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Written by Princess Juliet


Exactly nine months and ten days later, Atarah and Jayden brought Andre Jayden Hobson Jnr home from their hospital where he’d been born, his father at his mother’s side throughout her long labour and delivery.

Hazel and Evie were waiting for their parent under Maria’s watchful eye. The two girls were intrigued with their new brother but quickly lost interest when he continued to snooze. It was much more fun to sit together on mommy’s lap in the big rocking chair while she read a stack of new books to them.

“They missed you while you were in the hospital,” Jayden said, watching the trio with warm, blue eyes. “We all did, darling. Me, most of all.”

Atarah looked up from the storybook and smiled at him. Their eyes met and exchanged private messages of love.

“Mommy, read!” demanded Hazel imperiously. She considered herself the true boss of the family. Evie, currently an agreeable and mild-mannered toddler, was willing to go along with that.

Jayden sat down on the sofa nearby and glanced down at the newspaper. Greg’s picture was on the front cover as he had just bagged another PhD degree in neuroscience. The cool kid was sure making his family proud. Jayden skimmed the column, his eyes lighting on one particular paragraph. His brother’s engagement invitation message.

“You’ll be happy to know that Greg has finally decided to settle down with his African girlfriend,” he said to Atarah.

“I watched his interview at the hospital,” Atarah told him with a grin. “After seven months of dating, I’m glad he is ready to follow in your footsteps. Family is everything.”

“ Yeah, sure.” Jayden couldn’t agree more with her.

His father, his brother, his wife and his kids were his life and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to him.


Later that evening, after tucking their three children snugly into their cribs. Atarah and Jayden walked into the spacious family room, their arms around each other.
He put a record on the turntable and drew Atarah down onto his lap. As their favourite songs resounded from the speakers, they smiled at each other, then kissed with all the passionate intensity that had always burned between them.

“We’re together forever, Jayden,” Atarah said dreamily, clinging to him.

“And beyond, my love,” added Jayden.

True love doesn’t come by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

Complicated 🔥🔥

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