Nathan kept his pipe down with a smirk on his lips.

“Never knew that the almighty Stephanie came be jealous. I’ll sure tell everyone about it…” Nathan laughed.

Stephanie frowned and began hitting his chest.

“Was just kidding” Nathan laughed.

“Jerk…” Stephanie pouted.

Nathan kept laughing, making fun of her. He suddenly lifted her up by the waist and placed her on the part in front of the car.

Stephanie immediately stopped as she began staring at him.

“You look cute when jealous” Nathan whispered to her ear and smiled.

Stephanie just stared at him and then at his lips which was close to hers. She placed her hands on his shoulders and closed her eyes before pressing her lips on his.

Nathan’s eyes widened immediately. He slowly closed them and reciprocated the kiss.

Julia shook her head with a smile, standing beside the tap. She was the one that actually close the tap.

“Kids… They grow fast..”



  1. Jackson and Co should act fast before anything goes wrong with Monica
    Stephanie should just accept she is in love with Nathan
    Raymond, you are officially welcome to the Watterson family
    Next please

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